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In and Out of Touch

This week, I have been thinking about how to keep in touch with the influential people and organizations that surround me despite not having a need to reach out all the time. 276 more words


CP Fellows try to find a solution for pollution

The Colin Powell capstone project gathers data and resident surveys around the George Washington Bridge to show evidence of air pollution.

I am most interested in the social aspect of the Colin Powell capstone project. 201 more words


Capstone Project

The Capstone project truly reflects the mission of the Colin Powell fellowship which is to identify, understand and tackle problems in our communities. The issue of environmental pollution has been a hot topic in the last few decades and many reforms have been made to help tackle some of its issues. 198 more words

Second Year Vibes

Reflecting on the first year of my Colin Powell Fellowship, I believe that I have been building a skill set that will facilitate my success in the second year. 218 more words


Thoughts on the State of the Union 2018

Americans aren’t red, white, & blue. They are every shade of brown.

This year, everyone stood & clapped like they were at a sports arena. The State of the Union was all about the applause and sob stories. 571 more words


We are fighting the wrong people

The issues of immigration, DACA and securing our borders has caused a rift between the Democrats and the Republicans and indeed, Americans. In Trump’s State of the Union address, he talked about his four pillars of immigration plan for the United States. 442 more words

The State of the (Not-so-United) Union

Last week, President Trump reflected on his first year in office and made some proposals to the American people for what the future of healthcare, immigration, and infrastructure, among other issues, will look like under the Trump administration. 236 more words