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Perfect Role for Simon

Well done to Simon, who was given the perfect role recently, for a Cbeebies Programme recently. Simon spent most of the day in full suit of armour but thoroughly enjoyed the day. 10 more words

Lemon News

Have I got Whos for you

By the time you read this I will be on my way to Pembrokeshire. This post, therefore, takes the form of one of those final “We leave you with news…” segments on… 68 more words

Doctor Who

CBeebies Birthday Celebrations

We celebrated CBeebies‘ birthday at Art Boot Camp on 11 July and the kids spent an hour sketching and colouring their favourite CBeebies characters and also decorated a giant birthday card for CBeebies. 147 more words

CBeebies Can Fuck Right Off.

I’ve been dangerously close to smashing up the telly on several occasions thanks to CBeebies. It isn’t bad, but when it’s the only channel on in your house for the majority of the day, it gets tedious and the only thing that breaks the tedium for me at the moment is that fact that Mr Bloom is a big ride 😍 241 more words


The Day I Realised My Mum Was Makka Pakka...

Today has been a lovely day.

It started well: I woke naturally at 6:50am and even though it was my hubby’s turn to get up with the boy (Saturdays are my “lie in” day) I decided that I would be a nice wife and leave him in bed while I went downstairs with the small one when he promptly woke at 7:15am (a lie in for him too). 463 more words


Mike the f*%@ing Knight

Mike the Knight, he’s a brave young hero. Er… I’ll stop you there.

No he’s not. 251 more words


Basil...get in my mouth!!

Where the hell has this healthy little number been hiding from me all my life?!

Day 2 of Riley’s gluten, dairy and sugar free diet. 677 more words