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OCD and Pathological Doubts (Video)

One of the biggest problems that people with OCD face is being plagued with never ending doubts and “what-ifs?” These are usually focused on the fear about their obsessional themes coming true. 103 more words


Pregnancy, Depression and Mindfulness

Pregnancy triggers drastic changes in hormonal balance. Women who are subject to depression have an increased chance of relapse during and after their pregnancy. The University of Colorado-Boulder… 302 more words

Behavioral Techniques In Parenting Part II: Punishment

Our last article in the series discussed reinforcement, a term used to describe a technique that seeks to increase a behavior. This article will focus on punishment which seeks to reduce a behavior. 805 more words


Think Better to Feel Better (an introduction to CBT)...

What is CBT?

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is a therapeutic approach which can help us understand, challenge and overcome our personal issues.

CBT takes the stance that our personal problems are either worsened or caused by the way we think about them and the way we act in response to those thoughts. 1,206 more words



Be your own reason to smile today.

Because you are AWESOME.

Whether your thoughts let you hear that today or not. You are.

You are. … 88 more words

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A Positive Day

Yesterday was a pretty good day. In the morning, I woke up and did some yoga. I like Do You Yoga and have been doing a series with Jessica Rose. 225 more words