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Tinkering With MPLS

Off the high of passing CCNP, I’m currently studying (inconsistently) for the JNCIA exam. One of my main struggles is that I get distracted too easily and end up going on a tangent. 95 more words


Cisco CCNP ROUTE: ABR metric bug

Imagine seeing this question on the Cisco CCNP ROUTE exam:

You’re configuring a manual summary on an ABR.

What would be the cost of the summary route? 159 more words


1.4 - Explain TCP Operations

IPv4 & IPv6 (P)MTU

MTU or Maximum Transmission Unit determine the size of a payload. For ethernet segments, the default MTU is 1500. However when using other technologies such as IP/TCP headers need to be accounted for, an IP header is 20Bytes at its smallest as is TCP so this effectively reduces the MTU to 1460, when you start using other technologies such as frame relay, GRE or 802.1q this will all affect your overall payload size. 858 more words


Network+ Practice Quiz: N10-007 Quiz 1

Which of the following statements is true of load balancing?

  • load balancing increases data availability
  • load balancing decreases performance
  • load balancing can only be done on multilayer switches…
205 more words


1.3 - Describe IP Operations

ICMP Unreachable and Redirects

ICMP unreachable provide a method for router to inform the source/sending device that the destination they are trying to reach is unreachable, receiving these messages can in some cases allow the source host perform actions based on this information, ICMP Destination Unreachable (Type 3) has six different code types to inform them how the destination is unreachable; 665 more words