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This palo verde sprouted its tiny little leaves, I suppose their small size minimizes water loss while allowing more photosynthesis than from just their green bark. 57 more words


Time to Say Goodbye

In late December as I returned from a joyful hike in the rain on my first visit to Cave Creek Regional Park, I stopped as I pulled out of the empty parking lot and positioned the car for a quick shot in front of the desert in a downpour. 253 more words


Cave Creek

At Spur Cross Ranch the path alongside Cave Creek winds through a mix of trees and saguaros, the saguaros dominate once you move away from the water and rise back into the hills. 19 more words


Baby Steps

For a while now I haven’t ventured out to parks I haven’t visited a number of times, partly because I like getting to know an area over time but also because I was trying to limit the number of new things in my life after a couple of years of significant change. 273 more words


Heinz Field West!

My sister and brother-in-law, Steeler fans from Northeastern PA, planned a trip out to visit while their team was in town to play the Cardinals. They’ve been out to visit on several occasions and even had the opportunity to see the 49ers, … 1,469 more words


Cave Creek Regional Park AZ

Why does it seem so long ago that I posted? I don’t know other than these stays in the Maricopa regional parks are sort of blending together, most likely because moving between them makes for short travel days, and the weather and geography hasn’t changed all that much in a while. 1,681 more words


The Wayward Jacuzzi Jet and Other Joys in Life

December 9, 2019-

Sometimes, the unexpected can seem to hit at a time that might ordinarily be unnerving.  Sometimes, the expected does not happen, and the choice as to whether it IS unnerving is strictly up to the one doing the expecting. 290 more words