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He says, ‘how do you feel about the fact this was the last meeting?’

I say, ‘I don’t know.’

He stares at me.

He says, ‘I think you do.’ 11 more words

An Exposure a Day Keeps the OCD Away

OCD can be a relentless bully, and the key to fighting it is consistent, consistent, consistent exposures. Even though I am in recovery I still do regular exposures to keep my OCD in check. 150 more words

Mental Health

a guide to therapy

mental health issues are usually best managed with a combination of medication and talking therapies. therapy should be offered by your local camhs, however, many people chose to go private due to the higher quality, and frequency of sessions. 781 more words


My Journey continued Wednesday 18th April - depression, men's health, it's ok not to be ok!

So i went to the doctors, it was tough, I decided to walk there, I left Barney in the house with a morning treat he was fine, I on the otherhand was a different story. 676 more words


The moment I realised that I was right about not being like other people

I’ve been in and out of treatment for depression and anxiety since I was a teenager. While I have experienced both anxiety and depression at times, I began to wonder as I got older and nothing seemed to help if there was something else behind the whole thing. 621 more words

Actually Autistic

What Pairs with Anger

Coffee.  Preferably with ritual.

The ritual slows you down.

Consider having a grinder at home.  A burr grinder is the best.

This is what a burr grinder looks like.  379 more words

...my current mental state

I have not been in the best of moods lately. It has not been brought on by a particular event but a culmination of events. A consistent barrage of small things that has been successful in fucking my mood to the cross. 279 more words