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One Month Of Summer #15

This is a rock formation in Mammoth Caves. I took lots of pictures down in the caves, but with no flash allowed, only a handful came out well.


Nature | The whale's mouth at Carlsbad caverns

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Description from photographer if any:

The whale’s mouth at Carlsbad caverns

By orajeev

Source: 500px.com


Places I want to visit in Virginia: Endless Caverns

This is the fourth post in my series that talks about the places I want to visit once I finally am able to join my husband at our new home in Virginia. 69 more words


Life In Hollow Earth – Hollow Earth Network

We live inside Cavern Homes from which we can look out onto our green world outside

Mikos: Now that you are somewhat familiar with the Hollow Earth, we can “dig” further into your credibility and introduce another factor of our living arrangements underground. 611 more words


After A Vacation I'm DreamWard Bound

I got back from my vacation this week and hit the ground running, at least or a few days. I went to a friend’s house right when I got home, partly because I wanted to see them and their family, partly because I wanted to stay awake until at least 9. 635 more words