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Welcome to 2017-18 5th grade CCD

Hello 5th grade CCD parents!

Mrs. Rudolphi and I are looking forward to teaching your child’s CCD class on Wednesday evenings.

The 5th grade curriculum will focus on the liturgy and the sacraments. 688 more words

Religious Education

Pssst it's me...

Yes I have taken my ops makeup off ~ changed into an outfit by Hilly Haalan that she just released into her store and am kind of on another mission ~ seems there is something going on over at Calas that I aim to find out what it is… 462 more words

A Lot Can Happen Over A Coffee!

18 Sep 2017 at Kota City Mall –

In the afternoon at 12.30 I de-boarded my bus at Kota CV garden bus stop and quickly Ola cab driver called me to pick from there, I responded call and told him to pick me from CV garden as well as informed him about my ambitious destination café coffee day in KotaCityMall. 456 more words


~ 564

Trouble Hair by Magika
Butterfly Collection Jewelry by CCD
Joslin Belt by Coldlogic
Audrey Coat Dress by Me Sew Sexy @ On9 ~ September Round… 32 more words

Bauhaus Movement

Ready for action...

I know this might come as a shock to some but I have a secret but shhhh you must not share it with the world until the time comes ~ i’m in training for special ops warrior ~ oh yes and today I was pulled into a practice run but again shhhh will show you whats going on umm well only part of it … 496 more words

Route 66...

Route 66 was one of the most iconic highways ~ established back in 1926 and stretched for over 2,448 miles starting from Chicago ending up in California ~ even in the 60’s was made popular by a TV series… 537 more words

Its Magic...

Yes sometimes well possibly a lot of times there is magic that happens and like with anything you just gotta believe ~ was trying on this slinky gown when this voice asked “do you believe in magic” ~ am looking around thinking who is talking to me ~ but I did think to myself course I believe in magic ~ I love watching magic ~ the voice said walk into the water and you will see and feel the magic ~ OH MY as my eyes got bigger and looked towards the pond where oh yes there is something magical in there cuz I saw it and have proof but why should I walk into the pond and get soaked…Crazy thing I just took a leap and headed to our little pond ~ and oh my the calm that came over me as well don’t they say images are worth more than words…Look ~ 431 more words