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7.25.2016 Scenic Beach State Park

Family trip to Scenic Beach State Park. Dutch (our cavapoo) threw up on me in the car. Twice.

Mom: You’re too far out. Kenji: Ok *moves closer to shore* *proceeds to fall on his bottom anyways* … 46 more words


I need my space

Sometimes you just want a little space to yourself. Even if you have to nap in the “bathroom”. Those from large families will understand. 😜



… lighting… check,

… breeze abated…. check,

… sun moved behind a cloud… check

… at that moment,

… the very moment when you should be sitting nicely, 15 more words



Saturday was one of the happiest days of my life.

For years I have aspired to have three things in my life that I’ve always, for some unknown reason, felt (rather irrationally, with no grounding whatsoever, and knowing full well that it is not the material things inline that count) will complete my life. 201 more words


What's up....?

Having experienced the last couple of days…the heat…the sunshine…the wind…the humidity…the rain and the distant thunder Levi would like to ask one thing …..

It’s June isn’t it….what’s up with the weather…?


We Are Famous!

Evening woofs everyone! Our mummy says that we need to blog more often because people are following us, I checked this morning on our walk and I’m not sure they are…… 78 more words

i found my new best friend.

A few weeks ago, I wrote about saying goodbye to my dogs when I moved out, and how I was on the prowl for a new pup of my own. 532 more words

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