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A musical parody for the CBeebies generation

With the possible exception of Go Jetters, it appears our children have finally graduated from CBeebies to older channels such as CBBC.

To mark the end of a televisual era in our household, I thought it would be fitting to pay tribute to that dearest of friends and babysitters, which for 13 hours a day for the best part of ten years has seen us through many a too-early morning or allowed us to get dinner on. 669 more words


Bedtime Bing and Owly ♡

The agonising 4am feed, with a 12 month old it is the battle of sleeping with boob or sleeping without it. Mum doesn’t mind nursing at this time as he does get the best nutrients but I can’t be a constant pacifier. 362 more words

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Day Tripping || 'Oh Mr Tumble'

It was 2016 and Sebastian was flat out napping in my arms. Unable to reach the remote, I found myself watching CBeebies (we’ve ALL been there) 239 more words


Technology 1:1

A year ago Vesper got her own tablet filled with educational games.

She was also allowed to play certain apps on our phones. We encouraged her using the tablet if she was getting bored with non-screen  activities and wanted to watch the TV. 598 more words

The Mine song - Doctor Who edition

Bump. Bump. Bump. Can you hear that? That is the sound of the bandwagon, travelling along the rickety road. I was going to say it takes its time, but actually I’d be wrong. 935 more words

Doctor Who

Emily is obsessed with Hey Duggee 

If your child hasn’t seen Hey Duggee, you really are missing out. The CBeebies TV show is based around The Squirrel Club, similar to an after-school club for pre-schoolers. 427 more words

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It's a Bing thing...

I would image there are a lot of tired mums and dads of hyperactive toddlers out there who can relate to this