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CBS Adds Live NFL Games To Its Streaming Video Service

CBS’s All Access subscription-based streaming video service will offer live National Football League games beginning Sunday, Dec. 4, CBS said on Thursday.

The service covers all NFL games that air on CBS throughout the rest of the current season and post-season, it said in a statement. 165 more words


Here's Why AT&T's DirecTV Now Service Isn't as Good as It Could Be

As expected, AT&T launched its new streaming service, DirecTV Now, which offers a cable-style package of more than 100 channels for the low price of $35 a month. 667 more words


How AT&T Is Challenging Net Neutrality With Its New Internet TV Service

A few weeks ago, federal regulators sent AT&T a letter urging the company not to favor its upcoming Internet TV service in ways that would likely violate net neutrality rules. 835 more words


AT&T's New Internet TV Plan Has Appealing Price But Lots of Wrinkles

Remember trying to listen to digital music legally before Steve Jobs invented the iPod and iTunes store? There were digital music players and online stores to buy tracks, but there were so many incompatible devices and different rules—this song can’t be burned to a CD, that song can’t be played on your computer—that it made your head spin. 606 more words


Despite Down Ratings, NBC Scores Big on NFL Ad Rates

Even though television ratings are down this year for National Football League games, Comcast’s NBC television network still commands hefty prices from advertisers for NFL games as pro football remains among the most valuable properties on U.S. 372 more words


Shari Redstone Says She Did Not Support a Viacom/CBS Split

Shari Redstone, a controlling shareholder of Viacom and CBS, never wanted to separate the two media companies 10 years ago, she told attendees of The New York Times DealBook conference on Thursday. 296 more words


John Oliver Takes Blame for Donald Trump's Candidacy

Regardless of who wins the presidential election on Tuesday, there is likely to be a lot of analysis about who is to blame for two of the most unpopular candidates in modern history. 477 more words