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Stew, "Guest Host"

(My 100 favorite albums in chronological order: #65 – released September 12, 2000)

Track listing: Cavity / She’s Really Daddy Feelgood / Essence / Re-Hab / Into Me / Ordinary Love / Man In a Dress / The Stepford Lives / Bijou / Sister/Mother / C’mon Everybody… 1,464 more words

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The Effects of e-Cigarettes on an Oral Cavity

With the recent upsurge of e-cigarettes as an alternative to normal cigarettes, people are using them a whole lot more. However, there is recent evidence that shows that it does a lot more harm to your oral cavity than you first thought. 960 more words


Lifehack #3 Naturally Whiten your Teeth

The first thing people ask me when they hear that I am a dental hygienist is, “How can I whiten my teeth?”  It’s actually one of the main reasons I see new patients who haven’t been to the dentist in years come in, unless they are having a toothache. 289 more words

My Little Chickadee

On March 29th, I finally got around to putting up the chickadee nest box I bought last year. Like with my flicker box, I targeted the Black-capped Chickadee as a potential yard tenant based on the fact I had a handful of them already hanging around and eating from my bird feeder. 364 more words


Let There Be Light!

Preferably, an LED curing light…

Though it’s tough to take in your surroundings when your dentist is working away in your mouth, you might have noticed a blue light during some stage of your dental care, particularly if you’ve ever needed to have a cavity filled. 389 more words

Reason for My Absence

I know I haven’t posted here in a long time, minus the random I Am Not Ashamed review. Had a friend message me on Facebook if I was done with Fig Tree because she loves reading my posts. 724 more words


Home Treatments To Treatment Teeth Decay And Cavities

Cavities are the result of a deficiency of numerous vitamins inside the body. if your weight-reduction plan lacks in nutrients, calcium, and magnesium then this deficiency bring about decay of teeth and cavities. 304 more words

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