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A Review of CDM 2015 – One Year On

So what has changed with CDM 2015?
In a keynote address to the recently formed ‘CDM Forum’, which has been widely publicised in the industry, a former Chief Executive of the HSE stressed the importance of the… 989 more words


Tools for reaching the target audience:


Music is a very effective resource and has been used as a social marketing tool from the beginning of human history.

It is an extremely powerful tool as it influences ones emotions and peoples behaviour as it bypasses the intellect and speaks directly to their emotions. 172 more words

A ninth step from the community tool box !

A ninth step from the community tool box !

  • Addition to Andreasen’s 8 steps there’s basically a ninth.
  • After you’ve made whatever changes indicated by your evaluation, start the whole process again!
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How to develop effective messages: Eight steps from Alan Andreasen!

How to develop effective messages:

  • 1. Set up measurable objectives for your communication strategy.
  • 2. Set targets and then compare them to the reality of it.
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Create a Brand Identity 🌟

Hello everyone 🎉

Today, I’ll show you how and what tools will permit to you to create an entire brand with a visual style and the most important : a concept. 364 more words


How to approach common barriers to effective social marketing communication !

It is important to approach effective social marketing communication in a business successfully, to do this you must overcome the common barriers. For example: Ignorance, and a spokespersons. 420 more words

Tools for reaching the Target Audience:


There are many different channels through which you can transmit a message for example TV, internet, mobile, radio, newspaper, billboards and magazines. Using the channels correctly and creatively will get your message across as long as you direct your message to your target audience. 213 more words