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Outside Research Organizations Can’t Replace CBO’s Budget Team

The House Freedom Caucus wants to eliminate the Budget Analysis Division at the Congressional Budget Office and rely on outside research organizations, including the Urban Institute, instead. 842 more words


House GOP to Use Holman Rule to Target Staff/Funds of the Congressional Budget Office #Bonkers

Posted: 2:06 pm ET
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In early January, we blogged about the Holman Rule, which was removed from the standing rules in 1983 but reinstated by House Republicans early this year… 405 more words


CBO's 'projection' that '22 million' would 'lose health insurance' under O-care repeal is BOGUS and an excuse to do nothing

(National SentinelHealthcare reform: By now you’ve no doubt heard from all Democrats and RINOs in the Senate that it’s just not possible to vote for the latest iteration of Republican health care “reform” because the Congressional Budget Office says it will toss “22 million” Americans off of health insurance. 834 more words


The Truth Behind The CBO

Driving the 480 miles from Columbus, Ohio to Raleigh, N.C., should take you about eight hours. But what if your GPS device insisted you could make the trip in four? 122 more words

Made in America

Like the Trump administration’s previously themed weeks, “Made in America” failed to take the media by storm, concluding with the President’s Mar-a-Lago Club applying for… 985 more words

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Leaked CBO Numbers: 73% of GOP 'Coverage Losses' Caused By Individual Mandate Repeal

In the national debate over the GOP health reform proposals, one data point has stood out above all others: the estimate, from the Congressional Budget Office, that more than 20 million people would “lose” coverage as a result. 135 more words