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More Peruvian than a potato: A causa history

Peru has over 4000 potato varieties, from round and small to others with almost no uniform shape. There are potatoes of almost every color you can think of, including red, orange and purple, among others. 738 more words

Aji Amarillo

Peruvian-style Causa

Sometimes it’s a challenge to come up with a satisfying, filling meal that’s also cooling in summer. Sure, all those leafy salads and gazpachos are great, but sometimes they leave you hungering for a mid-afternoon snack only a couple hours later. 43 more words


Il criminale di guerra ebreo , che parla “francese”, Bernard-Henri Levy, è una delle persone più potenti d’Europa. Nonostante non abbia mai fatto servizio in alcun tipo di ufficio politico, e’ stato vicino al regime di (((Nicolas Sarkozy))) e di altri (((simili))). 276 more words


XRAY in the Morning: Causa Executive Director on ICE and Francisco Dominguez

Francisco J. Rodriguez Dominguez was arrested by ICE agents at his home early Sunday morning.  He was taken to ICE field offices in Portland, then transferred to Tacoma Detention Center.  152 more words

The best ceviche in Lima at El Mercado

M is a ceviche aficionado, so we did a lot of research to find the best ceviche in Lima, Peru before we arrived. In terms of Ceviche, anyone visiting Lima is absolutely spoiled for choice. 630 more words


Merkado 31

My hubby and I had a date night in Miami. We were looking for sightseeing spots for my brothers and sisters, because they are coming to see us in this April,  so exciting ⭐️ They said they wanted to try South American food here since they’ve never have it. 218 more words

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I think Peruvian food is an authentically fusion cuisine. It has a lot of influences from many countries. Some dishes remind me of Asian and Indian food, but some taste like Spanish food. 262 more words