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Blanchard Springs Caverns

It’s finally Fall! Fall is by far my favorite season because of the beautiful colors of the leaves, cooler temperatures, and holidays like Thanksgiving and Halloween. 470 more words


Taking Time with Family

My good news for today is personal: I’m still visiting my son, his girlfriend, and my granddaughter in the Appalachian Mountains. It’s good to be able to spend time with them. 98 more words

Earth And Nature

Natural Bridge Caverns

Just outside of San Antonio lies the Natural Bridge Caverns.  These caverns are set up differently than any of the others we have been to, to date.  412 more words

Heart of Darkling - The Waystation

Last month I introduced the Heart of Darkling series of maps. Unlike my other ongoing megadungeon (the Tekumel Undercity maps), the Heart of Darkling series is being released for commercial use as the maps are drawn. 414 more words


mineral syllables

at times, it is there

what needs to be said

and in just the right way

where mineral syllables do best to flow

deeper, to echo in caverns – 63 more words


A little-known Tennessee treasure becomes a spectacular weekend vacation

Let me show you how much I adore the great state of Tennessee.

Last weekend I was introduced to a gem usually foregone by most tourists. 565 more words

A Trip to the Caverns of Sonora

This year might be a record for me in terms of the amount of time that I spent traveling to different places away from home. After Big Bend, we took a slight detour to visit a friend of mine from college. 762 more words