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Upfront 2015: CBS Seen Closing With Lower Volume

CBS is seen closing upfront sales with lower volume, according to media buyers and other executives, who describe a marketplace in which Madison Avenue is earmarking fewer dollars for TV advertising and also placing more money against new forms of digital media. 265 more words


Conclusion to Big Brother Week 1 - Alliances Fall, Romances Rise

We are only three episodes deep into season 17 of BB and the house guests are acting like its Week 7. Considering it is only the first week, there is way too much gameplay being attempted. 450 more words


PETA Targets CBS Over Botched Assurances On 'Zoo'

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has blasted CBS’ summer series Zoo on the eve of its debut, after reading news reports in which the producers bragged about using actual wild animals whenever possible – in marked contrast to assurances PETA says CBS gave them about doing just the opposite. 675 more words


TV Review: 'Extant,' Season 2

“Extant” started with high hopes in outer space, before reentering the Earth’s atmosphere and, creatively speaking, gradually crashing and burning. Still, CBS had a sci-fi drama starring Halle Berry and a nifty Amazon deal to help defray the cost, which likely explains the second-season attempt to continue the project while undertaking a pretty dramatic makeover. 408 more words


Stephen Colbert gives us a sneak peek of 'The Late Show' with amazing take on gay marriage

Stephen Colbert doesn’t take over as host of The Late Show until September, but he’s already working on funny content for the show, and acclimating audiences to his new persona. 66 more words


TV Review: 'Zoo'

CBS’ idea of summer escapism has an interesting bent toward, as they put it in “Zoo,” a “possible extinction event.” So in the we-all-might-die spirit of “Extant” comes this rather frenetic new drama adapted from James Patterson’s thriller about animal attacks suddenly sprouting up across the globe. 390 more words


Ep. 32 "And the winner is..."


On this episode: why does Billy keep saying decorum? Why is Paul so worked up about the last episode? The guys pitch their telenovelas, give out some Boxie awards, and find out who you voted as the best host of the podcast. 12 more words

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