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7 Reasons to Learn Martial Arts

I’m back on the path to starting Mixed Martial Arts… I’m excited! I’m hoping to start tomorrow if everything goes smoothly. I’ve been interested in MMA for several years… Never really took an interest in watching it, but for some reason, MMA… I wanted to learn it. 592 more words

COTD 16.08.15: Wild abandon...

Today’s COTD is The Chariot

Road trip.  We all love a road trip, packing up the car and going off on an adventure.  There’s always an element of risk and wild abandon when it’s done last minute. 110 more words


Free Yourself from Fear

We, The Mountains of The World, highly recommend you free yourself from fear.

Fear is a low-level frequency.
Fear is a tool for those who want to control you. 108 more words

Creating Your Life

Just to keep you in the loop.

Fairly happy today. Was a bit of a smart arse with the doctor when he got talking about houses. 180 more words


Prioritize Safety Please!

Suatu perkongsian yang saya rasa perlu. Sememangnya dalam Islam, bermusafir ke luar rumah itu ada syaratnya. Musafir tu apa? Tapi rasanya korang mesti tau kan. 905 more words


Being Too Cautious

Through the years, things happen to us and effect us. Everyone reacts differently to effects and this helps develops each person in the world. For me, I am a sensitive person, I feel a lot and I express a lot. 306 more words

New Beginings