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Causation, Part 22 (Gross)

In Gross, the Supreme Court facially relies on tort principles of “but for” cause.  However, as discussed in the last post, its use of tort law is unsatisfying in at least two respects. 634 more words


Some useful cases on the but-for test

The counterfactual analysis aspect

A case worth reading, because it accurately explains how the but-for counterfactual hypothetical (i.e., possible, what-if, etc., world) analysis is to be done. 337 more words


Causation, Part 21 (Gross)

In Gross, the Supreme Court chose to apply a “but for” cause standard to the ADEA. In this post, I will discuss why the “but for” test does not work for some discrimination claims. 552 more words


Review of “Causation: A Very Short Introduction” by Mumford/Anjum

The social science literature is full of discussions about causation and what the best method for causal inference might be. However, a relatively small percentage of them draw on the philosophical debate about causation. 548 more words

Causal Inference

Causation and Preemption


David Lewis thinks that causation can be reduced to a relation of counterfactual dependence between events. One objection to his view comes from cases of… 1,467 more words


This is how it all started....

Where to start? Well, let’s see, I was a fat kid. Not at first. At first, I was cute. Then, something happened and all I can remember is being focused on food. 903 more words