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Card of the Day: May 27 2015 - Nine of Wands

You may remembering past hurts and feel like you need to defend yourself “just in case” such a thing happens again. You may be feeling vulnerable and cautious, perhaps even suspicious of others. 71 more words


FOOTSTEPS ( 2015 )

I sense the world writhes in defeat

As danger lurks on every street

What else is there for us to fear

The day of judgement drawing near ? 28 more words



It’s down the rabbit hole,

at the foot of the trees –

the hidden swirl of existence

and the twists of the tease.

It’s in the burning of your skin, 152 more words


Seeking Safety- Exchanging Worry for Trust part 2

    I’ve been realizing how unsafe life is. There are always cons, risks, negative sides to any decision. It became clear to me as we were moving- choosing a new house- that  I’m not comfortable with any risk. 643 more words

Supplements: Use at Your Own Risk

Nutrition is a key component of sustaining life. In the past 20 years, society has moved toward a cleaner, more conscientious diet and now demands stricter regulation of treatment of animals and monitoring of air pollutants—but there is still a significant lack of regulation in one critical component of nutrition. 1,881 more words

Journalism Portfolio

Some rules of life

These are a few rules that I have come up with that make life a little easier. By following these rules I have been able to begin to cope with myself and other people when we have negative effects on life. 400 more words


Quote of the Day | 22 May 2015

“Being a Christian is less about cautiously avoiding sin than about courageously doing God’s will.”

Dietrich Bonhoeffer