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In pursuit of other people’s bodily excretions

In an unexpected and unappealing twist to dog ownership I found myself last summer chasing my dog around a park trying to extract a bloodied sanitary towel from within her jaws. 610 more words


Bad idea

Cubbie thought running off to see Bailey would be a good idea. Until she knocked him over in the deep snow.


2017 Cavapoo Waiting List

  1. Dana & Jordan
  2. Christine C
  3. Roxanna C
  4. Shira & Paul
  5. Lindsey G
  6. Kristy C
  7. Jackie P
  8. Debra & Lyman
  9. Sarah V
  10. Jen B
  11. Kristen D…
  12. 111 more words

Real men wear pink

Okay, it should say “real boy puppies wear pink”. But that didn’t sound as good for a title😉

This is what happens when you’re almost out of red ribbon and forget to get it on your once a week shopping trip. 45 more words


Cooper the Curious Cavapoo

I suppose it is time to introduce you guys to my favorite part of myself, my sweet little Cooper.  (Prepare yourself for a picture overload, we have a whole year to catch up on)  I adopted him as a puppy, and on October 31, one week from today, I will have had him in my life for an entire year!!!   430 more words

Cooper The Curious Cavapoo

Getting There In A Roundabout Way!

Good Morning Darceys Angels! there is a saying that man makes plans and God laughs, I had a plan to put a video of me painting on here, but it turned out a bit ….meh….and then I got involved with something that diverted my attention for a bit (more of that later) and…anyhoo this is how the week went. 368 more words

That moment when.........

Hair and makeup….check…


Everyone sitting comfortably….check (well 2 out of 3…see below)…

Say cheese….check…


Just as you ready yourself to capture the next cover of ” Pooch Monthly”… 16 more words