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Gordon Ramsay harvests thousands of dollars worth of caviar [video]

#GordonRamsay harvests thousands of dollars worth of caviar. This fish has thousands of dollars of #caviar inside of it. If you’re a caviar fan, prepare to #drool! 6 more words


Caviar for beginners - how to serve and eat caviar.

Last week we celebrated our 8-year wedding anniversary and as Paul is almost impossible to buy gifts for, I decided I’d put together a celebratory anniversary lunch. 713 more words


Rejection from Sundance (and special bonus rejection!)

When I got rejected from the Sundance Play Development Lab, they sent me two emails. The first was a general rejection and the second quoted the name of my play. 299 more words


Dian Fossey

An observation her publisher tried to suppress  : After several extremely humid days forgoing food and water Dian has excitedly reported sighting a small group of rather sophisticated mountain gorillas consuming caviar and using table napkins The publisher strongly doubts that gorillas were partaking caviar They couldn’t possibly afford it


First impressions -Lacura Face Care Hyaluronic Activator 

Skin care brand Lacura from Aldi seems to be goin from strength to strength. Gaining a solid fan base, Lacura offers the ingredients and technology used in much higher end products, but at a fraction of the price. 252 more words


Skin food blanc pearl caviar serum

I was given 6 of these when I bought my nail polish remover and black sugar scrub. As I have only used one….you can probably tell I am not happy enough to use the rest. 160 more words

Think This Caviar Smells Fishy? Wait Until You See the Price!

Beluga caviar is considered by many to be the finest caviar available. Consisting of the eggs of the beluga sturgeon, found primarily in the Caspian Sea, it is a prized commodity. 133 more words