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Censored Newspaper Articles紹介の一環として、1947年の今日、8月23日に民間検閲局(CCD)へ提出された文書を紹介します。



下記のCCD文書はクリックで拡大し、更に個々の画像右下の「view full size」をクリックすると更に拡大します。日本語ゲラは当文庫館内及び国立国会図書館館内限定での公開となります。

Control no.:47-loc-0648|Newspaper:Daiichi Shimbun (13)|Date:8/23/1947

Control no.:47-loc-0648|Newspaper:Daiichi Shimbun (13)|Date:8/23/1947


Sometimes You Just Wanna Be Bad...

Yes this latest outfit from Legendaire just makes me wanna be bad *giggling* not that I am this innocent angel as hubby can tell you but once you slip this on top and shorts combination on you get this whole new feeling of total badness taking over you and I just love it along with this brand new car that am posing in front of ~ OOOH and it is driveable even if I cannot drive in SL to save me but you can so keep reading for the details, but first let me show you this uber sexy outfit… 392 more words

Happy National Honey Bee Day!

National Honey Bee Day was first celebrated in 2009, to bring awareness to the bee industry, especially in the face of Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD). 32 more words


Life Teen families in Louisiana need our help!

As you know, Louisiana has been devastated by the flooding going on currently.  The note below,  from a Life Teen youth minister in Louisiana, was forwarded to me today and I felt I should share.  420 more words

YM Opportunities