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Own the Night with this Open Source Night Vision Monocular

If you’ve always wanted to see in the dark but haven’t been able to score those perfect Soviet-era military surplus night vision goggles, you may be in luck. 233 more words

Misc Hacks

[Y]Our confirmation¸

This post is a slightly modified version of an essay I submit for my theology course; the name of my late priest has been censored for his privacy and for mine. 1,688 more words


"There's just nothing we can do"

I have heard “There is just nothing we can do” too many times to mention. Most recently in regards to my health. As for my pain, “There is nothing we can do” as for my PTSD “There is nothing we can do” as for my muscle disease “There is nothing we can do” as for my bone disease “There is nothing we can do”. 871 more words

For Broken Hearts

Digby Shoals Cottage & Yard NEW @ Cosmopolitan
Victorian Gazebo – Light NEW @ Cosmopolitan
Metal Sunflower – Chrome NEW @ Cosmopolitan
Friends Bench – Light NEW… 36 more words

February 17, 2017

I just want to switch from writing in a diary to now in my blog. I have no followers or hardly. I wish one day I have more than 100 followers to whom I can share my experiences. 387 more words

Staging a intervention (2)

Forming and re-forming ideas.

I want to continue thinking about loss, and ways to express this in relation to CCD.

Next step: prototyping/building/making.


CCD: A Simplified Diagram

My effort to simply describe the interrelated systems, within honeybee pollination and CCD.