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A Day In The Life Of ? Me!

This blog is frequently read in France and therefore I would like to extend my deepest sympathies to everyone touched by the events of last night xX… 283 more words

The Proper Task Of Life!

Before we get going, I just wanted to say something serious, I belong to a Facebook crafting community and I have just learnt that one of its members was murdered, Nikki was young, beautiful and talented. 446 more words


Sammie's New Cousin

Aaron’s brother and sister-in-law got a Cavapoo puppy a couple weeks ago, and we got to meet her for the first time over the weekend. Talk about adorable!! 146 more words

Game time!

As most of you know I love getting new toys for the puppies and dogs around here. And finding “games” for them to figure out is another great stimulus to get those brains going! 119 more words


Extra love

We love having visitors. Saturday a friend stopped by with two of his four kids. They love my dogs. So Oakley and Roxy got lots of extra love and attention.


Garden helpers

Our poor garden isn’t doing so well this year with the abnormally hot, dry season. But there are still some things growing. We’ve had lots of cucumbers and melons, at least! 73 more words

Daily Life


Hi Everyone!

We have a new addition to the Land based family, Emma our Land based manager has given Pippin the puppy Cavapoo a lovely new home. 53 more words