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Getting personal first

I was recently asked to share my personal racial narrative in an interracial space. Everyone was given five minutes to write and two minutes to share. 866 more words


deliverIT CT holiday schedule

This is another appeal for any extra red, green or blue C-Car bins. If you have any please put them out for your driver. The shortage is near critical. 59 more words

White Like That

My friend shared a short film of an awkward first date on her Facebook wall this past week with the lines “Short and sweet but powerful point.” In it, a white man and white woman start making casual and flirtatious jokes as they get to know each other. 995 more words


CCAR: The journey continues

The Federal Reserve (“Fed”) released the results of its Comprehensive Capital Analysis and Review (CCAR) for 2016 on June 29.  Some key facts:

  • Fed noted objections to two firms out of thirty-three (Deutsche Bank and Santander) and required resubmission for one (Morgan Stanley)
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Coding mistakes in deliverIT CT

From Walt: 

We are experiencing several coding mistakes for the following libraries Many of these mistakes are a result of libraries still using the “original” library codes issued back in February. 89 more words

From Walt:

It seems that we are experiencing problems with some shipping libraries using the wrong codes for their items. Many are pre-printed slips, Of note is Otis Library in Norwich N-144 and 3 Rivers Community College in Norwich N- 145. 113 more words

More Flexible Approaches to Model Frequency

(The post below is motivated by my friend Matt Flynn https://www.linkedin.com/in/matthew-flynn-1b443b11)

In the context of operational loss forecast models, the standard Poisson regression is the most popular way to model frequency measures. 558 more words

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