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Incompetence, Irresponsibility and Irrationality - the hidden elements of CBeebies

I had been meaning to write about the world of CBeebies and children’s television for some time and the @thehorwells inspired me to get on and write after I had seen their thoughts and musings while watching everyone’s favourite children’s programming (you can read their view here: https://thehorwells.wordpress.com/) 1,345 more words

Cbeebies Dark Thoughts

cbeebies: Purim

last thursday morning (1st march), 11.01-11.08am, and 5.13-5.20pm, on bbc cbeebies radio (repeated from 11th march 2017 and 23rd march 2016)
purim (in the my cbeebies special day series) 62 more words

Top Five TV picks for purposeful screen time

We don’t really do screen time. Up until Joseph was over one he didn’t watch any television and then it was only tiny chunks of a tractor DVD. 803 more words

Dear Emily (13 months)

This month we had the dreaded 1 year injections!!! All the injections before have been fine, but these ones were something else. The first few days after were fine but then you got a high temperature and got sent home from nursery. 400 more words

Baby Developments


So possibly the greatest thing i have ever partaken in on Twitter occurred this week.

The C Beebies World Cup. (the creators blog can be found… 164 more words

Time Travel

Am I the only person who thinks Bing bunny needs to chill out?

I genuinely believe in the importance of Emotional Intelligence (EI). Encouraging children to understand their emotions, talk about them and work with them should be encouraged – something we always strive for with our sons. 933 more words

General Shizzle

Is it okay to fancy Mr Bloom?

There are several things that make watching toddler TV bearable.

  1. Hey Duggee
  2. That Justin isn’t in EVERY programme
  3. Imagining that Topsy & Tim are a real family (I totally refuse to believe that they’re not)
  4. 499 more words