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Pass the Coastal Protection Act to cut carbon, raise millions

With today’s start of the Virginia legislative session, a lot of energy and climate bills are pouring in–some good, some not so good, some downright terrible. 971 more words


Cap and Dividend – the Greatest Idea for Fighting Climate Change that Nobody’s Heard of

Congressman Chris Van Hollen has a well-earned reputation of being one of the smartest people in DC. His bill to dramatically cut the greenhouse gases that cause global warming is just the latest exhibit to support this contention. 439 more words

a tale of two walls

Outside was the mock vapor-cloud wall.

Listed on the mock wall were the air pollutants and carcinogens that Dominion’s proposed plant would routinely or accidentally send from its compound into the lungs of playing children and their parents. 1,470 more words

Happy Earth Day, Virginia!

Earth Day is always a time for organizations to launch new initiatives or bring attention to the most pressing issues affecting the intersection between the natural and human worlds. 250 more words