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Class #3 October 19, 2016

After a three week layoff, we got back to CCD business last Wednesday. We planned to continue our three-part lesson, with a faith assessment quiz, a video on saints and discussion of the Holy Spirit and Confirmation from the text Confirmed in the Spirit. 381 more words

Religious Education

Showing some stuff...

Yes and it is all gorgeous and all from the Boho Cultural Fair that is ongoing till Nov 4th, which leaves you 12 more days to visit, to shop, and to pick up those 5th Anniversary gifts that are at the entrance and most designers have set out for you ~ yes I do say gifts because between you and me 1Linden is basically a freebie and the gifts I have shown and seen are well worth that Linden ~ honestly can say that these are some of the nicest gifts from designers I have seen and truly reflect their work ~ before I go far it at times annoys me when designers get no thank you’s for the gifts instead I hear among groups these petty, negative and so not wanted comments ~ if you do not like something for me keep it to yourself ~ if it doesn’t fit or you think it should be in a different color or size be respectful, be nice and send a notecard to the designer with a request instead of bad mouthing or whining about it was not in your size and whatever hurtful comments I hear from among groups….one thing I admit I cannot build, make mesh or laughing at myself for this last comment decorate ~ my sweet hubby decorated the inside of our house but I can landscape for the most part and I can ramble on and on as you some probably notice at times *LOL* a lot of times rather and yes there are gifts that I do toss because it is possible not to my liking or maybe I tried it on and just was not me but I have sent NC’s to designers thanking them or requesting assistance ~ especially with the thank you’s so many designers are very appreciative of that even a couple told me they never have gotten ever a thank you for a gift..how sad is that ~ so take time if you like the gift to send a designer a very short simple thank you ~ NOW let me show you more stuff that I know you will love ~ 429 more words

Boho is now OPEN...

Yes let the fun begin because for the 5th anniversary there are gifts galore ~ most are free or for 1L which basically is free ~ and the gifts that I see are well worth that one linden….I got a lot to show you in the next 2 weeks from… 602 more words

Can someone fight for me already!!!

As much as I appreciate the 90,000 dollar savings, I am still spending 12,000 dollars on WHAT?????? “We just don’t know what to do”, ” We are going to need to refer you to someone else”, ” We aren’t sure what is causing your symptoms”, ” There is no cure for what you have.” REALLY because there is a cure for erectile dysfunction!!!!!!!!!!!!! 565 more words

Matti ja Maija Mehiläisen historia

Luin norjalaisen Maja Lunden kirjan Mehiläisten historia (2015, 431 s) työpaikkamme lukupiiriä varten. Tässä jutussa on sen verran spoilereita, että jos et ole vielä lukenut kirjaa, lue se ensin. 967 more words

Another New for me...

First time am hearing about Jewell Ember and JS Midtown Designs, which is all good for me and for you ~ love her creation as I spotlight her on my Walk of Fame… 304 more words

It's Pumpkin Time

Waves hello to everyone ~ am baack again and dragging each of you to the Pumpkin Patch as well as show off the Prize at… 357 more words