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Caveat Emptor

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Uncensored Saturday

Caveat Emptor | MA. Supreme Judicial Court overturns "telling the truth" for politicians

Commentary: I understand the legalities of speech, in this case and I don’t totally disagree with the decision, but the MA. SJC makes the assumption, that the 4th estate, now essentially corporate-controlled, will… 383 more words


HSM #8: We Are Not Amused - a Fairy Tale in One Part.

Once upon a time, a humble servant (aka, moi) found a pattern she believed would make a good “base” for an Enchanted Edwardian Gown. It is difficult for her to recall whether it was found in the Land of Etsy or the Land of eBay, but in one of those there lived a Retail Princess who offered the pattern at a price below that which was found in any Kingdom. 512 more words

Re-creating Historical Dress

The Ethics of horse selling, or "Caveat Emptor"

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Word press has made so many unnecessary and arrogant changes to what used to be the best blog site in the internet, that I no longer use it. 22 more words

Saving money on car insurance can be real expensive!

There are a number of policy provisions and claims settlement procedures that enable some car insurance carriers to dramatically reduce their costs when repairing a damaged vehicle.   152 more words

Caveat Emptor

Creepy Stalker a/k/a “The Watcher” Turns Dream Home into Nightmare – Pitfalls of Purchasing a “Stigmatized” Home

In 2014, a New Jersey couple with three children purchased a $1.3 million “dream home” located in a New York City bedroom community.  However, their dreams were dashed when they received the first of three supremely creepy letters just three days after closing.  459 more words

Business & Real Estate

Asking the RIGHT Questions

Not knowing the right questions to ask about your insurance protection is among the key reasons far too many consumers hear the dreaded words “you are not covered” at the worse possible time — … 392 more words

Caveat Emptor