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Cave Legends #5 - A Cave of Many Tales: Indian Echo Caverns in Hummelstown, Pennsylvania.

Indian Echo Caverns is a cave system that has had many names throughout the years. Though no one knows what the Susquehannock tribe called the cave, we do know that the cave has been referred to since as Wilson Cave, Hummelstown Cave, Stoverdale Cave, Giant’s Cave, and Indian Cave before being renamed… 1,380 more words


Day Trip Attractions of Central Pennsylvania

So many times you hear about all kinds of neat places to visit, things to see, all the while the people who live right there have never been. 843 more words

Life Thoughts

out of my comfort zone Journey

Two weeks ago, my roommate and I got a bikini wax for the first time. Was I nervous? Just look back in time at my sweaty pits, that should give you the answer. 469 more words

[Friday Map] Still Grotto

Today’s map was inspired by this out-of-copyright piece from “Autour de la Méditerranée … Illustrations par A. Chapon, etc” published in 1892.

From the picture I imagined a pirate boat heading into the grotto in order to unload secret treasure, a prisoner, or perhaps to pick something up. 395 more words


Duck Magic: New Fiction by Frank Ard

Bull Bison Skull courtesy Bryant Olsen

Duck Magic

“This is the way Mom went. I know it,” Davy says.

You and Davy stand at the trailhead where sunlight shines through curling pecan leaves, splashing autumn colors on the tall grass.   5,683 more words


[Tuesday Map] The Redoubt

I drew this weird little cave/dungeon for a friend. I think the best comment on it during production is that it looks like entrails splattered on the ground, ready to be read by some crazy old coot. 174 more words


Cave of Mysteries

Currently our states and nation are facing the debate of Free-Range Parenting versus Helicopter Parenting. They are two opposite, extreme styles of parenting that cause friendships to ends, neighborhood feuds to begin and parent on parent discrimination and judgements to occur. 593 more words