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Find out how I get on as a Camera Operator for my Year 2 live TV Magazine Show, 260 more words


Press Release

I wanted to write something funny and thoughtful and memorable for you last weekend. But, instead, I wrote a press release. A press release! A friend was wanting us to write something for his newsletter… I think for a regional association of Baptists. 806 more words

What can you gain from volunteering? My insight as a student.

As a student at CCCU who has undertaken a variety of voluntary roles, I have compiled a list of the potential benefits of volunteering:

Canterbury Christchurch

Initial thoughts on our BSc from one of our first years...... An Inspector in the MPS

July 2014 I’m trying to stuff my bag into the overhead of a packed plane destined for sunny Spain and a well earned break, nothing on my mind other than a bit of sun and a few beers, ok a lot of beer! 873 more words

Student Posts


So, I was in the audience for Catchphrase in November… 197 more words


Work Experience at The PEA Awards

Find out how I got on when I was given an opportunity to work at an award show. 497 more words