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Do I have a cavity?

Summer is in full swing and I have officially been working at the Cedar Rapids Smile Center for over a year now! The past year flew by and I have enjoyed treating each of my patients and getting to know them. 232 more words

Cedar Rapids Smile Center

Filling Teeth

I’ve never been afraid of the dentist.

The other day I had a routine check-up, and the hygienist discovered, from fancy dental technology and x-rays, that I have a nice little cavity somewhere on the left side of my head within the little bones I use to break down my food into sizable chunks for my stomach. 255 more words

Things From Inside My Head

Elaa Oral Care

Everyone’s oral care and health is different, but daily care is essential. I’m always bettering my oral health with high quality and chemical free products, which is why I’ve posted and shared several different products thus far. 527 more words


Good morning, Bad Afternoon

I had so much fun this morning. We went round a really close family friends house and they had their two grandchildren who were two and four, so I spent the next two hours playing knock Thomas the tank engine over with a monster truck whilst having a two year old jump on my stomach. 299 more words

5 tips to prevent dental decay

  1. Brush and floss your teeth twice a day. In health, the old adage that ‘prevention is always better than cure’ is definitely correct.
  2. Using toothpaste recommended by the dental boards containing fluoride to help strengthen the enamel.
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Brushing Techniques


– Dr. Rainy Surana

Holistic dentistry is an unconventional, alternative form of dentistry which focuses not only on the tooth but also on the wellness of the patient in mind, body and spirit. 466 more words