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D4M Fall 2016

Clark B.

Courtney C.

Erin D.

Darrin F.

Rachel G.

Matthew H.

Sami H.

Miko K.

Jessica L.

Dylan M.

Joshua S.

Mikayla S.

Serenity S. 8 more words

Columbus College Of Art And Design

An Artistic Success Story

I’m often fascinated by life’s journeys. The twists, turns, and road bumps that direct and redirect us often lead us exactly where we need to go. 653 more words


George Drizzle Final Animation

My final 2D animation – George Drizzle.

Story, rigs, backgrounds, and animation created by me in Toon Boom Harmony.

Columbus College Of Art And Design

Creative Habit Week 4 & The end of This Blog??

Day 21 – Watercolors (Thursday)

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Completed: in an hour

I think this got a bit muddled but ah well.

Day 22 – Video Distortion… 176 more words

Creative Habit - Week 3

Day 15??

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I hate this with the burning intensity of 1000 suns…

Day 16 – Retouching Skin

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1st Year MFA Candidates' End of Semester Exhibition

Columbus College of Art & Design is hosting an exhibition called Chroma to showcase the best student works from all 10 majors — from Animation to Photography. 72 more words


Creative Habit Week 2

Alright so this week for research we went to the art museum. Going into it I didn’t think I’d find anything related to my project but I was happily surprised when I found Robert Rauschenberg’s… 123 more words