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Special Messages Excerpt: Self-Exploration through Causation

This excerpt is going to operate with the contention that there are five causes of “psychosis”: political, psychological, scientific, trauma, and spiritual. In the chapter I have written, I extensively review differing types of causal arguments that can arise within each causation style. 2,303 more words

Special Messages

What does CauseHealth mean by N=1?

by Roger Kerry

N=1” is a slogan used to publicise a core purpose of the CauseHealth project. N=1 refers to a project which is focussed on understanding causally important variables which may exist at an individual level, but which are not necessarily represented or understood through scientific inquiry at a population level. 544 more words


Why Macroevolution Isn’t Real Science

Science enjoys a prominent status in the minds of millions as the gold standard of academic disciplines.  While philosophy, religion, art, music, etc. are created by humans and thus fallible, science is distinguished from them as an infallible discipline which uncovers incontrovertible truths. 1,516 more words


Writing Inspiration From Spurious Correlation

Hopefully, you are familiar with the phrase ‘correlation does not prove causation.’ Roughly speaking, this means that two things might appear to be linked and that perhaps one even causes the other but in reality they have nothing to do with one another. 100 more words


Causation and the Tenuous Relevance of Philosophy to Modern Science

I was asked by ATTP at their blog:

Which bit of what Dikran said do you disagree with? It certainly seems reasonable to me; if you want to explain how something could cause something else, you need to use more than just statistics.

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Why Ice Cream Isn’t Deadly: Correlation vs. Causation

Understanding the difference between correlation and causation is essential for anyone who’s interested in becoming science literate. In order to appreciate this, let me present you with a shocking fact: When ice cream sales increase, so do homicide rates ( 434 more words



Bittersweet drops

make your heart splash

but doesn’t alter the configuration of your face.

It’s like a dismemberment of you

with one hand in the future… 509 more words