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Not a matter of tomayto or tomahto - Causation In Tort III

Because something that’ll occur on May 5, 2015, in Vancouver B.C., may begin to eliminate the problem, I’ll return to a point I’ve made a number of times, on this site, over the past 3 years. 339 more words


Correlation does not imply causation

The City of Johannesburg’s Operation Ke Molao (It’s the Law) aimed at clearing intersections of beggars, window washers and street traders reminds me of my university Statistics classes where I first heard the old adage, “ 516 more words

Frankly Speaking

Criminology Blog #2

Welcome to the second of my criminology blogs. This one will cover the theory of personality being a factor of crime causation…


Personality theories of Crime… 966 more words


Criminology Blog #1

Various perspectives on the theories of crime

The start of my criminology blog entries, and more importantly my take on looking at four potential theories of crime causation with the relevant research albeit with biased opinions on the matter: 1,008 more words


Texas Sharpshooter Fallacy

In the world of big data that constantly bombards us with fancy graphics, the statistical fallacy that I think we are most likely to fall for is called the Texas Sharpshooter Fallacy. 770 more words


Cigarettes and cause-and-effect

We need more than correlation to understand the world, and yet proof of causation is hard to come by. In “Cigarettes, damn cigarettes and statistics… 15 more words

P2: What Can I Know?

causal inference in networks is hard

I am trying to make statistically valid inferences about the mechanisms underlying observational networked data and it is really hard.

Here’s what I’m up against: 728 more words