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[Friday Map] Christina's Caves

I don’t often work with colour, but my recent acquisition of a few coloured pens in the same style as my usual pens used for my maps made me want to try something with a LITTLE bit of colour as highlighting. 215 more words


Learn more about the underground archives at the U of MN

Recently MINNPOST had a wonderful post about the underground archives at the U of MN. Didn’t know there were caverns full of books under the Andersen Library on the West Bank of the University of Minnesota? 242 more words


Otra Cueva

After sleeping somewhat restlessly in the jungle, Jon and I ate a small breakfast and prepared for a day of adventures.  The first, a cave exploration (apparently, I did not get enough last time) and canopying, or zip lining. 1,184 more words



On 4th Oct, we planned our trip to Shenandoah valley. We left home around 12 noon and drove to Virginia. We stopped by in Apple House Linden for lunch. 420 more words


Shasta Caverns, Shasta Lake, California

We are already much further south, at Ventura, California as I write this post, but I promised I’d give you the scoop on Shasta Caverns, so I will do that first and hope to catch up again soon. 608 more words


[5e Actual Play] Out of the Ember Crag and into...

I drew the map of Cinder Crag in 2008, after having used it in a campaign in 2001 and then went on to use it again in two different campaigns in 2009. 328 more words


Deer Creek Hot Springs

Oregon, mostly in eastern Oregon and around the Eugene area, boasts a plethora of beautiful hot springs. As a college student I have to say that during the fall and spring months when the weather is temperate, and the work is heavy, there is no better day trip to revive and relax you. 402 more words