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I love you !!

The bliss of these three magical words

Some of the greeting words do play an essential role in the lives of the people . Just keep in mind when and where & whom to say ” I LOVE YOU “.S Well , these words make the next person feel special in case it is not exceeded in number of times it is said.

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You Might Just Be The Cause of My Death

You are singlehandedly the most complicated thing I’ve handled in my entire life. But I love you to death anyway.

Causes, Cares, and Charities: The End of the World

So this is more of a care than a cause or a charity (definitely not a charity). My regular readers might know of my love of dystopian and end-of-the-world fiction. 412 more words

And Charities

When a consumer becomes the agency's customer

This Monday marks the official launch of a unique effort, led by The Buddy Group, to change the way healthy food is marketed.

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Nominate A Woman of Worth

From http://www.dailymail.co.uk

We are all aware of L’Oreal Paris’ brand’s philosophy: “Because I’m Worth It.” This year marks a decade that L’Oreal Paris has been honoring extraordinary women making a difference in their communities. 280 more words