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Inability to compromise is a cause of divorce

There are many causes of divorce that studies and individuals would cite as the reason for the breakdown of marriages.  From financial disagreements, lack of intimacy, to growing apart, lack of commitment, adultery or having different priorities, many would point to different events or reasons. 326 more words


Humanae Vitae Was Right

All that stuff that most of the world pooh-poohed has come true. This article is about 8 years old, but it’s truer now than it was then. 220 more words

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Can divorce be avoided?

Can divorce be avoided?

There are many marriages that end in divorce when it could have been avoided. What do  you think?

They end in divorce not because any of the spouses is bad but because they lack the tools to live successfully together taking that they have profound differences coming from their personality styles, different filters or backgrounds. 97 more words

What Causes Couples To Divorce?

By: Marlene Affeld ~

In today’s society, you hear about various reasons for a marriage to end. Typically, the disenchanted parties blame finances or infidelity. Marriages do not end just because of events; divorce occurs when a couple has become estranged from each other and one or both of the parties have sought solace outside the marriage. 767 more words

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Divorce In The United States of America

We created this infographic to display some lesser know facts divorce in a creative way. Not many people realize just how prevalent divorces are in our current society. 30 more words

Two common patterns that can lead to divorce

According to the Gottman Institute, two common patterns often reveal when a couple is likely to end up in an early divorce or late divorce. … 512 more words