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World War One: A Choice or an Accident?

The causes of the First World War have been debated many times. They remain one of the most commented upon discussions in our history. The reason why is obvious. 2,141 more words


Outcomes are good & bad

This is a topic about whether an event is based on luck, karma, causation or something else. I will examine each option and let you decide what you believe in. 413 more words


The government need to learn about the link between correlation and causality. Denial of culpability is not good enough.

Correlation isn’t quite the same as causality. When researchers talk about correlation, what they are saying is that they found a relationship between two, or more, variables. 2,060 more words


Guns and Homicide in Honduras and Switzerland

There are actually several different problems with this infographic about gun ownership and homicide rates. Before getting into that, I should in fairness note that it doesn’t  432 more words


The judgment is probably correct in result, but ...

Regular enough readers of this blog know that I tend to harp on the judicial obligation to set out the applicable law correctly.

Some readers of this blog who still remember their university days may remember finding out that it wasn’t enough to get to the seemingly correct answer.   2,483 more words


If you are injured by someone because they were avoiding someone who was negligent, can you sue the person who was negligent?

This is a little off subject for me but something I’ve always wondered about. Here a car moves into the bike lane and the first rider stops; the second rider hits the first, injured and sues the driver. 846 more words


Causation, Part 29

We are at post 29 about causation. Yes, 29 posts. That alone should tell you how complex causation has become in federal discrimination law. It is important to take a minute to connect our causation discussion with broader themes about statutory interpretation. 314 more words