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Class #20 April 15, 2015

Monsignor Costigan visited our class at my request last night.  Originally, the class was to be focused on the Sacrament of Holy Orders. However, I thought it would be more interesting to have Monsignor to come and talk about his life as a priest and the priesthood in general, and to answer questions. 175 more words

Religious Education

The $1 billion dollar 'Indian' coffee is Brewing

In the world’s largest tea producing country, the word cafe or ‘tapri’ now is associated with a cool friendly neighborhood where entrepreneurs cut deals, couple’s romance and students hang out. 453 more words


I Must Be Going to Hell

The other day I was talking to a fellow parent and she was lamenting about her daughter’s confirmation and everything that it entails. She was also complaining because her son just made communion last year and had a huge party and it cost her a lot of money. 1,341 more words

Parenting Humor

Seven Quick Takes Vol. 73


Happy Easter Season, everyone! He is Risen, Indeed!


Yesterday was also my thirty-third birthday!

I love birthdays. I love getting older. Really, I do, people. 280 more words


The massive gap between Cafe Coffee Day and other coffee shops in India, charted

India’s cafe chain war has a clear winner—and by a massive margin.

Cafe Coffee Day (CCD), the coffee chain operated by Coffee Day Global Ltd, and the largest in India ( … 146 more words

Easter vs Dinosaurs

Easter… Another holiday… Another event… Another opportunity to spend with family.  A time for rejoice and reflection, however gets lost in the mounds of chocolate and colorful eggs and other various items that have absolutely nothing to do with religion, and this got me thinking… What is my son’s relationship with god going to be? 500 more words

Class #19 April 1, 2015

We’re almost home, parents. The barn is in sight. Don’t give up on us now. A few of our “regulars” were absent last night, and we missed them. 247 more words

Religious Education