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Nothing about us without us? Are you bonkers?

In May this year, I joined members of the Mental Health Resistance Network at an event at the Old Vic. It was a panel debate on the state of mental health provision in the UK, one of their Voices Off events linked to the production of Harold Pinter’s The Caretaker. 1,200 more words


Behaviour Experiment: Blowing up Balloons for Toddler

This afternoon, after talking about it on here a couple of times, I am going to take myself off into the spare room and blow up some balloons. 265 more words

Thinking positive!

I haven’t posted in a while which I’m sorry for but I’ve been super busy learning a  new type of coping mechanism called Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, or CBT. 1,055 more words


The Morning After

Feel like after last night’s achievements I’ve had a slight mental relapse today.  Let me explain.  Last night, as you have probably read, with a little Dutch courage I managed to skip a couple of steps on my exposure therapy hierarchy  and not only blew up and sealed balloons but burst them myself as well. 201 more words

Application for First/2nd Class Manager’s (Metal) CBOT -2016

Application for First/Second Class Manager’s (Metal) Computer Based Online Test 2016 under MMR 1961  is invited from desirous candidates. Apply by clicking the link given bellow>> 14 more words


Old Bay?! 

This week has been something! From buying the wrong pair of sandals at a sari sari (local corner store, sooo many on a single block), dropping my chair on an electric socket box and breaking it (loosing power to our fans in the proccess), and having to change SIM cards and phone number for my PC phone since my original SIM card was lost somewhere. 165 more words

Community Based Training