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Cave. Caveman. Cavewoman.

I keep hearing the cavewoman’s footsteps lately. I thought I saw the caveman’s shadows.

But it can’t be. Cavemen are extinct.

Do not enter the cave. 12 more words


Field Research

Unaware of his alien observer, Glunt squatted in the tall grass with the other members of the hunting party, wanting nothing more than to slink away, to disappear, to hide, anything to avoid killing the adorable baby deer-like animal in front of him. 2,284 more words

Medium Stories

[#25] The Caveman Dilemma: Why You Shouldn't Care What Other People Think (Pt. 2)

Hi Allies! This is part 2 of a series of posts. Part 1 of “The Caveman Dilemma” can be found here.

The first post in this series provided some physiological insight behind our innate desire to please other human beings. 1,080 more words


La guerre du feu

Before this guy went around pissing off soviet veterans he did some classy shit. Quest for Fire is an under sung classic. Exceedingly heroic in scale, so human that you do not need words to feel for our on screen primeval kin. 139 more words