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Trending - Anything But Cash

We don’t pay with cash nearly as often anymore. Money and debt guru Gail Vaz-Oxlade joined me to discuss the implications:

Cbc Radio

Alternative Economies - A Must to Listen to Understand the Money System

A podcast from the CBC show Ideas

Dear Readers, and sometimes listeners.

I have come across this wonderful show on CBC Radio, to which I am a devout listener (that is where I hear much of the thoughts that provoke me to write the thoughts that these shows conjure up in my mind. 171 more words

1% / 99%

Life and Death and Measurement Error

Recently CBC Radio’s The Current broadcast a program on the debate over the treatment of premature babies. In it, the story of Dominica, who was born at 22 weeks and 6 days, is used to explore the wider considerations of how to treat babies born that early. 321 more words

Measurement And Analytics

Trending - Insurance company trust

Insurance companies want to reward you for good behaviour… if you’re willing to give them more personal information from your daily life. Norma Nielson weighs in on whether we should worry about our privacy:

Cbc Radio

VIDEO: Drew Hayden Taylor, "The Relationship in 3 Minutes"

Here is a link to the video that Sophie was going to show in her presentation: Drew Hayden Taylor’s “The Relationship in 3 Minutes.” It’s about the history of the relationship between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people in Canada from contact to current day. 19 more words