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Writing Too Deep

Some thoughts are best left alone. 

You’ve all heard the adage “Write what scares you.”, and most of the time you’ll do well to follow it. 293 more words


The Weekly Soccer Referee Blog - Volume 10 Issue 23 - Just Can't Stop Talking

The Weekly Soccer Referee Blog

Sharpening Referee Knowledge and Judgment, One Week at a Time

Volume 10, Issue 23 June 24, 2018

Forward this to a Fellow Soccer Ref! 486 more words

Soccer Referee

Quote (distractions)

“Beware of distractions. They derail your train of thought. They tempt you with novelty. They steal the zeal from your fondest plans. Stay on track to arrive at you your destination.”

Von Smith


Use CAUTION to Remember Early Warning Signs of Cancer

Kenneth D. Nahum serves as a clinical assistant professor of medicine at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School and as an oncologist and hematologist at Regional Cancer Care Associates. 136 more words

Kenneth D Nahum

Watch Out vs. Be Careful

“I always love to be careful with my expectations so that life has pleasant surprises for me.”

Sebastian Thrun, an innovator, entrepreneur educator and computer scientist… 648 more words


Rachel, the Exterminator

“Annihilate” the Germans? I’d watch my language, Rachel, if I were you.

Deleted yours,



In the world of audio, sound, music, etc., there is a term for when it’s all too much. It happens when noise levels go beyond the max limit and alerts the sound engineer with lovely red marks to bring the volume down in order to not risk destruction of the equipment. 161 more words