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Anorexia: Two Years of My Life

This week has been Eating Disorders Awareness Week. Until this point, my blog has been focused on other things. Maybe I should have written my first piece on eating disorders. 2,151 more words

Chia seeds should come with a health warning!

Warning: too many bandwagons can be bad for your health. 

I have hopped aboard a fair few health bandwagons in my time; why not? If something is new in health, touted as the ultimate superfood etc, there is every likelihood I’ll have looked into it and possibly tasted it (and possibly binged on it until I got bored/found a new bandwagon). 646 more words

Why "Never Talk To Strangers" is a wrong-headed idea

I heard a public service announcement on my public radio station today, the jist of which was be sure to tell your children to never talk to strangers. 376 more words

50 Shades of Nope

Yes, this is going to be another piece about that infamous franchise 50 Shades of Grey. The book has now been adapted into a movie, hitting cinemas on the weekend of Valentines Day, ironically. 839 more words

The Future Smells Bright?

We struggle to accept our faults

We strive to meet the ‘norm’

With fierce determination

We adjust our human form

But where does this originate, 254 more words


What I Do With Vegetable Glue

Do your kids eat their greens? No? Well then, this cautionary tale is for them. If you don’t eat your vegies, your parts will fall off. 23 more words

Picture Books