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Contenido televisivo con valor.

El contenido televisivo al que tengan acceso nuestros hijos es nuestra responsabilidad al 100% en sus primeros años, y éstos serán clave para fomentar en ellos un gusto o al menos intentar moldear sus tópicos a la hora de la elección de sus preferencias televisivas. 303 more words

Six Signs You're a Subconscious Parent

There’s an old adage that anyone can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a dad. In fact, you probably saw it pop up in your Facebook timeline about 300 times on Father’s Day. 277 more words

Dad Stuff


Talia has ventured into the realm of TV. I swore I would never put her in front of the television so young, but she loves it. 92 more words

First Time Mum

#CrazyStupidTV: 'The Clangers' (CBeebies)

There’ll be two camps reading the title of this post, both of whom will think I’ve taken complete leave of my senses. The first camp will be thinking why a 25 – nearly 26 – year-old man is watching a show on CBeebies. 918 more words


The Clanger Revival

Our little whistling pink aliens make a marvellous comeback.

Unsure of what a Clanger is? There’s a possibility that this is the case, the last episode of the… 698 more words


To CBeebie or not to CBeebie? That is the question.

Dear Reader, there comes a time in every woman’s life when she has to start asking herself the big questions. Questions like how many CBeebies related lists can I really put on my blog before it gets ridiculous? 136 more words