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Day 199

Wow, really? It does not feel like I have been out of school this long. But I do have to start paying back loans now, so yeah, it makes sense. 217 more words

2nd Year Reviews: Ben Yacavone by Sam Meador

Making the Impossible Possible.  A Review of Ben Yacavone’s Current Work (2015)

The sculptures are made of wood, standard 2×4’s.  The wood is hard, sturdy, and stable, yet Yacavone has made it pliable and smooth.  738 more words


2nd Year Reviews: Zach Coneybeer by Grace Strattan

A quick walk-by of Zachary Coneybeer’s studio tells a person a couple of things: This is an artist that owns books, tools, and enjoys square paintings. 648 more words


2nd Year Reviews: Bob Falcone by Ben Yacavone

In viewing most of Bob’s work, I continually think of the concept of give and take; as an artist, Bob creates work that gives and takes various things from the viewer, and uses these gains and losses to create an experience that would otherwise not be possible to achieve. 496 more words


2nd Year Reviews: Ron Horsley by Sunil Ketty

 Ron Horsley is a second year Master of Fine Arts candidate at Columbus College of Art & Design. He has practiced art and freelance graphics professionally for several years. 622 more words


2nd Year Reviews: Sunil Ketty by Keith Richner

Sunil Ketty is an educator and design professional. With a background in graphic design, illustration, and 3d modeling in the gaming industry, his experience has very much equipped him to tackle concepts and designs for an up and coming market referred to as wearables. 412 more words


American Splendor Tues Nov 17th

Be in Canzani auditorium at 8 am for a viewing of American Splendor.

After the movie we’ll discuss diaristic art and the creative habit!

Columbus College Of Art And Design