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Causation, Correlation, And The Perfection Of Science

The Director of STATS.org, a professor of mathematical sciences, wrote in Causation vs Correlation, how journalists and others have the problem of how one establishes causality – and avoid misleading the public. 1,229 more words

Philosophy Of Science

Paying the price for an incomplete witness statement

In this post Charles Robertshaw of 12KBW examines the recent decision of Lambert J in Duncan Harrap v Brighton & Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust EWHC 1063 (QB). 1,776 more words

Breach Of Duty

Regularities, Accidents, and Laws


We observe causal relations all the time. I press the keystrokes on my computer and the machine produces an output that results in words, sentences, and paragraphs. 1,029 more words

Niyati brings to you what you deserve !


In AG13 – Fear is like salt, Ashtavakra says a little bit of fear is needed to maintain orderliness and protecting life. Beyond that it engulfs the mind and body. 609 more words


Why? (not)

Nothing causes anything because everything is of everything.


Substance Dualism, Interaction, and Holes

Here I analyse the conceptual issue of interaction for substance dualism and propose an argument against a priori objections to mind-body interaction.

The Problem

Often, detractors of substance dualism will express bewilderment as to how an immaterial, unextended mind could interact with the brain. 511 more words

Everything gives you cancer

It seems that every week we hear something new gives us cancer; Coffee, chocolate, bacon just to name a few recent outcries. But one food group that keeps being hounded as a villain is processed foods. 730 more words