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City College is gorgeous!

KABOOMY!  We pop uptown to eat at a friend’s restaurant, and we get the additional treat of strolling through the campus of City College–jaaaa!!  It is so fun to wander around New York City and be reminded that there is something beautiful around nearly every corner. 198 more words

New York City

Art Ed Profile: Jasmin Eli-Washington, Part 2

Do you think it’s possible to teach creativity to students?

They definitely can learn the technical stuff. There’s no doubt in that. Sometimes it will be difficult to teach the creative part because that’s all experience, like some things you just have to be in that moment of hearing and knowing and doing to be able to even express it in a way that’s not written or verbal. 1,961 more words

The Crippling Weight of the ‘Last Straw’

by Vince Boudreau, Dean, Colin Powell School

The Office of Student Success was our earliest and most ambitious innovation at the Colin Powell School. It represents our commitment to a goal that we cherish, and must still pursue: to ensure, insofar as possible, that no student falls through the cracks. 995 more words

Meet Nimmi Gowrinathan, Visiting Professor and Noted Human Rights Specialist

Read the Politics of Sexual Violence Initiative’s white paper: The Forever Victims

Nimmi Gowrinathan, a leading researcher, analyst, and commentator on international gender and violence issues, has joined the… 1,030 more words

Student Spotlight: Fatjon Kaja

Fatjon Kaja is, by all counts, an exceptional student here at the Colin Powell School for Civic and Global Leadership. Furthermore, his good humor, sensitivity, and commitment to service for the public good have made him a trusted peer among the school’s students and fellows. 1,466 more words