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Cause Marketing 102

Cause Marketing 102 |Find a Cause that Aligns with Your Brand Values

Last week we learned WHY cause marketing is something brands need to pay attention to if they are interested in attracting Gen Z’s. 487 more words

Cause Marketing 101

Purpose in the workplace came on the radar when millennials started asking more of their employers. They seek a work environment that represents their personal identity. 504 more words

Lacoste adopts temporary logo to help endangered species

Lacoste temporarily replaced its polo shirts’ crocodile logo with the images of 10 endangered species to help counter the threat of extinction.

The shirts, which are part of a limited run supporting the “Save Our Species” campaign that launched during Paris Fashion Week on March 1, have sold out. 139 more words

You Can Change It

Absolut Vodka Proves They Have "Nothing to Hide"

Absolut reveals more than just their process in this new spot about transparency. Yes, this is really at their distillery in Ahus, Sweden. And no, these aren’t just actors. 447 more words

Cause Marketing

Of Celebs and Sanitary Napkins...

If you’re a social media scroller like me, chances are you saw the who’s who of Bollywood posing with sanitary pads last week. While I am all for cause marketing, I think, the #PadmanChallenge somewhat misses the point. 463 more words


Budweiser's Superbowl Ad Isn't About Beer

I’m going to level with you. I am not a sports fan. I usually watch sports for the food and beer, but this Sunday is different, it’s the Superbowl which means in between jalapeno poppers and the actual game are the ads. 335 more words

Cause Marketing

Is Subtlety the Key to Sustainable Messaging?

I was like, 15 feet away from Moby once. He was eating with Kat Von D. 2004 Ali was freaking out. Not incredibly surprising since we were eating at his bougie restaurant in LA, … 648 more words

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