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C&Cs, Identity through religious dress: being detached from fashion

The critical concept of my essay is to consider the notion of identity from two contrasting perspectives: of fashion and religion. In Colin Campbell’s opus on fashion and identity, the latter is interpreted not from a universal perspective as if our identity is shaped by clothing we choose or that our clothing preferences show off our individuality. 357 more words


C&Cs, ISKCON research

The area I’ve decided to focus is the distinction between Hindus and representatives of ISCKON in their outer appearance.  Since it is not the central part of my critical essay, It would be presented there as an argument instead of the actual object of discussion. 197 more words


C&Cs, Tutorial with fashion promotion lecturer

I haven’t progressed much further since the start of Easter holidays, mainly thanks to lack of clarity on the content of my essay: I also started panicking about the word count required since definitely felt the research part I’ve carried so far was by far not sufficient. 282 more words


C&Cs research and the outline

Essay/paragraphs plan (it’s rough and I might change some of the parts).


-Identity in religious dressing. Idea flows toward cults — religious branches and their ideology, and how it’s transmitted via clothing to the masses. 211 more words


C&Cs, It took me too long to define a topic

 A list of alterations my essay has gone through is extensive; I need to remind the initial title was ‘How does fashion styling play a part of Self-expression and interpretation od identification?’. 341 more words


Word?!?! Oblivion Song

Oblivion Song is a new on-going series written by Robert Kirkman and published by Skybound Comics. Any time Robert Kirkman has a new series out there is usually a lot of hype behind it, the last time Kirkman released a new on-going series, Thief of Thieves, first prints sold out at the distributor level and the book was quickly “optioned” by AMC studios.  290 more words


Week in Review: January 16

Here are a few books worth mentioning this week,

This week one book that has a few sales above $10 is the Call of the Suicide Forest #1… 230 more words