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Exposing Myself - No not like that

So in accordance with my new therapist, I have to expose myself. My first, highly incorrect, thought came in a wave of confusion.

You may have just reread the title and thought there is a total lack of context to this expose comment. 637 more words

Changing thinking through play! 

Helping children change their thinking can help change their feelings and behaviors. Even very young children can understand this concept when taught through a language they understand best, play! 250 more words

My experience of being diagnosed

Being diagnosed with anxiety was good, as it made sense of my feelings. However, even though I know how horrendous it feels and really is affecting every aspect of my life, it almost feels like an excuse. 266 more words

6-Week Therapy: CBT, NHS and the in-between

It was my last appointment today. Six weeks gone, just like that.

Session one, I spent arguing about what constituted productive use of time; it was our introductory ‘quick-lets-figure-you-out’ section. 537 more words