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Adventures in Smartphone Shopping

My electronic retail experiences in Thailand have usually had some combination of random weirdness, salespeople lying blatantly, after carefully checking the features of a display model being told there is no more stock except the display model, etc. 205 more words


Caveat Emptor 

He bought the dream

The promise of worship

Enticed by her charm

Her promise

To do no harm

Perfection in her nature

Synchronized with  her stature… 29 more words


Caveat Emptor!

In a recent series of blog posts, I sketched the lives and contributions of some exemplars, men who were noted for character qualities worth emulating. Included among those qualities in many instances was honesty and customer service, service such as John Wanamaker exemplified, proven by his slogan “The customer is always right.” Ironically, this week my wife encountered the polar opposite, the attitude of a huge conglomerate that apparently thinks that that slogan is for only weak or small companies. 646 more words

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Fake News

Advice to Property Sellers

Finally, finally after thirteen months, I’m a property owner again. For those of you who don’t know, the one I now own was property number four and it seems appropriate for me to offer some insight into why this has been such a difficult process. 1,102 more words


Nina & Ben

I was talking to several friends a week ago.  As always, the topic is our children, work and married life.  While reviewing for my class, I still could not shake-off in my mind the stories we shared.   778 more words