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Process tracing is possible with most-likely and least-likely cases

The idea of most-likely and least-likely cases dates back to Eckstein and was one of the few remaining things in qualitative research there seemed to be no disagreement about because they are considered an asset in causal analysis. 704 more words


Funny Graphs Proving That Correlation Is Not Causation

Correlation is not causation. If you’ve ever taken a GE college course, then you’ve probably heard your professor lecture on this phrase more times than your vegan friend posts photos of her gluten free meals on Instagram. 364 more words


Amazon Prime or Amazon Redline?

Amazon’s same-day delivery service skirts many predominantly minority neighborhoods, raising a familiar charge that tech-company business imperatives can result in de facto digital inequality.

Source: Amazon Prime or Amazon Redline?


Bad drivers are a good indicator of a corrupt government

Traffic accidents kill 1.25 million people per year, and it’s well-known that those deaths are disproportionately in low- and middle-income countries. Over at CityMetric, writer James O’Malley has added an interesting wrinkle, by showing a correlation between the number of traffic fatalities in a country and… 508 more words

Human Beingness


We are on the cusp of a new understanding of ourselves, as individuals, as a species.

There was a time, some thousands of years ago, when Life was not ‘ours.’ It was a simple… 720 more words

Correlation ≠ causation

As a wise man once said: Correlation ≠ causation. Although sometimes it does.

Tackling the Kalam Cosmological Argument


The Kalam cosmological argument is an argument for the existence of God defended most notably by William Lane Craig, research professor of Philosophy at Talbot School of Theology. 923 more words