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David Swanson | 'War is a Lie' (Video)

Swanson advocates for endless diplomacy rather than endless war, a much cheaper and less bloody alternative to present U.S. militarism. War Is A Lie gives you the arguments, outrage and inspiration you need to take action.
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You are a sociopath.

Why is war the kind of event that can put two brothers on opposite sides of a conflict?

It did seem ironic to me that President Obama would decry the attitude that Americans have adopted toward events like this. 770 more words


Civil War, slavery, professors, and what the Army's been teaching cadets since the 1970s

During the last week, a video from the Prager University (not really a “university” in the sense of a place to get a degree… but I digress) became the “hot topic” within some Civil War discussions: 829 more words

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