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Memo to the CBC: Journalism prompts no closer look at anything. If it did, it would be questioning the very propaganda it is now so gleefully pushing.

CBC has a very deceptive piece here about BuzzFeed UK’s yarns about the fate of dead Russians in the UK. It is worth tearing apart not just because journalists are arrogant sots, but because the piece tries to spin a narrative that doesn’t align with reality. 1,882 more words

Alleged Journalism

Daniel Garber talks with Daniel Zuckerbrot about The Science of Magic


Hi, this is Daniel Garber at the Movies for culturalmining.com and CIUT 89.5 FM.


The word conjures up visions of magic wands and abracadabra, Harry Houdini and Harry Potter, legerdemain and prestidigitation. 129 more words


Approaching the off-season + TV Spot (CBC)

Over the last stretch of games, I started thinking more about how the Oilers could potentially take a more conservative approach in the off-season.

This was largely due to the fact that I don’t have a lot of confidence in the management teams ability to pull off a successful trade. 1,369 more words

Edmonton Oilers



Old-timers will remember when we might find bugs or worms or spoilage in our macaroni or oatmeal or flour if it was in the pantry very long. 415 more words

.....that's a pretty big 'payoff'

Only the Ceeb could, with a straight face, claim that $6400 in two weeks is a big payoff.   Or maybe it was the five nominations to an awards ceremony no one has heard of or cares about.



An interview with Ontario’s Progressive Conservative party leader Doug Ford has been lighting up social this week, as ‘Ford Nation’ made its stop on CBC Radio One Ottawa’s morning show. 577 more words

Media Relations

Where is Canada’s multicultural television space?

Interesting commentary on television programming diversity:

Russell Peters’s much awaited return to television was finally satiated with the CTV show The Indian Detective, which aired last December.

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