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Vintage Ads, Sometimes VERY Inappropriate

If you want to be biologically superior, then you better take care of your biology. Just saying 😉 14 more words

The Imperial Probot

Why Assumptions are Important

Every piece of technology is built to work provided its assumptions hold.  Every piece of electronics, for example, assumes it will have power.  No power => no function (as famously noted by… 188 more words

50 Shades of Grayson (Lord McKenzie)

Earlier this week, we noticed yet another perplexing McKenzie Friend, ready to undercut all the alleged overcharging “FAT CAT” Solicitors and Barristers, setup shop, whilst asserting to offer an identical albeit better value service… 957 more words

Jeff Leonard Botterill

Jeff Botterill, McKenzie Friend, demonstrates questionable behaviour, he has deliberately made misrepresentations, which the reasonable person would rely on before seeking his personal services or may well be swayed by. 1,529 more words

Simon Walland

Simon Walland, McKenzie Friend is a special case, he would hold out himself on his facebook page, help forums, external blogs and website as a… 1,724 more words

Dave Darby

Dave Darby, McKenzie Friend,  delivery driver, otherwise moonlighting as McKenzie Friend both online forums and in courts around the High Wycombe Area but willing to cover all of England and Wales. 1,666 more words