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A Cautionary Tale By Rand Robison

“The most important reason (for this book) is to write a cautionary tale about pride and what can happen when you get too full of yourself because of money or fame or just plain good luck. 164 more words

Adrian Rand Robison

Dr. Nitwit's Car (Coursera #2)

This 200-word piece is the second assignment from Coursera using the ABDCE process. Again, it is fiction. (Little trolls, go away. Actually, you remind me of a grumpy smurf.) 235 more words



Cautionary: (adj) serving as a warning.

The word “cautionary” usually travels with a tale but often does not have the brains to fill a head. Most of the things I have been warned about in my life have proven to be false, or at the very least, exaggerated. 215 more words

B Words

Blacker than Energy

A story of caution by Javier R. Romero

It wasn’t long ago that physicists ramped up efficiency numbers for solar panels. It seemed to be a material engineer’s dream. 1,289 more words

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My Pampered Chef Story

Today I want to share with ya’all my Pampered Chef story. It is a cautionary tale set in Kentucky. Just to give you some context, I recently moved from Kentucky to California in May. 528 more words

Pampered Chef

The land of crystal

Once a place existed where beings could spin the most intricate and complex structures out of crystal. They were beautiful, gravity-defying structures with sweeping curves, tear drop shapes, and filigree patterns. 514 more words

Short Story