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Coming home from a year abroad

It’s not easy leaving your home and family for a year. Leaving them for a place you’ve never visited to live with a family you’ve never met, all in the spirit of cultural immersion.   440 more words


I'm now one month in Norwood

I can’t believe that I’m now one month in the US. Im very glad that I’m here. It’s a lot of fun. Here are nice people and It`s very much fun to learn about the culture here. 229 more words


Day 0 — Fourth (and Final) Day of Gateway Orientation

Friday, Day 0

The unfortunate realization that your bags must be repacked after going through them for clothes the previous 3 days was a bad way to start out the morning, but having already crammed everything in there earlier in the week, I managed to repeat the miracle. 353 more words


Day -1 — Third Day of Gateway Orientation

Thursday, Day -1

Having had a slightly later wake-up call, we were well rested for the full day of informative presentations and engaging activities ahead of us. 350 more words


Day -2 — Second Day of Gateway Orientation

Wednesday, Day -2

“D.C. Day” began bright (or it would have been, had the sun come out yet) and early with an obnoxious wake-up call, courtesy of the front desk. 380 more words


Day -3 — First Day of Gateway Orientation

Tuesday, Day -3

After a 6-hour drive from Long Island, we finally arrived in Washington, D.C. at our hotel—our home until Friday. As we arrived, the rest of the participants and I were given a chance to talk and get to know each other, and thus began an inevitable series of awkward introductions and brief conversations. 227 more words


The One Where Breann is Fine...

Episode 220. Season 10. I felt like naming it “The Last One” was a cop out. And I am fine. Everything is fine… Just fine… So I named it after Chandler instead. 3,295 more words