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Caye Caulker - Life in Paradise - Belize

So we got up this Wednesday morning at 6 am, to catch the only, apparently 1st class bus, to Belize city. As we arrived at the bus station, we were told that bus would not stop in Belize City, but only at a near by city on its way to Tikal, as it was only us two going to the city. 492 more words


DO: 'Hol Chan Snorkel' with Raggamuffin Tours, Belize

TOUR: Hol Chan Snorkel
OPERATOR: Raggamuffin Tours
DURATION: 1 day (10:30am start, 4:30-5pm finish)
DESTINATIONS: Hol Chan Marine Reserve
COST: $70USD per person; $60USD for children under 11… 490 more words

Central America

Too wet to Snorkel?

Hands up, who would like to see pictures of Manatees, Dolphins, Stingrays and Turtles? Yay me too, but as I didn’t have an underwater camera I didn’t think anyone would believe about our up close snorkeling adventure with a huge Manatee in the open water. 739 more words


Did we find our dreamy island life?

‘Welcome to Paradise’ a tall Rastafarian calls out to us as he cycles by one handed while holding a bottle of Belikin beer, ‘take it easy man’ and he gives us a big toothy grin from under his deadlocks. 741 more words


After landing at the Belize City airport, and coaching myself through my first realization of, “you are now alone in third world countries for 3 weeks. 1,266 more words

World Adventures

Caye Caulker and on!

Observing the colourful seafront cabins in various lights I’ve noticed that brightly-painted things can look cheerful, welcoming, even beautiful in the sun, but become tawdry, almost ugly, when shadow falls. 865 more words


Hol Chan Marine Park, Belize

I nearly didn’t take this trip, because of the motley pattern of second degree burns on my back which another day’s snorkelling would do nothing but exacerbate (and the pain was already vicious – it was difficult to put clothes on, and worse to feel the sun on my skin through my tshirt). 1,189 more words