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WATCH: US man drops down 3 waterfalls and survives

Stranded on a rock in the middle of a waterfall, Josh Reichert, 30, decided to walk across the water instead of waiting for help and was immediately swept away. 156 more words


Caught on Camera: Shoplifters attack supermarket employee

Caught on Camera!

A grocery store employee was bashed in the head and sent to the hospital while trying to stop some shoplifters in Highland Heights. 317 more words


Romanian driver's amazing jump over a roundabout goes viral

A driver in Romania who was recorded completing an amazing jump over a roundabout earlier this month was allegedly asleep when the incident occurred.

The video was captured by several CCTV cameras in the city of Braila, Romania on May 6, and has since gone viral online. 163 more words


Body Cams Catch North Texas Cops... Doing AMAZING Things!

ARLINGTON, Texas — When it comes to police body cameras, the conversation is usually about holding cops accountable when they do something wrong. But video can capture officer’s good moments, too. 305 more words


Plucky 7-year-old punches gun-toting thief in the gut during armed robbery

A gun-toting thief in a Maryland video game store got a little more than he bargained for last Friday when he was confronted by a brave seven-year-old. 228 more words


Police discover newborn baby in car following high-speed chase with suspect

Dramatic body cam and dash cam footage showed the moment a police officer found a baby in the back seat of a car following a high-speed chase with a suspect in Texas. 101 more words