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Bizarro Brownlee

I feel like I’ve woken up in the bizarro episode of Sealab 2021. Asked for comment about the financial situation at the City Council, Gerry Brownlee is… 260 more words


CCC Teachings

Catholic Church teaches that we should have some sort of Catholic education in our lives and that kids should be taught. It should be in the schools as a part of life science and show the science behind reproduction and families should strive to teach sex to their children and explain the love involved. 98 more words

Catholic Views

Canada's Conservative Government Flogging Arms to ME Dictators

Canada’s Conservative government has shown a penchant for militarist solutions to international problems, and is now focused on ramping up international arms sales and the arms industry in Canada. 247 more words


Asset sales, August 2014 edition

The council today voted to flog off another $200 million of ratepayer owned assets, bringing the fire sale total to $750m. On top of this, they are talking about rates increases of 33% over the next four years. 261 more words


A Look At Home Depot's Cash Conversion Cycle

A while back, I wrote a piece for the CFA Institute explaining what the “Cash Conversion Cycle” is. In a nut shell, it tells you how many days it takes a company to pay for and generate cash from the sales of its inventory. 245 more words

‘Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus’: What is the Church and Can Man Be Saved Outside of It?

During the Fourth Lateran General Council of 1215, in a response against Albigensians and Cathars, it was defined that there was “one universal Church of the faithful outside of which no one is saved, ( 967 more words


Research Papers, CCCs, and IEPs

Guys, I’m dead. This month has seriously been the most exhausting and draining part of this year. The special ed teachers at my school all apparently like to do all CCCs at the same time and get them all out of the way in one fell swoop, which is fine and all, except I don’t think I work like that. 1,243 more words