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Ingrid Goes West (USA, 2017)

Directed by: Matt Spicer. This is a real sleeper in my opinion. It barely made a dent, I didn’t hear about it, nobody talked about it, it popped up on my Netflix feed and that was about it. 272 more words


Trump…This grotesque obscenity, this flabby piece of shit whose stench is fouling the air in the White House, this empty, stupid, cowardly braggart, this corruption of the very idea of decency, this treasonous conman devoid of any semblance of honor, integrity and conscience, and all the while  … 224 more words

Donald Trump

The Bloody Chamber

When learning about Angela Carter, it would be impossible to not hear about her book, The Bloody Chamber. The second you Google her name, the search will bring you to articles upon articles of Carter being interviewed as well as pictures of the book being sold by Amazon, Barnes & Noble, you name it. 854 more words

Angela Carter

Storytellers Playing Telephone

In our lives, we hear stories every day, just in a less traditional form. The most common type of story telling now-a-days would probably be gossip, which can quickly go from the truth, to a version of the truth. 692 more words

Angela Carter


Today I woke up in my bed, took a leisurely scroll through Instagram, and almost gasped out loud when I saw a post announcing that it was National Tell A Fairytale Day! 163 more words

Angela Carter

Fairy Tale or Reality?

For many people, (including myself) fairy tales have offered an escape from reality. As a child, I always loved reading fairy tales, myths, fables…just about anything that involved magic or strange happenings. 529 more words

Angela Carter

Strange Dream

Photo by Rob Schreckhise on Unsplash

                Last night I was hanging out with a group of gorillas in the rainforest. I was wondering why one of them looked sad. 419 more words

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