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50 Shades of Grayson (Lord McKenzie)

Earlier this week, we noticed yet another less advanced in mental development for ones age, McKenzie Friend ready to undercut all the alleged overcharging “FAT CAT” Solicitors and Barristers… 1,070 more words

Jeff Leonard Botterill

Jeff Botterill, McKenzie Friend, demonstrates deceitful behaviour, he has deliberately made misrepresentations, which the reasonable person would rely on before seeking his services.

On his website, social media posts and over phone conversations he purports to be a…

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Simon Walland

Simon Walland, McKenzie Friend is a special case, he would hold out himself on his facebook page and website as a “Non-Practicing Barrister”. This in itself was incredibly dubious as to whether he had been disbarred by the Bar Standards Board or voluntarily left Chambers, after all a Barrister would likely earn a decent wage packet, most definitely more than a McKenzie Friend would. 1,150 more words

Dave Darby

Dave Darby, McKenzie Friend, a full time delivery driver by night, otherwise moonlighting as McKenzie Friend both online forums and in courts around the High Wycombe Area. 1,355 more words

Belinda McKenzie

Belinda McKenzie, McKenzie Friend, deserves a mention in the series of posts regarding crooked McKenzie Friends, she used to work in collaboration with Sabine McNeil. Like her com-padre she has managed to rack up a whole host of mentions in Court Judgments, but for all the wrong reasons. 139 more words

MCKENZIE FRIENDS: Checklist - Caveat Emptor

Part of my job I get to meet all sorts of weird and wonderful people in the Legal Profession, much emphasis added to the latter. 1,122 more words

Vehicle Warranties. Caveat Emptor.

By John M Carver
‘Caveat emptor.’  noun – The principle that the buyer alone is responsible for checking the quality and suitability of goods before a purchase is made.
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