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Lean in for a big kiss, go play a video game

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hair | Blues. Layne – fitted (available at Hair Fair 2016… 68 more words


"Love Begins Here" mission trip a success!

The LOVE BEGINS HERE mission trip was a success! Thank you Jennifer Moser and Archdiocese of Omaha, Office of Evangelization and Catechesis for creating for us this opportunity. 98 more words

YM Opportunities

On this day in 1947… (July 18)

This post is part of a continuing series on the Censored Newspaper Articles (CNAs).

On July 18, 1947, Jiji Shimpo submitted an article entitled, “Kaichumono yojin” (Prange Call No. 149 more words



Censored Newspaper Articles紹介の一環として、1947年の今日、7月18日に民間検閲局(CCD)へ提出された文書を紹介します。

1947年7月18日に時事新報が民間検閲局(CCD)に提出した社説は、一部削除(Delete)処分を受けました。(Prange Call No. 47-loc-0405) 「懷中物用心」と題されたこの社説は、内務省が推奨する「防犯運動」の一環としてスリ検挙に協力を求めると共に、スリ被害が急増していることについて読者に注意を呼びかけています。また最近のスリには新米の青少年が多いことに触れています。「青少年の犯罪激増は、戦後社会に於ける世界共通の現象で、それが敗戦國に於て特に顕著なことにも例外はない」との前置きの後、なぜ昨今の日本では青少年がスリに手を染めるのかを論じています。削除処分となった箇所を一部引用します。


Control no.:47-loc-0405|Newspaper:Jiji Shimpo (11)|Date:7/18/1947

Control no.:47-loc-0405|Newspaper:Jiji Shimpo (11)|Date:7/18/1947



Hi Ho Hi Ho its off to shop I go....

Yes good ole shopping therapy ~ just what we all need sometimes ~ and in SL it is so wonderful that you slip on a gorgeous dress and poof it fits ~ your change your hairstyle to some stunning updo along with adding a completely different look and ta da you are this high fashion model strutting her stuff ~ well ok not quite am I ready for the runway or have those model moves & poses down to a science but lets just say before I show you LOTD *look of the day* you just might wonder or gasp like Dena did and asked OMG what did you do with Starr ……giggling over that one cuz yes it is still quirky me inside all this glam ~ let me show you what I mean… 512 more words

Cafe Coffee Day, Marol

CCD is definitely the most wide-spread food chain in the city. The food across most of these outlets is quite similar in quality, the biggest game changer is the ambiance and service. 106 more words


Dance Ballerina Dance

Yes the next item for the Designing Showcase that I want to show you makes me look like a Diva on pointe…specifically a gorgeous ballerina that could be dancing Swan Lake…Really love the design of this dress and kudo’s to… 348 more words