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Caveat Emptor

If people are goal oriented, attracted to whatever is “the shiny” for them, they tend to forget the advice in the header. The lust, and there is no other accurate word for it, takes over and the ability to discern goes flying out the window. 248 more words


Do I need to disclose pre-existing termite damage to my home?

Unfortunately it’s a fact of life that many houses in bushy areas, such as the Sutherland Shire, are subject to termite invasions. It is actually more common than not for homes in the Shire to already have pre-existing termite damage. 602 more words


Buyer Beware: 4 Tricks to Inform Yourself With

Investing offers a seemingly infinite range of approaches, methods, products, services, and theories. The abundance of alternatives can be confusing, or even paralyzing. We can equip you with four ideas that may help you to winnow the choices down to ones that are more likely to help you. 274 more words

Mark Leibman

Buying Books Online? Beware!

I have often wondered about the wide variation in price for apparently identical products advertised online – not least for books, a subject close to my heart as both a reader and a writer. 664 more words

Blog: Write And Wrong

Funded by you, me and anyone!

It’s been some time since I last post. My work schedule is unpredictable and often shags me out.

In recent months or years, there’s been a proliferation of crowdfunding sites in Singapore. 328 more words

Caveat Emptor