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A philosophical cause

Words that jump off the page

There’s a thing that happens when you start to get into a bit of philosophy – words that were previously read lightly or taken for granted, can start to jump off the page and ask hard questions. 1,315 more words

Science And The World

Way, way down inside

The microbiome is hot at the moment – The Gut-Brain Axis has been extended to the Brain-Gut-Microbiome Axis with suggested implications for Autism, Parkinson’s Disease… 524 more words

Science And The World

If you think you were delivered to the world by Stork, stop reading now.

Science has causality underpinning every single experiment. Rather important, don’t you think? May be a little (and by little I mean a lot). It would be logical to think  that scientists would have a good understanding of the concept of causality by now, however this is far from the truth. 444 more words


Everything That Begins To Exist Has A Cause

This world is rather large, isn’t it? We live in a world that has various fundamental rules, in which cannot be broken. Some of these rules apply to the entire universe, and are even used as arguments for the existence of God. 1,012 more words



Besides the Toms, those who cause numerous tomfooleries are a thousand-and-one Dicks and Harrys.


Weekly Update: Sunday, November 27th, 2016

Thank you to all the parents, students, and other family members who came to conferences last week to share and celebrate our students’ learning. It was wonderful to sit down and talk with you, as well as enjoy your child sharing all of his/her work with you. 474 more words

Weekly Newsletter

Arthur Schopenhauer. Part 1. Introduction

 Arthur Schopenhauer could see the worst in any situation. Witness these snippets, published in 1851:

Politeness is a tacit agreement that we shall mutually ignore and refrain from reproaching one another’s miserable defects, both moral and intellectual. 2,342 more words

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