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Do you want to know the secret?

To learn the ability of control, one must start off slow. Baby steps, one by one, day by day, seconds into hours, on display. 279 more words

The power of CBT - Part I

So I have started CBT proper. So far, so good. In summary, here is what I have learnt after my first session.

Short-term coping strategies prevent long-term healing. 606 more words


Breaking the mold with CBT

I was not fully aware at how difficult some of my own family would make the process of forgiving them.  Lets call this person family member Z.  874 more words


Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Mindful Eating

Just recently, I discovered that my health scare last year involving blood pressure spikes and feeling like I was going to die, was not heart-related, but a series of panic attacks. 760 more words

self-soothing the senses


My new medication is making me feel all sorts of bizarre (Concerta XR 37mg) and until I get back to my doctor in a week or two, I am trying to continue (or at least be SEMI-consistent) with this self-soothing routine. 433 more words


5 by 5 rule

Sometimes when facing a problem, a technique to assess the importance of the situation with a clearer perspective is to ask yourself:

“In a scale from 0 to 10, how important will this problem be in 5 years?” 28 more words


Why austerity makes me mad: the politics of mental health.

Depression and anxiety are not the products of a distinctively bourgeois malaise. They are, however, incredibly expensive. They create new needs and push existing ones out of reach. 1,142 more words