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When the nights are dark and the weather is grey like now, there’s nothing more tempting than the thought of curling up with a plate of delicious warming food, or a carb heavy pizza… However, it can often be tricky to find indulgent dishes that aren’t either loaded with calories or need a professional chef to prep… 340 more words


Cauliflower pizza!

 This is such an easy recipe that tastes delicious with much fewer calories than regular pizza.

The average pizza can set you back anything from 800 – 1200 calories whereas this one is approximately 270 calories (although this can vary a lot depending on what you chose to top it with). 285 more words

Cauliflower Poppyseed Pizza: Gluten/Grain Free!

The first time I heard about cauliflower pizza, I was unconvinced to say the least. It sounded like another of those awful concoctions that just isn’t anywhere near as delicious as the real thing. 436 more words


Cauliflower pizza as fuel for ultra running?

So someone at work says to me ‘hey I made a really good pizza base out of cauliflower’, and I’m like ‘that sounds great, I like cauliflower, I like pizza’, and she’s all ‘yeah it’s really scrummy, full of cheese and stuff’, so I’m all dead keen to give it a go, and I do, and it tastes like cauliflower, which tastes a bit like cabbage, so I’m eating cabbage flavoured pizza, and I feel a bit sick afterwards. 54 more words

Long Runs

Food: How to make cauliflower pizza

I’m always on the lookout for ways to enjoy my favourite food at a fraction of the calories and it’s not always to do with weight gain it’s more to do with that uncomfortable bloated feeling after having so much dough with pizza, or bread with a burger. 606 more words


Cauliflower pizza crust

Alright, we all know the fact everybody loves pizza can’t be avoided! This is why i’m posting this healthiest choice of pizza!

I’m gonna show my guilt free cauliflower pizza crust! 553 more words

Healthy Recipe

Cauliflower Pizza.. What?

I’ve had a recipe for a clean(ish) pizza base made from cauliflower pinned on Pinterest for some time and finally had the time to give it a go the other night. 182 more words