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The cautious Vs the risk-taker

Some kids are risk takers who see everything as a challenge and one they intend to succeed at. However, some children are more cautious by nature. 442 more words


Upholstery Cleaning: 14 Terms to Know

Regardless of how cautious that you are, spills and stains take place. Regrettably it is extraordinarily tricky for amateurs to clean upholstery without the need of leaving telltale rings or light spots. 12 more words

The Power of Words

Words are such a powerful thing that most people don’t even think twice about. I know a lot of people who will just blurt out what is going through their mind without any regard for how will affect others. 530 more words


Reluctant newbies

I have some friends, or rather, aquaintances who wanted to know how to bring up the topic of exploring and experimenting in their sex life. … 608 more words

Be Cautious NOT Scared While Traveling.

Of course traveling anywhere, whether it be over-seas, in the US or through Latin-America will come with a certain amount of uncertainty. Getting ready for a trip no matter how big or small will usually come with some anxiety. 301 more words

i am.

because i’ve been cautious before

(the broken stem of a flower
over the edge of the vase
drowning in water)

i’ve been mistaken before… 103 more words