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What's Up With September 26th?

It’s a damn shame that in a few days we will hit October 1st. Time is flying! For now, it seems like people, namely celebrities and some cause marketing fashionistas, are holding on to what remains of the year by way of 9.26.15. 325 more words

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This Playful Cancer PSA Teaches You Almost Every French Nickname for Breasts (SFW)

Brands align with worthy causes to develop meaningful connections with customers and cause supporters, benefit from positive PR, and demonstrate their commitment to building a better world. 494 more words


McDonald's Rallies for International Day of Peace.

Thanks to Burger King, you may (or may not) be aware that today is the United Nations’ annual International Day of Peace.

If you haven’t heard of the beef (pun intended), about one month ago, Burger King challenged McDonald’s to team up and create a “McWhopper,” a combination of the fast-food chains’ hamburgers, that would help raise money for Peace One Day. 208 more words

Making Non Profits Better

Rainbow Doritos are a tasty way to support LGBT causes

NYC Pride may have already taken place a few months ago in June, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late for brands to come up with new and clever ways to show their lgbt support. 300 more words


Why Non-Profits Should Actively Promote The Interests of Their Donors

Non-profit organizations exist in a very volatile and competitive world. Unstable funding sources and constantly changing political environments mean that smart non-profits need to think in entrepreneurial ways and have as many methods of fundraising as possible. 901 more words

A New Day for Apple and Philanthropy.

Apple is notorious for leading the way when it comes to innovation. They are also notorious for not being overly generous when it comes to giving when compared to how much money the company pulls in. 259 more words

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What Does CSR And Social Media Mean For Your business

The actions of a business can have an effect on the way they are perceived. Essentially, maintaining a positive image is crucial for success. However, companies must act responsibly if they are to be seen positively. 489 more words

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