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Lets Re-Label The CBC To LGBQT Radio

Have you listened to the CBC lately? Have you noticed how¬†the CBC has taken on the responsibility to be Canada’s single most promoter and educator for the LGBQT community? 341 more words

Trending - OCD jokes

It’s not funny to laugh about mental illness. So why do we think it’s okay to laugh about OCD?

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The Irrelevant Show | Boyfriend with Benefits

Not like this is based on any truth or anything…

Click HERE to listen to this sketch I wrote for The Irrelevant Show on CBC Radio.

CBC Radio

The Irrelevant Show | Male Birth Control

It’s a slow burn…wait for it!

Click HERE to give this sketch I wrote for The Irrelevant Show on CBC Radio a listen! Or if you’d like to hear more from The Irrelevant Show, click on THIS!

CBC Radio

Trending - birthday party crowdfunding

These charitable requests from parents don’t come with a tax receipt. Here’s the latest on crowdfunding a birthday party for your kid:

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Trending - vaccine tension

A measles outbreak is testing friendships when there’s a difference of opinion on vaccinating children. Here’s some advice:

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