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Cause Marketing to build Brand Equity

The process of formulating and implementing marketing activities that are characterized by an offer from the firm to contribute a specified amount to a designated cause when customers engage in revenue-providing exchanges that satisfy organizational and individual objectives. 26 more words

Cause Marketing

Capture Marketing President is panelist for upcoming event

Mark your calendars for this exciting, upcoming event at Wisconsin Lutheran College. Our President, Chellee, is going to be a panelist too!

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Capture Marketing

JJ Watt Foundation surprises Arnold Middle School

Chellee is busy in Texas preparing for the 2017 Charity Classic. Between planning meetings, the group stopped so Connie and John Watt could surprise Arnold Middle School with new uniforms and soccer equipment from the… 35 more words

Capture Marketing

Shark Tank: Naturally Perfect Dolls Accepts $200,000 Offer from Daymond John

Check out the amazing Shark Tank deal that was made between Daymond John and Naturally Perfect Dolls! The reason for creating the dolls and the impact that its owners want to have on young girls is simply amazing AND Daymond’s requirement was that 10% of the profits went to charity! 9 more words

Doing Good Is Good Business

Why alliances with nonprofits are important to corporations

Looks like Darren Walker of the Ford Foundation has a full understanding of the impact Doing Good is Good Business can have on society!

“We need to understand how we can leverage and harness the innovation in business for social good,” Darren Walker states. 25 more words

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Onto round two!

We’re so excited that Camp Hometown Heroes has made it to Round 2 of the Infiniti Coaches’ Charity Challenge thanks to people voting daily for Coach Steve Wojciechowski of Marquette Men’s Basketball! 26 more words

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