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Going to the Dentist with Anxiety

I have been experiencing pain in my mouth for the last couple of days and it just wouldn’t go away. I did some research and was not finding any answers. 320 more words

Stupid, stupid dentist

As far as the list of “things I’m scared of” goes, going to the dentist probably falls into the top 3. I mean, no one likes the dentist, but I dread it with the kind of instensisty that lead me to  170 more words

Tamera Russell - Cavity

If there’s one thing that Toronto produces well, musically, it’s definitely the R&B because the music IQ of so many people just stretches far and beyond. 147 more words


Dental Care Tips for a Happy Smile

A healthy smile is always important than a perfect smile

Smile!! Smile is a natural healthy and wealthy gift of a human, try to smile even at your frustration..

394 more words
Dental Treatments

More Chocolate, No Cavities: How Diet Can Keep Your Kid Cavity-Free - Book Summary

Parents and dentists are often baffled when children in their care, who brush often, have enough fluoride, and don’t eat sugary treats, get cavities. Dr. Roger W. 209 more words


Do Baby Teeth Need Fillings?

It’s “just” baby teeth. Let the child lose them; they’re there to fall out eventually anyway. Baby teeth are not important… or are they?

When people encounter problems with their permanent teeth, the natural course of action is to try all sorts of solutions as recommended by their dentist to save the tooth – tooth extraction is always the last resort. 545 more words

Kids’ Dental Care

New Natural Remedy (Fluoride-Free) for Decay

Just kidding. Just wanted to have your attention.

Today I am going to write about fluoride. And the reason for doing this is that I keep on running into articles and websites promoting fluoride-free toothpastes (and water). 1,348 more words