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Time, Memory, and the Myth of Progress

by Amanda C. R. Clark

In our post-postmodern culture, text and image are increasingly fractured. Disciplines such as literary studies and art history are segregated and kept at a distance; Starbucks and Apple logos sans text are reduced to little more than semiotic cliché.  777 more words


Every Speliologist for Himself and God Against All

I tweeted that Werner Herzog’s CAVE OF FORGOTTEN DREAMS was maybe the best 3D movie ever, but maybe I should have said “best USE of 3D”? 822 more words


Oldest Known Cave Paintings in Werner Herzog's 'Cave of Forgotten Dreams'

Directed by Werner Herzog in 2010, Cave of Forgotten Dreams is a unique documentary about the Chauvet Cave in southern France, which has the oldest known cave paintings (with some being about 32,000 years old).   128 more words

Movie watch 2016: True stories

Of the documentaries I watched this year, I highly recommend Cave of Forgotten Dreams (2010), Werner Herzog’s magical documentation of some of the oldest cave paintings in the world. 144 more words

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