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Week In Review February 3 2016

A Big winner from last week was Faith #1‘s CGC variant cover. Faith #1 first print sold out and upon release Valiant sent out both first and second printings to retailers. 312 more words

WORD?! Batman / Superman News ? -Part 2

Spoilers Ahead. As discussed in my previous post, a reddit user claims to have seen the new Batman / Superman Film and is giving away spoilers. 126 more words

Word?! 451 Media - Book to watch for this week Self Storage #1

This was first talked about Investcomics.com – like last week’s out of nowhere Sunflower #1, 451 Media is dropping a new series, Self Storage #1… 131 more words

Recent Snags #4: Modest PGX Haul

I’m going to take a quick break from discussing graded comics (CGC vs CBCS vs PGX) to take a moment to talk about…graded comics.

Compared to some, my book collection might be considered modest (around 5k+ books or so, last I bothered to keep track). 3,451 more words


We Likes the Comics, We likes the Grading

There are two “camps” of comic book collecting:  those who slab and those who don’t. I readily admit, I am in the first group and I’m perfectly happy to stay put. 883 more words


WEEK IN REVIEW July 30 / Post 300

This is my 300th post. Yay! I’ve been lacking in the posts recently but I’m still doing at least one post a week!

Not a whole lot has been happening in the last few weeks comic speculation wise, however, in the last few days some really good news came out about Paul Pope’s creator owned series Battling Boy. 331 more words

Choice Based Credit System

What is “Choice Based Credit System” ???

This is a budding question in the minds of every student seeking admission in university of delhi.Recently,’University Grants Commision’ (UGC)came up with a program called Choice Based Credit System. 448 more words