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Review: Ideation & Lucy

This year I attended Melbourne’s White Night after years of not. It seemed a little like it had jumped the shark and many attendees were less than impressed. 704 more words

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The truly beautiful 'Cave of Forgotten Dreams' (2010)

Werner Herzog’s documentary Cave of Forgotten Dreams is an ode to the Chauvet Cave in France, a cavern that harbors prehistoric art. Herzog narrates the film in his raspy voice, nearly whispering with reverence. 384 more words

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Herzog For Halloween Week. Do You Have A Soul?

One day, not too long ago, I posted feelings of love for a plant on Facebook. Here’s what I did. I wrote about the Montauk Daisy, which grows in my dooryard, and described it as a “happy late bloomer” thus identifying my own humanity with the plant and, furthermore, employing the plant’s bright white, daisy-like flowers as an arousal agent for human emotion. 1,673 more words


The Walk (2015)

The Walk / Robert Zemeckis / 2015 / 

Active Ingredients: Heist elements; Optimism; Vertiginous height
Side Effects: 3D; Supporting characters; Imprecise psychology

The Walk is a warm-hearted but empty-headed film, an ode to “dreams,” “inspiration” and “beauty” without making those words and emotions come alive. 525 more words


Sacred Space: Footprints in the Darkness

There are those among us who will always seek out the sacred.

We look for signs of it in our lives, in the comings and goings, the twists and turns of daily existence.  1,046 more words


Cave of Forgotten Dreams (2010)


Few visitors outside of a select group of scientists are allowed into the magnificent Chauvet Cave at all, which contains the world’s oldest known cave paintings dating back some 30,000 years. 115 more words

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The French cop I had nicknamed Inspector Clouseau shook his head grimly. “A tragedy.” He said. “Here you can see where the water line was” He gestured to the brown mark stained into the wall a foot off the ground. 3,067 more words