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Short-Changed (Behar)

The following are some quick thoughts on Behar, the first of this week’s two Parshahs.

Near the beginning of Parshat Behar lies the prohibition against… 1,767 more words


Hackers Targeting Amazon Third-Party Sellers

If you’ve seen something with a too-good-to-be-true price in the Amazon Marketplace lately, there’s probably a good reason for that. Or, rather, a bad one, as it seems some fraudsters’ new favorite trick is to hijack unsuspecting Amazon sellers’ accounts and fleece shoppers for every penny they can. 408 more words

Retail Services

Buyer Beware - More Than a Cute Catchphrase

In the world of social media you are bombarded by information from many sources. A wise friend once told me in a tone of absolute sarcasm: “On the Internet, everyone is an expert. 929 more words


Evolution of Consumerism in India- Journey from ‘Caveat emptor’ to ‘Caveat venditor’

Lately, India has started witnessing an increase in awareness of rights of its citizens. Be it women, backward classes or homosexuals, Indians have started demanding enforcement of their rights and enactment of laws wherever required. 1,077 more words

Caveat Emptor

What's it worth?

   I hear and read those words far too often. Next to the over used “RARE” attached to everything on eBay, the phrase “What’s it worth?” is my number two pet peeve of collecting. 294 more words

The Imperial Probot

Stolen Rocket Firing Boba Fett Prototype

   According to RebleScum.net, an AFA graded Rocket Fett Prototype was stolen from Rebelscum owner Phillip Wise’s Star Wars museum. If you run in the big-kid collector’s crowd, be on the lookout for this piece.

The Imperial Probot

Amorality, or a poor conscience?

Although I graduated back in September 2016, one of the essays I wrote during my Research Master was recently published in the Erasmus Student Journal of Philosophy (ESJP). 236 more words