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Humans killing bees

Hi all,

seen any bees recently? You probably haven’t since we’ve been engulfed in rainy weather or it’s because of how many are killed. There’s many reasons for the death of these fantastic creatures. 514 more words

USF Bee-tanical Gardens

So as I have mentioned in a previous blog titled You can BEEcome and Bee ExpertI wrote about the USF Botanical Gardens and how they house an apiary for the bees and hold a beekeeping class on Saturdays. 194 more words

Time Machine Back to the Magic School Bus

We’re throwin’ it back to the 90’s today with a blast from the past by the name of the Magic School Bus.

Ms. Frizzle would be so proud I’m bringing her back to teach y’all about the bees. 100 more words

Bert Blackburn is the Bees Knees

Bert Blackburn, President of the Tampa Bay Beekeepers Association, has gotten in contact with me.

At the Tampa Bay Beekeepers Association (TBBA), they teach their members about the tactics and importance of beekeeping commercial and recreational. 88 more words

Health record burning ceremony is a brewing!!!!

I just passed my 11 year anniversary of the date of this muscle disease. Weird date to recall. It was the last time I drove more than one mile. 471 more words

Bees get stressed too, ya know

So far, we’ve known that two of the things that are causing bees to die are pesticides and parasites.

As you can see from the above picture that bees have a lot more to worry about. 100 more words

Take the Bee Out of Honey Nut Cheerios

General Mills has a genius campaign to help save the bees by taking their bee mascot off the box to raise awareness for pollinators.

They created a website where you can go to get a free pack of seeds to plant for bees and other pollinators to keep thriving. 62 more words