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Catching Up... Again

Yeah, yeah. I know. You want me to update more and post pictures, I’m getting there. Christmas has passed, I’m back at school, and Midyear is coming up (yay!). 570 more words


And... We're Back?

First off, I’m terrible at keeping up with this blog. I’m sorry, but I’ll try to update every week once everything’s calmed down.

I’ve been in Germany for 130 days. 358 more words


College in the USA

The fall semester is nearly over, so I think it is a good chance to sum up my first part of my exchange program. The Congress-Bundestag-Youth- Exchange (CBYX) is split in two parts. 258 more words

Planning for the future... study abroad, college, etc.

Senior year.  The last year of high school. The year that we all have been waiting for since Kindergarten. It is also the year of stress and applications. 1,065 more words


Happy Thanksgiving!

Last Thursday, I experienced my first Thanksgiving ever!

Thanksgiving is probably the most important holiday in the US, and it takes place every 4th Thursday in November. 200 more words

Switched Gast Familie 

Okayyyyyyy so update: I’m not in Leer anymore.

Eventually I will give you a more thorough account of what happened, but the important part is that I am now in Braunschweig staying with a really schön couple. 93 more words

It's Halloween! But Why? And Why American Girls Seem Not to Freeze?!

Tomorrow will be the 31st of October, Halloween. Every one of my friends is like, “Your Halloween is going to be so awesome. The US is the best place to be on Halloween.” But why are we celebrating Halloween, and why is it so much bigger in the US then in Germany? 406 more words