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Join Cbeebies star Tree Fu Tom, as he takes to the stage in his first nationwide ‘live’ tour.

Follow Tom, Twigs, Ariela and friends on an action packed adventure through the magical world of Treetopolis! 84 more words

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Contains Adult Themes

The one phrase you are guaranteed to hear over and over again when you have young children is “ooh, they grow up so fast” and, although in some ways I get that, it’s not entirely accurate. 934 more words


The Five Stages of Toddler Discipline!

You’ve probably heard of  the ‘five stages of grief’. It is an actual really useful and sensitive theory coined by Elisabeth Kübler-Ross. But for me they were made immortal by the inimitable Homer Simpson.* 1,350 more words


Parental confessions that few will admit to....

I pretend to be asleep so that my partner has to deal with the baby.

If I just close my eyes and slow down my breathing then maybe he’ll do his get up. 416 more words


"And when I turned round..."

Today’s Katie Hopkins wish fulfillment meme.

(The Cyberman, in case you were wondering, is from ‘The Wheel in Space’, and yes, I think that is… 430 more words

How to make a Twirlywoo Soft Toy

I don’t know if you watch cbeebies. I mean… If you have a 2 year old, like me, you may feel like Mr Tumble is an old family friend and have a very slight crush on Mr Bloom (what!). 452 more words


Bing DVD review: this bunny will last beyond Easter

We’ve decamped to Dorset and the New Forest to grace the grannies with our presence over Easter. This year we’ve got an extra string to our bow in the activities stakes: a lovely shiny copy of the new… 173 more words

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