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Surprised, anyone? Putting the debate about QCA into context

As is well known, QCA has been under intense scrutiny in recent years and subject to criticism (sometimes quite strong). I am not going to review studies on the validity of QCA that entail criticism; although it would be worthwhile as I am not always convinced that the simulations are set up properly (most inquiries are based on some form of simulation). 473 more words


Liability under material contribution to risk and liability insurance coverage

Liability insurers, underwriters, and Canadian lawyers representing insurers should take note of  the just released United Kingdom Supreme Court judgment in Zurich Ins v IEG… 80 more words


New Opinion: Settle and Sue

The California Court of Appeals recently issued a decision in Namikas v. Miller, which was a settle and sue case arising from a dissolution of marriage. 387 more words

A Storm of Light

I know that the most uninteresting thing a person can ever say to another is “I just had this really weird dream”, but… I had a dream where my entire head became a giant eyeball. 1,025 more words


Comte On Causation And What We Really Know

According to the account of Auguste Comte’s Positivist philosophy written by the illustrious John Stuart Mill, Comte agreed with those bold philosophers who asserted that we cannot assume that causation actually exists in the Universe. 558 more words


Just because correlation isn't causation doesn't mean I should keep eating these delicious chips

For the record, I am tempted more by salty foods than sweet foods. Just so you know the next time you want to bring me a smile via snack. 425 more words


O. Henry?

The hallmark of an O. Henry story is its surprise ending. 721 more words