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Magda Konopka in When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth 1970

Magda Konopka: bornĀ Malgorzata Jolanta Konopka 1943, Warsaw Poland; in England from 1959 as a model; in 1967 marries 28 year old Franco-Canadian billionaire (and son of the former Canadian Ambasssador to Paris) Jean-Louis Desy at the Chelsea registry office in London, but separates from Desy after three months. 32 more words


Cavegirl (1985)

What happens when a high school schmuck travels back in time and hooks up with the prettiest girl the Stone Age has to offer? Seriously, you don’t want to know. 43 more words

Aterian Woman

Here we have a fine female specimen of the Aterian culture, a Paleolithic culture which thrived in northern Africa from 145,000 to 30,000 years ago. They would have been Homo sapiens (or anatomically modern humans), and the material culture they left behind is characterized by distinctive tangs on their stone tools and the use of shell “beads” for personal ornamentation. 18 more words