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I am marrying an alcoholic

My fiance and I met over a year ago in a whirlwind romance sparked in the local pub one Friday night. Romantic, I know.

I discovered after being together for about 2 weeks that he had a demon. 335 more words

33 Questions with Cognitive Behavioural Therapist and Lecturer Peter

When I made my list of people I wanted to interview, a theme became apparent very quickly. Most of them were my friends, most were female, and most were around 23 or 24. 1,161 more words


Me Myself and I

I’ve been in CBT therapy for the last 4 months, to say I’ve found it difficult is an understatement, in my quest to find better mental health I’ve had to look deep inside to find answers to the questions I have been avoiding for ever. 757 more words


First Counselling Session

It was weird telling a stranger so many things but she made it comfortable. So here’s what I’ve gotten out of my first counselling session: 298 more words

Journey In The Great Perhaps

If you take away my Autism

If you were to take away my Autism, it wouldn’t just be the unacceptable behaviour you’d be taking away.

The thing about Autism is, it’s a name, a list of traits which describe the way a person acts. 842 more words



Pretty much every time I become prepared to talk about my depression, my mind begins to instantly tell me that I’m completely fine, that there is nothing wrong with me and that I have no right to talk about it because it isn’t significant enough. 589 more words

What if You're Wrong?

Derek Sivers is an amazing dude.  He is incredibly successful (founder of CD Baby) and shares amazing insights with the world.  This 2 minute video helps me think about situations differently.   299 more words