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[Chapter 5 - END] Reflection

It has been a year since the first time Jaejoon met another Jaejoon. And it also has been a year for Jaejoon to keep listening to his reflection’s guide,”Don’t be thankful to what I’m saying. 1,065 more words

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[Trans - Tweets/Instagram] 150528


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The weather is good right…?

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[Chapter 4] Reflection

There is a girl who sits at the back, the last row, the corner of the classroom. Not sure if her height is about 150 cm or more but she definitely a lot shorter than Jaejoon. 417 more words

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The Plight of C-CLOWN

These days theres a rumours that the group will be disbanding soon or one member will be leaving the group beacause the member changed usernames on IG.And if you could see their updates on instagram they are always with their squads (For example,Rome is always with his DPR squad and T.K is always with his 95liner friends) And theres Maru who is studying now i don’t what’s Kangjun,Ray and Siwoo doing since i don’t have a update on his twitter.And yesterday its their 1000days since the debut,the members celebrated it by posting on their sns and i saw a lot of comments that the group will be disbanding soon and Rome is leaving c-clown soon….. 11 more words

[Chapter 3] Reflection

It was the first time when Jaewon succeeded asking Jaejoon to play outside. Jaejoon seemed excited and thay day was also the first time for Jaewon seeing Jaejoon this happy. 574 more words

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[Chapter 2] Reflection


No reply,

“Hey, Jaejoon.”

No respond,

“Jaejoon!” and finally, the one who is being called has come back from his short dreamland. Jaejoon opens up his eyes then studies the standing figure in front of him. 340 more words

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