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It's a Bing thing...

I would image there are a lot of tired mums and dads of hyperactive toddlers out there who can relate to this


Heads Up: New Show on Cbeebies

Representation is important. This is something that’s easy to forget if you’re used to seeing yourself on TV, or in books, or emblazoned across billboards, but not everyone gets to see heroes or icons who look like them. 409 more words


Kids Tv is driving me mad!

The random thoughts I have had during kids tv:

  • I think I fancy Mr Bloom. Actually I know I do. Especially with the hairstyle in the Cbeebies Peter Pan Christmas Panto.
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Postman Pat: A Logistical Farce

Long gone are the days where Postman Pat used to deliver mail like a bog standard postman. Welcome to the new era of Postman Pat, where by he has to impress with all kinds of new equipment. 348 more words


The boy is sixteen months old. We’ve settled into a definite routine which revolves around my flexible work schedule, the better half’s nine-to-five one, two days at nursery plus the contribution of the parents’ who have him for one night a week. 842 more words

Born To Lose. Live To Wean

Panto team to audition young dancers

The annual auditions for the Derby LIVE Pantomime Children’s Ensemble are being held at Foot Fusion Dance Studio in the city on September 10.

The Derby LIVE and Little Wolf Entertainment panto Beauty and the Beast will be staged at Derby Arena from   December 5-31. 335 more words


Go Jetters and The Leaning Tower of Pisa.

I love creating because it’s very very fun and there are loads of models to make.That means that me and my brother can make amazing models together