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CAUTION: If You Continue Using This Powder, You'll End Up Having Ovarian Cancer!

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It is a must that women are supposed to be changing their sanitary napkins and underwear. It has been a practice to use talcum powder to maintain the freshness and the cleanliness of their private parts. 6 more words

Short note: Happiness?

I find myself nervous when I’m too happy. There was a time I used to say without any hesitation that I am a happy person; optimistic and bold, I used to walk forward bravely into any situation, ready to handle whatever crisis came my way. 325 more words


Sin City (2005, Robert Rodriguez & Frank Miller)


Though it’s a nasty visualization of unsavory macho fantasy through and through, the Frank Miller adaptation Sin City is not altogether indefensible; certainly it has a distinctive look, and though its characters are all stereotypes, much like the old comic book lift Heavy Metal its sheer adolescence does boast a certain spirited sincerity. 1,130 more words

IMDB Top 250

A Page From My Diary

I dream of myself during the time I was free. Not free from relationships, but free in my soul. I had no fear of showing myself to the world in full color. 283 more words

The Present

Strange.. How does someone decide whether you are good or bad.. Hmm.. Judge all you want, plan all you want life is only a play and it’s death that matters.. 69 more words

My Journey

Market Roundup for the Week Ending: May 26th, 2016


S&P (SPX)- BUY on 5/24

NASDAQ (IXIC)- BUY on 5/24


STEEL (SLX)- SELL on 5/6

ENERGY (XLE)- BUY 2/16 , up +22%, ERX… 182 more words