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I’m going to let you in on a little secret…morning aren’t my speciality. Once I’m up, the coffee is on I am slightly better but it’s taken a few months to stop being the angry morning mamma I had slowly become. 585 more words


Babysitting & CBeebies

 A day of babysitting and CBeebies. Should be nuff said tbh.

Although I feel like my brain is rotting from the inside out I definitely see the benefits of hours of Mr Tumble, Justin House to name a few of the bairns favourite programmes. 162 more words


Prince William

So today, I witnessed the funniest thing I’ve seen on cbeebies.

If you’re familiar with the channel, or remember the days when Toby Anstis used to hold a home made card of William’s wish wellingtons, they have a birthday cards section. 104 more words

Fig.3. Shirts ironed weekly

Two weeks of paternity leave down.

So how did we get here?

Well, I’d say it started on a rainy Sunday afternoon whilst on honeymoon in  464 more words


'A Sticky situation' over on CBeebies...

Over on CBeebies this evening…
Abney and Teal get in a ‘sticky situation’.
Abney is covered in white sticky stuff, as is Teal. They’re in a right mess. 26 more words

Adult Humour

Uptown Funk: The CBeebies Edition

Do. Do-DO-Do, Do-DO-Do, Do-Do. You’re humming it now, aren’t you? Oh, it’s catchy. It’s one of the most cynically manipulative records since ‘The Living Years’, a cocktail of old sounds under a modern groove, several records ripped off (amateurs borrow, experts steal) in order to make a song that teenagers play loudly through their phones in those evening alcopop sessions in the park, even as their parents dance badly to it at the office disco. 777 more words