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It Takes Faith

The weight is up a bit today, because I could eat like a normal person all weekend.

Today’s weight: 213.6

In about an hour I’m going to head out to the dentist for the next round of miserable treatment. 384 more words

Daily Recap

A Tooth Patch to End Decay!!

-Dr Rainy Surana

Scientists in Japan are creating an all- apatite, flexible sheet that can be used to prevent tooth decay. This microscopically thin film made of hydroxyapatite can be used to coat individual teeth and serve like ‘artificial enamel’. 188 more words


Rebekah: I'm Hoping The Dentist Gives Me the Gas!

My dreaded dentist appointment is today! I say dreaded only because I have a cavity! I say A cavity, because my second dental opinion revealed I only had one instead of six! 124 more words


Taking Your Children to a Pediatric Dentist

When your little one’s first tooth erupts it is a great milestone. Parents begin to imagine toothy (and toothless) smiles, visits from the tooth fairy and even braces. 325 more words


More Than a Quarter of American Adults Have Untreated Tooth Decay

New data on tooth decay and cavities among American adults reveal the sad state of our pearly whites. More than 25% of American adults ages 20 to 64 have untreated tooth decay, and 91% have one tooth — or more — that has been treated for tooth decay or needs to be. 166 more words

What Is the Best Way to Treat a Cavity?

Most people are aware that a cavity is a hole in the tooth. These holes do not form overnight, but rather, they take months to form. 408 more words


Perfect Smile

Well, everyone in this world wants their looks & smile to be the most beautiful & glamorous! But behind this smiling face, it is the glittering teeth that actually sparkle up your face.   554 more words

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