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The Batmobile of Physics

The Big Bang Theory

903 Recap “The Bachelor Party Corrosion”

Bad news: I have yet to write the recap for episode 903. Good news: at least I know what quotes I wanted to use…? 89 more words


Limitless: Badge! Gun!

It’s not uncommon for second episodes to temper the excitement caused by their pilots that came before. It’s almost like the second song on a record, following a brilliant opening track; no matter the quality, number 2 can easily be a perceived as a bit of a letdown. 677 more words


MIT or Mythbusters

The Big Bang Theory

903 React “The Bachelor Party Corrosion”

The boys missed out on a bachelor party for Leonard, so Raj and Howard plan to kidnap Leonard for a joyride to Mexico. 482 more words


What I'm Watching Tonight: 10/5/15

The Big Bang Theory, CBS 8/7c

903 “The Bachelor Party Corrosion”

The guys surprise Leonard with a belated bachelor-party weekend in Mexico, but their plans hit a bump in the road when they get a flat tire on the way. 107 more words


Life in Pieces - Season 1 (2015) *Updated*

Dave’s 3-Word Review:
CBS’s Modern Family.

You know, in today’s day in age, even TV is getting to be predictable, rehashed, stuff – just with new faces and a slightly different concept. 598 more words


Code Black: Pilot

The medical procedural used to be quite popular, but sometimes the perfection of a specific format can be a curse in disguise. Between 2004 and 2012, there was only one doctor who mattered, and everything that has come after, just pales by comparison. 744 more words


What I'm Watching Tonight: 9/30/15

Modern Family, ABC 9/8c

702 “The Day Alex Left for College”

Alex leaves for college, but gives her parents false information about her move-in day so they can’t make a big production out of it. 57 more words