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Cavapoos are considered as a good human companion!

After cross-breeding between a Poodle & Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, a Cavapoo takes birth. Cavapoos are very adorable & attractive dog. Cavapoos are also considered family pets as they get along with humans very well. 206 more words

Size comparison

Oh my! Look at the size difference in these two!

Of course, that is the biggest Poodle in the Poodle litter and the smallest (very petite) Cavapoo in the Cavapoo litter. 11 more words

Toilet training a puppy - the ins and outs 

Toilet training. The biggy for any new puppy joining your household! There are many ways to toilet train and this is just what I did with Baxter which was successful. 1,818 more words


I am new here, but not new to blogging!

Hey guys!

This is a weird feeling because although this is my first blog post here, it is not my first ever! 

For 6 months i have been writing over at… 210 more words

Crate Training - what is it and will it be good for my new puppy? 

Baxter’s initial crate set up

From my experiences with Baxter, crate training was great! It not only sped up the toilet training and limited night time accidents but it also provided him a safe place to sleep. 731 more words


So you want a puppy? 

Puppies are cute. From watching Andrex commercials to seeing them on social media who could be blamed for wanting one. But did you also know that devastatingly, hundreds and thousands of animals are neglected and in need of rehoming every year in the UK. 2,280 more words


New Bestest Buds....

Levi met Mary for the first time today,

Levi likes Mary,

Mary likes Levi,

She is now his new bestest (and biggest and most bootiful…) bud, 43 more words