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Tim and Tran #2

Tim at the bakery (A non-political post for a change.)

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David Morgan – When it Comes to Bullion Dealers, Caveat Emptor

Financial Survival Network

David Morgan, author of The Silver Manifesto joined us today. We reviewed the the Northwest Territorial Mint Bankruptcy and its implications for the bullion market. 123 more words

Financial/Societal Collapse And Dependence

Caveat Emptor

Donald Trump boasts that his self-funded campaign and having no super Pacs proves that he is not beholden to any organization. The media allows him to call into news shows which no other candidate has been offered. 99 more words

Bible Stuff

Caveat Emptor

Last week, I had a buyer walk away from a property. As hard as it was seeing them lose a house they loved, at the end of the day, it was the right decision (we have since found them a new home, and we are under contract!!) But it reinforces the principles  that you are about to read and remind you — … 2,140 more words

For The Buyer

At What Price?

I pose this question at moral, personal, humanitarian, practical and karmic levels. People tend to consider what it means for them first, the what-is-in-it-for-me? mind-set. This tends to hold sway over all the other factors. 247 more words

Self Discovery

Comic Book Ad: Gre-Gory the Vampire Bat

Who had this Big, Bad boy when they were kids? Not I, but I love this old advertisement :)


Free Advice!

As a lawyer I am constantly contacted by family, friends, colleagues, potential clients, and others with questions and requests for information and advice.  I welcome these questions and requests as they often provide the opportunity for me to impart some information and resources that can put the person in a better place than they were when he/she contacted me.  337 more words

Life Lessons