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Okay hold up. If you’re working in the Tanjong Pagar/ Raffles area and thinking of a place for lunch, you NEED to check out May May on Tras Street. 258 more words

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1 Driver Ln Melbourne, VIC 3000

After several weeks of drooling over the quirky soft serves from Milkcow up on social media, K and I finally made the trip to their newly opened pop-up in the city. 299 more words

Studies Reveal #CBD Topicals Beneficial in Treatment of #MultipleSclerosishttps://t.co/BcLFAKsSqC pic.twitter.com/uiaJVdTvUT

— Marijuana News (@WeedFeed) April 28, 2016


She just smiled

Ringera had just fixed me up. My pocket was now sweltering. Several Kenyattas kissing my small arse. This time, Helb chaps decided to surprise us. They disbursed the whole academic year’s amount. 920 more words

Can Cannabis E-Liquid Get You High Legally?

I decided to write this Miracle Smoke CBD E-Liquid Review because a lot of people were asking if Cannabis E-Liquid gets you high. Although electronic cigarettes or e-cigs have been very popular for years, only recently have there been some new innovations such as Miracle Smoke CBD E-Liquid. In

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Miracle Smoke CBD E-Liquid

Welcome to {Melbourne}

12:45 AM on Monday morning we took off for Melbourne. 12:45 AM… That was quite the mistake. Being college kids, and not currently having an income because we’re abroad, we like to cut costs as much as possible. 255 more words

CBD's Place in History

Humanity has been using hemp oil to cure our varied ailments for thousands of years. While the subject is up for debate, the hemp plant itself is believed to have originated in the Himalayas. 247 more words