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On the Red Carpet

Waves hello….am back with more from the Frozen Fair as I walk down the red carpet showing off dresses & hair that will be featured there ~ remember most are exclusives that I show and you will only find them… 524 more words

Sharing time & Wine w/a Horse

As my dearest sweet hubby is busy with RL work due to the upcoming holidays thought I would wander back over to Calas “Christmas Poem” and walk around ~ these stunning horses just had me stopping to enjoy a glass of wine and unwind ~ not that it is a RL busy time for me but lets just say I got way too many irons in the fire in SL at the moment…taking a deep breath and its all on me as I know my Bestie is giving me grief cuz that really has cut into “our time” we usually spend following advent calendars and this year am lucky to be able to get to one or two at the most ~ I know she understands and so does hubby when he is able to get time in SL but still makes me a tad sad sooo with that let me just show you the outfit that Stormcrow has for you at the Frozen Fair that YES it is now open and yes I will be providing your taxi for it ~ 319 more words

The Penguins Approve...

Yes they do approve of this gown called Joy from Mystic Dragon ~ very nice sleek yet chic and stylish gown that you will soon be able to get and purchase at the… 412 more words

Peace on Earth Hunt

Yes it is back again for the ninth year the BIGGEST hunt in SL ~ and the gifts this year are amazing ~ as one of the official bloggers I can tell you the designers just went overboard…I will be showing you hunt items not in any type of order but will include the store # along with the Taxi to get there ~ with close to 136 vendors am not sure I will be able to show you each of them but will try hard to show a lot…please remember if you do not like the gift do not be rude and make comments in the group ~ if you have a problem with the item take time to send the designer a nc to deal with it in a polite and respectful manner as they have worked hard and this is an entirely free hunt ~ from what I am seeing the prizes are amazing ~ so instead of rambling on and on let me get your started…btw you are looking for a round world globe ~ inside it will be some amazing prizes ~ kudo’s to each and every designer that is participating ~ they did awesome ~ lets get this hunt started ~ from Store #57… 326 more words

Simone Weil et Le Travailleur


Lors du rapprochement entre la F.C.I.E. et le Cercle Communiste Démocratique de Boris Souvarine, Charles Rosen fut le principal correspondant de Paul Rassinier, en particulier pour toutes les questions pratiques de liaison et la coordination éditoriale entre Paris et l’Est. 870 more words

The Birds and the Bees

First off, some sad news. The bees are gone. They were doing so wonderfully; they had filled three boxes full of comb, and had converted most of it to honey. 492 more words