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Standing in line at the Post Office

My Mom and Dad retired to a small town, a very small town in the mountains. They get their mail delivered to a box at the Post Office rather than to their home. 546 more words


A beginners guide to Paleo

Paleo, is that the caveman thing where you just eat loads of meat and walk around with no shoes on? Nope, but I do get that a lot from those who don’t know better, so I thought I would write a beginners guide to the Paleo diet to help you understand why I choose to eat the way I do. 587 more words


Week 1

So this past week was my first week on Paleo.  I was planning to start strict as soon as my cooking gas got turned back on but since that is taking longer than I expected I decided to officially start now.   364 more words


Wait I have another Resolution!

Some people I know think New Years day is just another day, others that making a new years resolution is pointless as if you want to change just do it. 571 more words

Paleo Christmas

Ok so I’m pretty far behind on this because I’ve been recovering from Christmas. Well just full stop recovering really, I guess the Cowden Protcol is working because I’ve been feeling pretty rough ever since I started it. 304 more words

Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels - The Scarifying Seaweed Secret / The Dummy

Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels – The Scarifying Seaweed Secret / The Dummy
from Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels, Season 2
Price: USD 1.99… 14 more words

Dogs Know Best

The above cartoon deals with a sexual position called ‘doggie style’ which was invent by Rex, a dingo-lab mix who lived in the Caveman period which was a long tome ago.  23 more words