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My Tips on Life After 36 Years

I recently read Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations and decided to write my own…

  1. You reap what you sow – if you are constantly complaining about people, treating people with contempt and being bad tempered, you will angry, unhappy and low spirited.
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And the Dark runs from the Light!

In the Dark of night, the darkness in the mind, the heart, our lives fear can be overwhelming. Fear, anxiety, worry, stress, confusion, anger, guilt, shame all make the dark of night much, much worse. 765 more words

OCD, CBT, and Poetry

The refrigerator door stood open, as Peter hesitated. He handed me the chicken, then snatched it back and put it into the refrigerator, while handing me the fish. 1,067 more words

Dealing With Challenging Behaviors

#londonstandstall and so should I...or me vs. anxiety the wash down.

NOTE: I actually wrote this on Wednesday 22nd of March 2017, in the evening after the attack at Westminster Bridge and The Parliament. 

London Olympic Park and off I went for a swim. 297 more words

Words from the Wise.....

Hey all, how are we?

I’m very conscious that I have been quite quiet recently. The main reason for this is that since I’ve been struggling with being so down I’ve not wanted to just come across as negative and moaning. 995 more words

We are what we think – A CBT approach to reducing stress. By Susie Ferguson

I’m a big fan of CBT. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy has been around in various forms since the 1950s, with Albert Ellis, Aaron Beck et al… 946 more words

Projection: What are Others Thinking about Me and Why?

Projection: When we are worried about what other people are thinking of when about us such as: “He’s fat”, “she’s ugly!”, “what a weirdo” “they don’t want me around”, “she’s a whore” “he’s not worthy”. 188 more words