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Shooting Musical Tennis Balls from My Arms Like Spider Man, or CCRMA Day 4

Yup. Tennis Balls. From my forearms. Just like Spider-man.

And, of course, normal stuff like a GC Carillon controlled by the hand and arm movements of a laptop orchestra in California. 255 more words

Random Musings

Pure Data: It's Unreal! CCRMA Day 3

It’s been three days, and by now, we’ve spent several hours working with the Unreal Engine, Sculptris (or ZBrush for those with money), and my personal favorite, … 512 more words

Computer Music

Holy Architecture-Independent System, Batman! aka CCRMA Day 2

Are you familiar with the subredditToday I Learned (TIL)?

Well, here’s something I would post if I weren’t doing it here already: “today I learned…” 441 more words

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Arrival in Bree, or CCRMA Workshop Day 1

Now that I have come up for air after the first day of CCRMA workshops, I think an update is in order.

First things first, there’s a  708 more words

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Leaving The Shire via Webcam

If Muhammad can’t (or won’t) come to the Mountain

Then it shall come to him…

…or her.

Well, technically, to me.


I get to go to a… 268 more words

Computer Music

Summer Workshops in Computer Research in Music Acoustics at Stanford

The CCRMA at Stanford University has announced the dates for this year’s summer workshops. These are highly suited to musicologists of all fields interested in applying the latest computer-aided tools in their research.  186 more words


Raspberry Pi - 1st Prototype

I’ve been pining for a super-lightweight, headless computer setup for a while now, and it’s about time I played around with a Raspberry Pi, so I’ve been building a simple noise and sine tone generator instrument. 37 more words