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You are the Truth

You are the Truth

from foot to brow.


what else would you like to know?


Caution – here comes the Truth!   

Obviously, that sign up there is just that – a sign.   358 more words

Complicated lives

When Nonchy and I first met, it was through an online dating site.  Initially there was no interest, but what drew my attention to his profile was a painting of a pair of Unicorns with the moon shining brightly behind them.  496 more words


"look both ways"

I live in a quaint college town, I describe it as a little bit of the East Coast nestled in a Southern California town. It lends for a lot of foot traffic at any given time of the day. 440 more words


Forfeit not helping the development of Futsal

It was an interesting game since most of the club had played their first match since cyclone Pam came, however it wasn’t that obvious start that league couldn’t expected. 257 more words



Continuing the theme of last publication of “prevention and treatment of injuries,” we have created another slideshare with all the information we believe is necessary to understand more of this broad topic. 90 more words


I'm Confused

It’s all set up.  Now I have to see if I’m capable of doing it.  Just the thought of it is making me nervous.  I do know that if I do manage to do it tonight then that’d open up things I don’t know if I want in my life or not.  78 more words


Day 23: The Timid Pixie

A small pale face appeared as the grass parted. The face belonged to a pixie, and the meadow was like a jungle to him. Even if you were passing this place it is doubtful that you would have spotted him. 330 more words

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