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Why Can’t I Deposit my Shares?

Issues Facing Small Cap Issuers

As the market operator where thousands of small and micro-cap securities trade, we occasionally hear from issuers and their investors who are frustrated when brokers won’t deposit their stock. 895 more words



The current occupant of the White House in Washington has stated on more than one occasion that Mexican immigrants are rapists and criminals.  If true, it would logically follow that, if your father was an immigrant from Mexico, he was, unarguably, a rapist and criminal. 917 more words


There Was A Young Lady Named Claire

There was a young lady named Claire
Who had caveat emptor written on her.
A man named Jim,
Who was somewhat dim
Went and married Claire! 9 more words


Commodore 64 Nostalgia: Kung-Fu II: Sticks of Death (or Caveat Emptor)

Despite the long name, I really don’t have all that much to say about Kung-Fu II: Sticks of Death as I barely remember it.  To be honest, I didn’t remember it at all until I pulled out the “reference card” and looked up images online. 444 more words


Caveat Emptor **

Whether to buy from a local retailer, or from an overseas online merchant, often depends on the perceived need for after-sales support.  An item may cost more locally than it does online, but you can expect easier access to support from a local retailer than you would from an offshore online merchant. 400 more words

Gear And Tools

Caveat Emptor

This means “let the buyer beware“, i.e in a contract of sale of goods the seller is under no duty to reveal unflattering truths about the goods. 280 more words

Business Law

Caveat Emptor

Know what you’re buying. This is even more important when you can’t see it in person. When it’s an intangible, such as information, you must be especially careful. 331 more words