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Paleo comes close but misses the mark

So close, but yet so far. The Paleo movement is a hugely popular and positive movement in the World today. I am grateful for the inroads towards health that it has created, and I do feel it goes a long way towards lowering inflammation in the body. 322 more words



Today M.E. (Mysterious Explorer) send to me this.


Struggles of Primal living and loving beer

My biggest struggle is that…. I love beer. Not just any “beer” to end the day, or let’s go out for a “beer”. I am a beer snob and I’m proud to say it. 229 more words


Yoga For Runners

Lately, Ive been integrating a weekly session of yoga into my running routine. Mostly because I am terrible at stretching after a run. Stretching and improved flexibility are vital to running injury free – but lets face it, its not nearly as fun as a nice long trail run. 551 more words


We've created a monster...

So, after running a 5k last Saturday,nothing competitive, but a 5k none the less. I thought it might be fun to run 1 a month just to have a goal to push toward. 114 more words


Thai Zoodles

This dish was inspired by the following recipe from the people over at Nerd Fitness.

How to Cook Thai Zoodle Stirfry


Welcome to our family...

About 3 months ago I was listening to a Joe Rogan Podcast with guest Mark Sisson. Everything this Mark guy was talking about was making complete sense to me. 231 more words