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When one horse for sale is really two.

Please read my newest post, “When one horse for sale is really two” at


This is a tale of a woman who tried to slip a second horse in on a one horse deal. 37 more words

High Availability: Part III – Cloud

High availability, as it relates to the cloud is a very convoluted concept. For example, the impetus for my creating this series had to do with the storms in Sydney, Australia, which caused AWS to lose connection to their cloud facility. 392 more words

Is This Dealership A House of Horror?

Auto House operates vehicle dealerships in Mooresville and Salisbury .  Recently, several consumers who purchased vehicles from Auto House complained they were sold vehicles that were misbranded or misrepresented.  282 more words


Reproducibility and its discontents

“Since the launch of the clinicaltrials.gov registry in 2000, which forced researchers to preregister their methods and outcome measures, the percentage of large heart-disease clinical trials reporting significant positive results plummeted from 57% to a mere 8%”. 336 more words

Social Issues ( Be Civil ! )

Are "Super Lawyers" Really Super?

We’ve all seen those advertisements naming “Super Lawyers,” “Rising Stars,” “Best Lawyers” and other top lawyer lists.  But what do those designations really mean?  Are the attorneys on those lists really the best? 220 more words


Tim and Tran #2

Tim at the bakery (A non-political post for a change.)

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David Morgan – When it Comes to Bullion Dealers, Caveat Emptor

Financial Survival Network

David Morgan, author of The Silver Manifesto joined us today. We reviewed the the Northwest Territorial Mint Bankruptcy and its implications for the bullion market. 123 more words

Financial/Societal Collapse And Dependence