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Week Six | Task: Western Accounts & 20th Century Art/Design

Part One:

Both Mane-Wheoki and Anderson describe how Māori visual and material culture has been framed by predominantly western accounts. Discuss this, using both readings to support your discussion (100 words). 45 more words

'Round and 'Round We Fucking Go!

Hello there, and welcome to my first proper rant! I’m currently about [ ] this close just tossing my credit card out the window and becoming a bum, as the situation is pretty much as described in the title – can’t do one thing, without satisfying certain conditions. 1,201 more words


Week Five | Task: Summary

Part One:

Chapter Nine in Tangata Whenua discusses the wars that occurred in New Zealand over the 1860’s and early 70’s between Maori and the British Crown. 220 more words

Renewable Strike Price Assumptions In Fifth Carbon Budget

By Paul Homewood 





As I mentioned the other day, the Committee on Climate Change have sent me their detailed costings for the Fifth Carbon Budget. 278 more words

Climate Change

Week Four

Mana is related to your social place or status in the group. Some have greater mana, and other varying levels. It is defined as ‘authority, control’, ‘influence, power’. 321 more words


Gummer Has Grossly Underestimated The Cost Of The Climate Change Act

By Paul Homewood





As part of their Fifth Carbon Budget, the Committee on Climate Change calculated how much their proposals would cost, which would then need funding by the Levy Control Framework. 442 more words

Climate Change

CT Civilian Conservation Corps Museum

A few weeks ago, while traveling the “back way” to the highway, I noticed the sign shown at the right. It wasn’t open the day I drove past, but I knew that I had to visit. 1,003 more words