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Metaphysical Modality

In this post I will turn to the question I raised two posts ago: what makes possibilities possible? What is it that grounds the possibility or necessity of certain propositions? 1,524 more words


Correlation versus Causation

For those not familiar with the terms:

  • Correlation is a statistical measure of the degree to which two variables are related. This relationship is measured by the correlation coefficient that postulates that a coefficient greater than 0.70 indicates a high relationship…
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Correlation vs Causation Lab

Today we analyzed three different articles and two data sets to find correlations and causations in the data.

Points were awarded on a did-didn’t do-didn’t try basis.  258 more words

Class Summary

Macaulay v Dr Abdul Karim & Croydon Health Services NHS Trust [2017] EWHC 1795 (QB): Patient ‘slips through the net’ in A&E and loses a limb, toes and fingers as a result of sepsis.

In this post Angela Frost of 12KBW discusses the recent decision of Foskett J in Macaulay v Dr Abdul Karim & Croydon Health Services NHS Trust EWHC 1795 (QB), yet another case involving the delayed identification of sepsis in a busy A&E department. 1,862 more words

Breach Of Duty


Events are the results of causation: intrinsic in every cause is its exact result. We then observe the effect is cause moving though time and space. 152 more words


The Nature of Causation

What is the cause-and-effect relation like, precisely? What happens, for example, when a brick goes through a window, and the window shatters? Since Hume’s time, most philosophers have taken causation to be a relation between two… 1,478 more words


Cause and Effect...

Fact: Eating margarine in Maine does not cause you to get divorced.

Maybe this week’s fact seems like an obvious one. I’m guessing that the question of whether eating margarine causes couples to divorce anywhere in the world was one that was far from the tip of your tongue. 262 more words