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Getting Outside - Thirty-Third Post

One of the things that helps me to get outside in spite of my social anxiety and depression is that I try to make a checklist of things I need to do before I go out, or while I’m out. 195 more words

Day 3 of CBT

Hi guys,

Today I had my third session of CBT. If you read my last post on the second session, you will have seen the ladder I made. 422 more words


Emotional reasoning 

“you take your emotions as evidence for the truth.” – an excerpt from the book Feeling Good.

Yup.  I’m doing this right now.  I feel like crap.  177 more words


More on Social Anxiety - Thirty-Second Post

I’ve written about social anxiety in previous posts, so some of this may be a recap.

The reason I’ve decided to type about it, is because I see this as the root of all my problems coupled with perfectionism.   381 more words

Change is good, right?

Anxiety isn’t a new thing to me, however I think I’ve self managed it since I was 19 years old…and quite well, even if I do say so myself . 757 more words



Sweat glistens on my palms, on my brow

Women before me asking what? when? how?

Can I improve your business? Can I be a success? 162 more words


Slowly but surely

I’ve been feeling really low these last two days. Yesterday the plan was to do half an hour of high intensity dance followed by a full yoga session.Usually, nothing cheers me up more than a good dancing session but after 15 minutes or so i just had to drop it. 392 more words