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A Short Cut (#45)

Today I realized it had been a while since I’d taken one of the Berkeley paths, and if I wanted to traverse them all, I’d better get busy. 486 more words

S.F. Bay Area

Mont Blanc CCC/UTMB

An inspiring story from Billy Yang Films about the Nike Trail runners from the US who came to Europe to challenge in the CCC and UTMB races.


4 Lessons Learned in 4 Years as an Entrepreneur

On Sunday, my company, Clearly Conveyed Communications, celebrated its 4th anniversary. Along with some gray hairs and a sense of accomplishment, I’ve learned numerous lessons along the way. 543 more words


A2 Week 8 Task 1: Tool Kit

Planning and Preparation
– Essay Question Definition exercise: Week 4 I/S
– Questions to Topic Sentence exercise: Week 7 I/S
– Meaning, Making, and “Truth Value” exercise: Week 7 I/S… 134 more words

237.120 Assessable Content

A2 Week 7 Task 4: Questions to Topic Sentence

Key Ideas:

  1. postmodern thought, Duchamp, Butler
  2. expression of gender binary in vis. culture
  3. stereotypes, roles, ideals
  4. marginalised identities expression


  1.  postmodern thought surrounding gender and the self (i.e.
  2. 269 more words
237.120 Assessable Content

A2 Week 7 Task 3: Pros and Cons

Key idea: gender performativity

Why is it important: gender performativity opens a door for a new way of thinking about gender – it pulls away from the constricting ‘binary’ ideas society currently holds, and urges us to think about gender as laid on a spectrum. 82 more words

237.120 Assessable Content

Breaking Down the D3 Tournament Selections

Last year, I was pretty charitable to the D3 Selection Committee. I thought deserving teams were left at home, but more as a function of the field being too small than the committee picking the wrong teams to fill it. 1,902 more words

Division III