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Lack of Religious Freedom Causes Wars, Not Religion

It never fails. Whenever terrorists’ attacks are reported, atheists or religion-hating trolls swamp the comment section of various news sites with vitriolic responses blaming religion as the sole cause of all the world’s ills. 1,625 more words


HR McMaster: Warrior Ethos Under Threat

A highly regarded US military officer, Lieutenant-General HR McMaster, currently Director of the Army Capabilities Integration Centre in the US Army Training and Doctrine Command, recently gave… 579 more words

States, War, and Causes.

A little Latin for our Monday; from Cicero of course:

Cīvitās bellum sine causā bonā aut propter īram gerere nōn dēbet.
The state ought not to carry out war without good cause or due to anger. 65 more words


Climate Change as the Cause for War?

A friend of mine, Shane Harris, wrote this piece in Foreign Policy. The latest US National Intelligence Strategy – a document “meant to help U.S. 277 more words

As a layman, I find this endlessly fascinating —
Considering population and war: a critical and neglected aspect of conflict studies.


Populations, stressed resources, competition, humanity’s animal nature, desire to grow and advance, war. Chilling.

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Do Oil Discoveries Cause Conflict?

The conspiracy theorists will surely agree that oil and conflict is closely correlated – but do the statistics back it up? Economists have attempted to quantitative describe the relationship between discoveries of large oil fields and the probability of conflict. 443 more words