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The Galaxy Note 8 marks a big, but cautious return for Samsung

(Source: techcrunch.com)

In the wake of the smoldering, ongoing mess that was the Note 7, there was an open question about whether Samsung would maintain the brand. 1,096 more words


Paris revels in tourism surge, but cautious after Barcelona

PARIS (Reuters) – Paris is on track to welcome more tourists this year than ever before after a bumper first half, a senior official said, though some would-be visitors might think again after the Barcelona attack.

Maybe, Dial it Back?

Never been cautious
or scared of your response, so
why would I start now?

Original Poetry


1. Knight of Swords (Reversed)

It might be best to slow yourself now- your mind and reactions. There are big shifts occurring in the consciousness of Earth, and we are being pushed to face our full selves and do better…this does not mean that we cannot appreciate all we have been. 32 more words

Five things to be cautious while driving – Over Drive

Good weather always encourages people to go out, especially during the spring. Children and pets are especially at risk. Drivers need to be more vigilant during these times, because it also means good driving conditions when drivers tend to be more relaxed. 13 more words

All dressed up

Fear plays this little trick—it dresses itself up to look like what it isn’t. Parsimony. Protection. Prudence. Planning. Precaution.

Worry—that’s not fear, is it? Just looking at things from every possible angle, right? 14 more words

Keith Ashford

Time Travel

Just think about it for a second.

Time traveling.

The ability to travel through any point in time.

Whether its back to something a second ago, minute ago, hour ago, day ago, year ago, or even to a time thats ahead of you, you possess the ability to travel to any point in time. 720 more words