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The Beginning

 My first ever therapy session was on June 4th 2014. I remember the car journey there, and wondering whether Brenda would change who I was. I was scared that I would go into therapy, and she would alter my personality completely: “What if I turn into a different person?”; “What if she changes my opinions?”; “What if she obliterates my character?”; “What is she even going to… 450 more words


I wish people wouldn't use the saying "it can only get better" or "it can't get any worse" because it usually can.

Yesterday in therapy I was once again told that things could only get better.

I really wish people would stop saying things like that because it seems to act as a challenge to the universe. 440 more words



Hi, I’m Emma! :)

Welcome to my blog, a personal record of my journey to better mental health.

I wanted to create this blog for my own benefit; to create a record of how far I have progressed; and to even practise the techniques I’ve learnt in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) on here too. 326 more words



I finished my manuscript for my memoir Obsessed. I started it in early September; due to unforeseen circumstances (hospitalizations) I only worked on the book for three months. 240 more words


An Ironic First Nightmare on Prozac

Last night I had my first nightmare on Fluoxetine (generic Prozac).  In fact, one of the drug’s notable benefits has been pleasant sleep at night.  I can only assume that the looping obsession cycles that berated my head in the day did so in the night as well, until eradication from this medicine. 232 more words

Grappling With Starting Cbt

This is a vague ramble through my responses to the first three weeks of CBT. Sorry it s long Finally! After three years of battling the NHS I am getting trauma focused CBT. 79 more words

Spending Time With the Family

I had another therapy appointment a few days ago and they still don’t seem to be going anywhere really. When I first get in to the room the first thing the therapist asks is how the last few weeks have been for me, which seems like the correct thing to do at the start of an appointment. 1,454 more words