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Use A Content Delivery Network To Keep Your Website Viewers Coming Back

Have you ever stopped to think about how the popular websites are able to send out their content quicker than others, no matter where the physical location of the company is? 313 more words

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cloudpack、Amazon CloudFrontを安価に利用できる「CDN専用プラン」 [ #cbajp ]

アイレット株式会社は25日、Amazon Web Services(AWS)の導入設計、環境構築、運用・保守をトータルでサポートするマネージドホスティングサービス「cloudpack」で、AWSのCDN(コンテンツデリバリーネットワーク)サービス「Amazon CloudFront」を用いたCDN専用プランの提供を開始した。



Medianova: A Premiere Content Delivery Network

Before we get into why Medianova is the premiere content delivery network, let’s discuss what a content delivery network (CDN) is, in the first place. 232 more words

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Google brings internet closer to home, from Myanmar

Myanmar Times — Home-grown internet has received a boost that could help users get what they want from the internet faster. Though a sizeable chunk of Myanmar’s internet content currently still has to be imported, a new crop of servers has sprung up that will keep some of it nearby – making it faster and easier to get to.  35 more words

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Medianova is the CDN of Turkey, Middle East and Africa: Could You Use These Services?

Many people inquire about content delivery networks, also known as CDNs, and how they can fit into their business. For many websites, A CDN is a must have. 298 more words

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Bootstrap Cdn And Win 10

Hello, I seem to be having a lag time logging in, switching forums or with alerts since I upgraded to Windows 10. (Yeah, I know but hey a lot of people are using it.) On the account alerts My ptsd.com transfers the data to MyPTSD-1a07.kxcdn.com than transfer the data to maxcdn.bootstrapcdn.com then after further lag, I get to the desired place. 18 more words