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Post Of The Week - Sunday 29th March,2015

1) Germanwings

On Friday, I really didn’t feel like being a Psychology teacher. News was coming through about Andreas Lubitz’s health record and its apparent connection with the crash. 451 more words

Treating Mental Disorders


Fact is that ever since I was younger I felt lonely and not accepted. This turned into not being accepted by myself. I am angry that I am missing so many “beautiful things”. 1,732 more words

My Soul Search


So when I decided to start this I really didn’t know where to begin. Do I bombard with facts and statistics or go with a more human angle, how about maybe both? 101 more words


The journey begins...

I guess the best place to start is to tell you a little bit about me and what I intend to do with this blog. As some of you reading may know, I’ve recently recovered from severe depression and anxiety and I want to share my journey with others in the hope that someone will find it helpful and make positive changes to their life. 300 more words



Ive been alone, purely alone without the noise of life for a couple of days now. Not to say I haven’t interacted or been with people, that triggers and pokes are not still happening, they do, but being so isolated from the crush of life, makes me able to feel each sense perceptibly. 879 more words

Choosing What I Think

The writer David Foster Wallace’s graduation commencement speech “This is Water” highlights that we always have the freedom to choose how we think, but that often we’re unaware of this and go about our day to day life using our default setting instead, which is easy, automatic and frequently blindly certain. 267 more words


Dysfunctional Behaviour; Classification, explanation and treatment

Mental illness, atypical behaviour, psychopathology and dysfunctional behaviour are just some of the terms used to describe one of the most difficult areas to define both in Psychology as part of the human experience.   232 more words

A Level Psychology