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I love being able to meet my new puppy people in person to hand over their precious bundle. Yesterday I had double the pleasure as I met Forrest’s new “dad” to give him up. 85 more words


One raisin & a hysterical mum

Last weekend, Lanski’s dad bought some pastries for breakfast. Like every other weekend, we happily gobbled down our breakfast with a cup of hot tea. Of course, a cup of hot tea was not enough to satisfy Lanski’s dad so he went to put on the kettle to prep for some hot coffee. 271 more words


The day he entered my life

Approximately 6 years ago, my sister and I welcomed Lanski into our lives.

On that very day, we passed by a pet shop and saw a litter of cavoodle puppies (before some of you start lashing out at me on how I shouldn’t have purchased a puppy from a pet shop, being a first time dog owner I had absolutely no idea about the existence of puppy mills). 195 more words


..And They Call It Puppy Love!

I am sure you know that the managing director of my company is this little diva….

Darcey! We have nearly had her two years and we are just starting the process of getting her a little puppy friend! 366 more words

Sleeping beauties

This is the age when they sleep and eat, sleep and eat; or is it eat and sleep, eat and sleep. ;) But they are pretty cute sleepers, don’t ya think?



Happy Haircuts

With spring in full swing, my pack has been going though a number of changes. They can stay clean and dry. Rueben has found that there is an abundance of wildlife, he can chase and sometimes eat. 162 more words