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La ciencia tras bastidores: Correlación y causalidad

Escrita en inglés por Brian Moyers, traducida al ezpañol por Thibault R. Pardo-García y editado por Attabey Rodríguez-Benítez.

Cuando hablamos sobre problemas científicos, la frase “correlación no implica causalidad” a veces es utilizada. 2,205 more words


Correlation !=, ==, ?? Causation

One of the first things people working in data science / machine learning have to grapple with is that our claims are predictive, not inferential. Instead of making careful, logical moves from one clear, proven claim to another, we mix together a set of features, build a model, and then present our results as a reasonably-probable forecast of the future. 668 more words

A causal diagram of alcohol addiction

Probably the most useful thing I’ve learned while doing my Master’s degree is causal loop diagramming, a modelling technique from the Systems Thinking field. 384 more words

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If God Already Knows What We're Going to Do, How Can We Have Free Will?

Here is a Spiritual Conundrum submitted to Spiritual Insights for Everyday Life by a reader named Josh:

It says in the Bible that God knows our every word before it even leaves our tongue.

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The Bible


Zaza: How should I work on causation? 

Logos: Witnessing allows you to delve deeper into layers of causation until you reach to the causal layer where all karmic seeds are buried deep into psyche. 298 more words


February 7th, 2018

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In sight of the supranatural

Part 1

Realist:  ‘I don’t see a place for God in the universe.  There is no supernatural meaning to life, no divine purpose to existence, no celestial antidote to the finality of death, no sublime answer to those heart-felt ‘why’ questions – and we are quite capable of deciding matters of right and wrong for ourselves.’ 521 more words