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Post Of The Week - Saturday December 3rd 2016

1) Implications Of Research For The Economy

This comes not from a piece of peer reviewed research but rather from a commercial research company. It suggests that lack of sleep costs the economy of the UK £40 billion because people who sleep less than seven hours a night are more at risk of illness and take more days off work. 460 more words

Treating Mental Disorders

Common unhelpful thinking traps parents fall into

We are hearing a lot about the dangers of helicopter parenting these days, but society is structured in such a way that it can be hard to avoid, even when we are trying to. 695 more words


A Caution When Encountering Gurus

(All Images: Authors Book Collection)

Years ago, I was pleasantly surprised when the folk singer Jewel Kilcher succeeded in having her book of poems, A Night Without Armor published. 705 more words

the talking therapy;

In relation to my post silence is deadly‘ , I spoke briefly about therapy sessions you can attend to help deal with anxiety issues. 999 more words

Crochet distraction - phobias and yarn...

I use my crochet as a form of relaxation..its easier than the sewing machine to do. I like starting new things so i have far too many projects on the go at the moment! 160 more words


Under Lucy's Lash

“Under Lucy’s Lash. Further Under The Female Yoke”, is the long-awaiting (one hopes!) sequel to Under The Female Yoke. In that sory, we learned about Roger Hargreave’s trials and tribulations at the hands of a dominant woman. 180 more words