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Excerpt from the 'Shahnameh' (Persian ‘Book of Kings): Bahram Gur’s Priest Ruins and Revives a Village

‘Another day Bahram went out hunting at dawn with a group of companions. His vizier Hormozd rode on his left, and a priest on his right, and the two told him tales of Jamshid and Feraydun . 2,120 more words

History And Mythology

Savages by Natalie Bennett-Coming Soon

Title: Savages

Series: Badlands, Book One

Author: Natalie Bennett

Genre: Dark Erotic Romance

Release Date: January 25, 2018
Release Notification: http://bit.ly/Savnotification  


“I am the monster they created. 315 more words

The mad old woman of the dank, dark, cave.

To me, Douglas Adams is one of the most important figures of the 20th century. Like H G Wells, Phillip K Dick, Jean Giraud Moebius and William Gibson he was decades ahead of his time and with his sad death at the age of 49, he failed to see even even a fraction of what he idly predicted in the 1970’s. 568 more words


A Cautionary Tale

Be careful!  A regular refrain that comes out of a parent’s mouth.  That warning lacks punch without an accompanying illustrative story.  A cautionary tale will get a child to think twice before engaging in a risky activity.  356 more words


How Important is Sunscreen Really?

For years I have been getting conflicting answers to this question (covered also in the previous post Sunshine; A Necessary Evil). When I was in school I was told to only put on sun screen when I would be out in the sun for extended periods, like days spent on the blacktop in summer. 689 more words


A Cautionary Tale By Rand Robison

“The most important reason (for this book) is to write a cautionary tale about pride and what can happen when you get too full of yourself because of money or fame or just plain good luck. 164 more words

Adrian Rand Robison