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[MegaDelve] The Crypts

We head back to the top-left side of the Dyson Mega Delve node map for the next three maps (although the last of the three may be delayed by a week or two as I post commercial-licensed maps at the beginning of March – see below for more information). 391 more words


Last of the Spooky Photos

I like this campground and love the campers we’ve met.  But I have had all the swamp I want to see for a while.  For that reason, I’ll be glad when we leave Thursday and head back to Gail’s  house for a few days. 281 more words


Owen's Mine Variations

I drew Owen’s Mine sometime around June of 2011.

Wait… 2011? I’ve been blogging here for a while, eh?

Anyways, yeah, Owen’s Mine. It was inspired by a game of How to Host a Dungeon that I played where the kobolds had their base of operations just beside the human mines, without any actual connection between the two. 72 more words


Largest Bike Park on the Planet, opens in Louisville Caverns

Forget horse racing and bourbon distilleries. Next time you go to Louisville, bring your bicycle and head underground to the world’s largest indoor bike park, which officially opened Monday. 100 more words

[Mega Delve] Dwarven Outpost

When the dwarves loaded up their Earthships and abandoned the city above, they intended to take all the clans that lived here with them. But in the months leading up to their departure there were disappearances from the city. 537 more words


[MegaDelve] The Water Temple

A little bit down the river from the Home of the Muck Dwellers is the Water Temple – where the Frog Priests cultivate their mutant frogs and worship foul gods of the depths. 251 more words


[MegaDelve] Lost River Again

I should probably figure out another name for this map. This is where Lost River (which travelled through the three Lost River Caves) re-emerges into the dungeon, a bit downriver from Lost River Cave. 243 more words