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Ambition & Causation

Despite all the moral tales and stories people rarely think that the law of cause and effect applies to them. Somehow they, and they alone, are excused and excluded from causation. 391 more words

Self Discovery

Games, technology and student learning and well-being

Self-proclaimed gamer and technology-user

I frequently play games through a variety of technological mediums. Physical skill, board, console, computer, mobile, you name it. I was raised in the gamer generation and have learned a lot from it to apply to the real world. 547 more words

ECI 830

Why be a Physicalist?

The previous blog attempted to come up with a definition for physicalism (sometimes known as materialism). Ultimately, it was decided that physicalism is true if everything is physical. 734 more words

Philosophy Of Mind

Causation in law

Causation pertains to seeking for the ignition point to a damage.

In everyday life,its actually commonplace for us to be thinking of the responsible party as the one who oughts to have the hindsight necessary for guiding somebody towards the safe side.

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This post is intended to briefly describe Drestke’s characterization of the paradox of mediate knowledge in his paper, “Perception and Other Minds”, and to apply the concept to three different cases.   898 more words

Science behind-the-scenes: Correlation and causation

By Bryan Moyers

When talking about scientific issues, the phrase “Correlation doesn’t imply causation” is sometimes thrown around.  But what does it mean?  Science makes statements about cause and effect.   1,833 more words

Science Communication