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A Silver Lining

All I wanted was an hour or so to myself to run into town. With packed in bank holiday weekend plans, followed by work and school half term if I didn’t get things sorted today then it wasn’t going to happen until June. 338 more words

Family Life

Introducing the new 'Swashbuckle magazine'

Munchkin loves Swashbuckle – and who wouldn’t?! A game show for children that has everything little people could want: baddies, slapstick comedy and pirates. So when we were offered the chance to review the new Swashbuckle magazine, I knew that Munchkin would be thrilled. 177 more words

How much tv is too much tv?

So this week has been miserable. We have all had rubbish sleep, Woody being the main cause…His dad is back in work so he has been waking up screaming for him, and as a result waking Sonny up, who then decides he wants a bottle, who Woody sees and wants one himself, and before I know it we are all cuddled up having bottles of milk at 4am…. 622 more words



Join Cbeebies star Tree Fu Tom, as he takes to the stage in his first nationwide ‘live’ tour.

Follow Tom, Twigs, Ariela and friends on an action packed adventure through the magical world of Treetopolis! 84 more words

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Live blog: Watching an episode of Charlie & Lola

We’ve all been there: roped into watching an episode with our daughter/ son / nephew and being forced into watching their fave Cbeebies fix. (You dads will feel my pain!)  84 more words


Contains Adult Themes

The one phrase you are guaranteed to hear over and over again when you have young children is “ooh, they grow up so fast” and, although in some ways I get that, it’s not entirely accurate. 934 more words


The Five Stages of Toddler Discipline!

You’ve probably heard of  the ‘five stages of grief’. It is an actual really useful and sensitive theory coined by Elisabeth Kübler-Ross. But for me they were made immortal by the inimitable Homer Simpson.* 1,350 more words