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Extra love

We love having visitors. Saturday a friend stopped by with two of his four kids. They love my dogs. So Oakley and Roxy got lots of extra love and attention.


Garden helpers

Our poor garden isn’t doing so well this year with the abnormally hot, dry season. But there are still some things growing. We’ve had lots of cucumbers and melons, at least! 73 more words

Daily Life


Hi Everyone!

We have a new addition to the Land based family, Emma our Land based manager has given Pippin the puppy Cavapoo a lovely new home. 53 more words


It was another pupsicle kind of day!

And the babies got to try one too. One large pup-sicle for each batch of pups. You can’t really see them, but down in the middle of all that fur is a pup-sicle. 27 more words


Meet Jake

This is Jake.


Jake changed my life.

I’d never had a dog before. I’d always grown up with cats and although the Mr. and I had toyed with the idea of getting one as our first pet together, living near a main road put us off. 895 more words

Rescue Dogs


I love being able to meet my new puppy people in person to hand over their precious bundle. Yesterday I had double the pleasure as I met Forrest’s new “dad” to give him up. 85 more words