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Memories of my distant caveman ancestors triggered through running in bare feet

For the past 6 months I have been barefoot 90% of time. I wear socks and shoes only when I have to. A remarkable thing has happened during this time. 98 more words

Errything Apple: Part 1--Crockpot Cinnamon Applesauce

Clearly, I’m slightly behind on the blogging as we are now transitioning from fall into winter in Chicago:( But better late than never right?

In the month of October, we did what most Mid-westerners do in the fall—pick apples at the orchards, select an often overly priced pumpkin at the local farms, take a hayride or tractor ride around the corn fields, you know the usual:) This was the first time we visited County Line Orchard in northern Indiana and truly had an amazing time. 304 more words


Sweet Potato Crusted Chorizo Quiche

In our household, breakfast can be served at ANY meal of the day. Not to mention we have a deep love for quiche! I remember our pre-paleo days of devouring a savory quiche with cheesy goodness and the amazingly thick buttery crust…YUMMY….I’m drooling as I’m typing this post:) However, my husband’s blood sugar levels would always sky-rocket due to the high-carb content. 311 more words


Mommy & Mini Chocolate Banana Smoothie Go-To

As a mom on the go, it is ESSENTIAL for me to have access to quick “go-to” favorites, especially when it comes to something healthy and satisfying for my entire family. 216 more words


The Academy LiveTweets "Blackfish"

We hope you’re all as happy as we are to be reading the news that SeaWorld is officially taking a turn for the better!  The… 288 more words

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Paleo Pancakes

I haven’t been able to do much running recently (silly sore Achilles) so I’m really enjoying trying out new recipes at the moment. I love pancakes, but I’m one of those people that tends to pile chocolate/sugar/syrup on top of them, so I thought I’d find a healthier alternative for my pre-gym breakfast. 142 more words



The human brain has hardly evolved at all since mankind lived in caves and told stories to his chums outside on cool winter evenings, warmed by a blazing fire. 708 more words