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Exploring Carlsbad Caverns National Park

Carlsbad Caverns National Park in Carlsbad, New Mexico has always been a must-see location ever since I began traveling.

I remember when I was a teenager how I always thought Carlsbad Caverns was located in Carlsbad, CA a little over a 1-hour drive from where I live.   545 more words

Spring Break Shown in Photos!

This past week was spring break and I had the opportunity to visit San Antonio, Texas with my family! These are a few photos from outside the Natural Bridge Caverns and the Wildlife Ranch.

Underground Budapest: Caverns, churches and Cold War bunkers

While one half of the city, Pest, is flat, Buda’s curvy hills are rich with secret labyrinths, hidden bunkers and caving adventures.

There are up to 200 caves in total. 295 more words

Inner Earth

Sonora Caverns, TX


Exhausted after all the hiking, we drove a while and stopped at the Days Inn off HWY 10 in Sonora, TX. From the parking space outside of our hotel room I could see a billboard for the Sonora Caverns. 294 more words


“We’re collectables,” the Captain says.”

“Aren’t we on a mission?” Labaguette asks.

At that moment, a flag and three eggs appear on the ship’s deck and the resounding echo of laughter penetrates their brains from all directions.  213 more words


Gateway to the Valley of Revelations

The drenkind come from a small mountain valley known to those who have visited it or the few sages that know of them as “the Valley of Revelations” Within this secret mountain valley they once maintained their farms and a community of tens of thousands. 256 more words


Bear Creek Mountain

This winter has been a hard one on me.  I was sick for almost all of January.  I made jokes at work about the plaque because people were dropping like flies in the office and warehouse.   296 more words