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Understanding addictions

On this talk show:  What you need to know about the root cause of addictions, how addictions take hold in a person’s life, and how a person can break free from an addiction… 27 more words


Women For Change: One Billion Rising

Across the world, 1 in 3 women will be beaten or raped during her life. That is equal to over one billion women and girls. Starting February 14th through March 8th, the  185 more words



I will be fighting for a courageous cause. I will die for it eventually.

Too many wars, too many sides. I have to pick soon, or I will be killed for being a traitor. 101 more words

Why You Should Know Your Why

This is my ‘video of the week.’  When you have passion plus belief plus a cause that inspires you to inspire others, you then have your ‘why.’  What is you why?   102 more words


It’s more than fear. Fear of getting hurt and heartbroken, but being the one that could possibly be the cause of it. Not wanting to risk a relationship for fear of me being the heartbreaker. 158 more words


What They Don't Tell You About Fundraising

Being a volunteer makes you feel like a superhero. You’re saving the world and you’re going to make sure each of those cupcakes sell as if each one represents a life you want to save. 679 more words