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10 Thinking Mistakes & What You Can Do Right Now

One of the most effective keys to accessing the thought patterns we have hidden away is to become familiar with distorted thought processes, and realize that you have the same patterns as other people. 1,166 more words


Daily Update

I honestly thought this morning I was going to have a disaster of a day. Toddler was moat unpleasant and uncooperative, and I ended up shouting at him. 220 more words

Therapy update #4

Hi all, hope you are having a great weekend.

Time for my therapy update and they have given me homework…to be my own detective and figure out what triggers my panic attacks. 468 more words


It is far better to be alone than surrounded by people who are bad for you.

Being isolated can really suck. So much. But you’ve just got to try to remind yourself that it’s better to be alone than surrounded by people who are bad for you. 61 more words

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SS: Sunday Saves (#40)

Happy Sunday and welcome back to my Sunday Saves! How is it that I’m on my 40th edition of this series AND it’s the middle of February? 624 more words

Sunday Saves

Hyperacusis "akutrauma" aftermath

It is 7 o’clock and I am in the midst of a gut wrenching anxiety, that has been going on since the “bomb (video sound) explosion” yesterday evening. 859 more words

An open letter to my depression


You are honestly, the worst thing ever. You and anxiety, make my life so hard, every day is a battle because of you. 294 more words