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'Foreseeability plc.'

A judgment as to the ‘reasonableness’ of a position ultimately underpins every decision in tort law. ‘Foreseeability’ is one aspect in which ‘reasonableness’ manifests itself, and the qualified label ‘reasonable foreseeability’ is often applied to justify a particular position from a particular perspective. 141 more words


Apologetics As Proof (Part One)*

Lesson Four: Apologetics As Proof (Part One)*

  • The Concept of Proof
    • For followers of Christ:
      • (a) what Scripture says is always true;
      • (b) Scripture says that God exists;
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ABF Lesson Outline

Phony intellectuals

The one’s who speak eloquently but without logic.

The one’s who rationalize without understanding.

The one’s who mistake correlation for causation.

The one’s who challenge by default. 8 more words

Cosmological Argument - Second Way (extension)

In the previous blog on Aquinas’ second way, we argued for a first causes on the basis that without a first cause, then there would be no causes now.   591 more words

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Cosmological Argument - Second Way

Aquinas’ Second Way begins with the observation that:

‘In the world of sense we find there is an order of efficient causes.’

When Aquinas uses the term ‘efficient causes’ he is talking about the thing that made something happen.  

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Kant's Iron Cage

In a chapter on “The Ground of the Distinction of All Objects in General into Phenomena and Noumena,” Kant writes, “Everything which the understanding derives from itself is, though not borrowed from experience, at the disposal of the understanding solely for use in experience” ( 595 more words


Essay: Beware the Imagination

Beware the Imagination

by A.D. Shaffer

{Graduate studies; originally written for Humanities 530 Spring 2015}

The French philosopher, Michel de Montaigne, takes a new approach with expository writing in the form of the essay. 634 more words