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Mirror Mirror

By Diana Wanamaker

Dear Sadie Lou,

Mirror Mirror
a hand reaches out
feel it’s warmth encircled in love
shuffled from home to home
the touch that leaves it’s sting of betrayal… 513 more words

It's a little crazy...But it's not so bad.

So I recently paid for a six-month membership for the dating website I joined…and then I met someone about four weeks later. Typical.

I mean, you deliberate over the big decisions like should I pay for one month, three months, or six months. 413 more words


The problem with the obsession with eliminating danger from the world is that reward comes from risky.

When I say reward, I am not referring to financial reward that the old school capitalist world has sold us. 236 more words


From daredevil to chicken: Scientists find off-switch for risky behavior

Whether you prefer to play it safe or wade into risky business for larger payoffs, your decision process may largely depend on a tiny bundle of cells deep in your noggin.

91 more words
Today I Learned


years as a mouse;

quiet and cautious,

did nothing for me

besides bring me

boredom, so I

ate the fucking

mouse becoming

the snake you

knew me

to be.


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When we feel we are suffering a setback, is it because we were rushing? Or was there a wrong turn?  Shtuff happens?  …..could be all of those.  153 more words


Samuel is a great fan of Ace Sportsman Fred

One day he convinces the security through contact and allows to get seats in front to watch Fred play the football match.. 266 more words