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It is interesting how a piece of music can recreate vivid memories.  This morning I was listening to CBC radio.  They were playing a Mozart violin concerto  and I slipped a couple of decades back into the past.  304 more words

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LifeLabs now allows you to access your test results online. But after the Ashley Madison hack, should we be concerned? Laura Tribe weighs in:

Cbc Radio

Trending - Retro video games

Pac-Man and Super Mario Bros. are making a comeback… and making many people a lot of money. Kirby Yablonski discusses:

Cbc Radio

The Irrelevant Show |Dog Store

It’s the only dog store without a punny name!

Click HERE to listen to this sketch on CBC Radio’s The Irrelevant Show

CBC Radio

Trending - S.T.E.M. toys

Women are grossly underrepresented in the sciences. Will some new toys for young girls help? Dr. Imogen Coe weighs in:

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