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Cave of Forgotten Dreams (2010): Quick-shot review!

Acclaimed documentary filmmaker Werner Herzog immortalises the paleolithic Chauvet Cave paintings in Cave of Forgotten Dreams (2010), a documentary that showcases and explores the oldest cave paintings ever discovered, located in Southern France. 547 more words

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REVIEW: Cave of Forgotten Dreams

In his documentary “Cave of Forgotten Dreams,” Werner Herzog explores a cave in southern France with some of the oldest known examples of human painting.   208 more words

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Messages From the Past

What could be considered a defining trait of the human race is its ability for complex communication and the distinct way in which we express our thoughts. 681 more words


30,000 Years Lost, 20 Years Found

Twenty years ago this month, archeologists discovered Cave de Chauvet Pont d’Arc in southern France, with paintings more than 30,000 years old. Scientists from around the world have digitally mapped the cave, built raised walkways above its floor, and established protocols that limit access to 12 people for eight hours during two 15-day periods each year. 831 more words


Dawn Rise

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Dawn Rise

Above the world she watches,

ageless, timeless,

eternal as the stars,

all the millions glowing throughout the night.

The world changes, evolves, 98 more words


The Animated Cartoon

The Animated Cartoon

An animated cartoon is a moving picture generated by photographing a series of drawings, objects, or computer graphics frame by frame, and recording the very slight, continuous changes in the images that then simulate motion. 65 more words

Film #101: Cave of Forgotten Dreams (2010)

Rating: 4/5

“Are we today the crocodiles who look back into the abyss of time when we see the paintings of Chauvet cave?”

Finally, a Werner Herzog film (there are plenty more to come) – one of his most recent, and his only venture into 3D. 1,088 more words