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Jean Georges

Overall taste: 7/10 | 2016 | 1 Central Park West, New York, NY 10023

Jean Georges is a 3-michelin starred restaurant in New York as well as the most disappointing restaurant we’ve been to. 377 more words


Creamy Mushroom Pasta with Caviar

Caviar, fish egg/roe is known to be one of the most expensive ingredients in the world. Don’t feel intimidated just because of the addition of caviar into this dish, we don’t need the expensive version, you can even use the flying fish/salmon roe like those used in sushi. 301 more words


Easter Eggs: 5 Recipes for Holiday Meals

Forget those chocolate eggs! These are Easter eggs for grown ups. Tiny quail eggs, bacon and eggs, salads topped with eggs, and eggs on eggs – there’s something here for everyone. 267 more words

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Scott Sedita & The Wicked Witch's Email

This episode is dedicated to my Tap Teacher, Susie Ewing, an Original Dean Martin Golddigger, who gives me things to do with my feet, so I don’t go around kicking people.  2,393 more words


Crocs & Caviar

Crocs, a word only whispered in the homes of middle class America. Since the get-go crocs have been taboo, except within the community of gardening senior citizens, nurses, and the occasional token white boi at a party (if you do not know the difference between a boy and a boi you are seriously… 256 more words

Unboxing: LookFantastic Beauty Box April 2017

I just did a quick check and realised that I’ve been counting wrongly and this would actually be my 2nd to last box from LookFantastic. I’m actually quite relieved because it’s finally coming to an end – I am rather tired of this subscription, not just because I harbour angry thoughts and feelings towards the LookFantastic company, but also because their boxes haven’t wow-ed me for a long time and I am also getting a “subscription box fatigue”. 712 more words


Salmon caviar

Caviar is expensive and also is an acquired taste. Quality caviar is hard to find but it takes heavenly. If you like it, of course. If not, start trying it, anytime you have an occasion. 130 more words