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How deep do your roots go?

Famed mystery novelist Agatha Christie wrote that there was only one man in the world her fictional detective Hercule Poirot feared, his dentist. Sure enough, in her novel, the dentist was murdered off. 521 more words

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How To Brush Your Teeth

I went for a dental check up today. It is the first in 18 months. Yes, yes, it is long overdue. As a bit of context, I always go for my dental check up when I go visit my family in Asia so today is the first time I actually went to see a dentist in Australia. 242 more words


The Other Issues

Random thought of the day; I strongly believe that toothaches could legitimately be used as a weapon at some point in the distant future. I’m having a toothache as I type this, even though I’ve tried my best to go to the dentist and actually tried fixing the damn tooth! 378 more words


Dentist Distaste

My eyes narrow against the glare of a bright white light, the scent of clove oil and anesthetic hangs in the air, an annoying numbness in my teeth causes an intense headache, more painful than the one I had thanks to my tooth ache. 94 more words


On Cavities and Puppies

Today my mouth was tainted with the cruel sting of artificial sealant. The dentist filled two cavities—my first two cavities—ever.

noun: cavity; plural noun: …

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The real pain is inside

I will lay here in pain, crying from a tooth abscess that has spread to the jaw bone and soft tissue, rather than make the call and go to the dentist….

Fuck this life…