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YFU pre-departure orientation

Yesterday I attended pre-departure orientation for YFU; I really wasn’t sure what to expect. There were thirteen soon-to-be exchange students at the orientation. Nine were going to Germany for the year on the CBYX scholarship, and four were going to Japan for the summer. 259 more words


The One with Zuhause #3...

Was schnell fuer meine liebe Deutsche Lesern:

Tut mir leid, ihr Lieben, aber… na, mein Blog wird unendlich, sollte ich immer in Deutsch und Englisch schreiben… … 4,812 more words


Zürich Zeit (Zurich Time)!

As the Second Part of Wanderlust Week, and a continued effort to catch up my blog to the present, here is a video from my visit to Zurich, Switzerland the second weekend of March! 11 more words

Opportunities available to host a German foreign student

Posted: April 13, 2015 | Written by Brooke Cary

A total of 75 young German professionals, between the ages of 18-24 years old, will be given the opportunity to experience culture and life in America for 9 months, starting in August. 121 more words


T-99 Days!

Only 99 days until my exchange year comes to an end. 99 days!

That isn’t a very long time!

And my host parents say that time will just fly faster the closer it gets to my departure date! 280 more words

The One with the Great Desert...

*insert cheesy friendship quote*

I’m hoping Savannah will still love me when she reads this title. It’s really not my fault, it’s Janis’. It all started one day in English class in Duisburg… *insert the music they use in cheesy moves when the scene changes to a dream* Savannah was planning for my visit the next week, and apparently wrote my name somewhere. 1,714 more words


Interview Advice and Tips for Geting In

NSLI-Y is highly competitive. They are looking for the most motivated, driven and passionate people to participate. The whole point of the scholarship is to help facilitate the studying of critical foreign language among America’s youth. 624 more words