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Diet Change...

So, after our holiday I had managed to pile on 7 pounds and M managed to lose 2, how in hell that happened I do not know, I walked countless miles, swam in the Atlantic, ran about with the dogs, and generally never stopped from 5am each day. 617 more words


Paleo Diet: Eat or be Eaten

Paleo Diet is a neat little game from Ganasha Games. Playable solo, versus, or  in groups. It’s a flexible system that pits primitive man against nature and beast. 109 more words


It Starts With A Plan

I’m often asked how I stay on track and on budget eating healthy. It’s all about planning. Each Wednesday I start making a list of what I’m going to eat the next week. 901 more words

Magazine: Analog, Jul/Aug 2016

I fire my blaster pistol into the last of the space pirates and step over his smoldering corpse, taking my place on the bridge.  “Computer, all of the pirates are dead, and our cargo of Analog Magazines is safe.  691 more words

Science Fiction

Bad Dad Joke of the Day # 323

You know this is an old joke but I bet you didn’t know it was this old!