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CBC Nova Scotia job cuts mean less journalism, less accountability, less truth

Do you know how many of the donations to winning candidates in the 2012 Halifax municipal election came from companies “involved in development?”

Do you know how much money your district councillor received from this dog’s breakfast of “involved” developers, construction companies and real estate firms, each with self-interest in sundry proposals, projects and permits that may affect your neighbourhood and your city, which will ultimately be voted on by the people you elect — and they pay for? 294 more words

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The Pistolwhips making their way to Hamilton

Getting to be an nationally-known band takes a lot of work, especially for indie artists. Contests like CBC’s Searchlight competition brings local bands a nationwide audience and an opportunity to make their musical dreams come true. 169 more words


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Sabtu, 7 Maret 2015

Sabtu itu merupakan hari pertama ane menghadiri diklat CBC. Apa sih CBC itu?? Oke deh, biar ga bingung, ane jelasin sedikit tentang CBC. 595 more words


Letter: Conservatives are unwavering on CBC stance

Artists of all sorts are subsidized by government, even Harper’s, but does it not give pause to query as to why this government is so intransigent in its budgetary treatment of the CBC?  90 more words

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Earthquakes rattle West Coast and B.C. Interior

This is a reminder that we all need to be prepared for large earthquakes in British Columbia.  Do you have an earthquake emergency kit and is it up to date? 230 more words

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A Man's Face

The Canadian sex scandal that broke in the Fall of 2014 sent some dry heave ripples though the image of celebrity radio host Jian Ghomeshi. The publicity shot of the star posed against the bordello red of the CBC “Q” soundstage started to move for me, as though animated by a horror flick’s lazily turning wind machine, threatening to lift the image-turned-curtain and reveal …  A sad sack teddy slumped on an empty stage.  438 more words