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IoTデバイスからCDNまで!ますます拡がるLambdaワールド [ #cloud ]

2014年の登場以来、AWSの代表的なサービスともなったサーバーレスコンピューティングサービス「AWS Lambda」がいよいよC#をサポート。さらにIoTデバイスやCDN(CroudFront)、データ移行用の物理アプライアンスであるSnowballにまで活動範囲を拡げた。AWS re:Invent 2016の3日目に登壇したアンディ・ジャシーCEOが2時間半に渡る基調講演の後半で紹介したのは、IoT向けのコンピュートサービスである「AWS Greengrass」だ。



Site Delivery with AWS CloudFront CDN

Nowadays, most companies are using some sort of a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to improve the performance and high availability of their sites, those include Azure CDN, CloudFlare, CloudFront, Varnish, and so on. 2,048 more words

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6 free tools to optimize your website

Here are 6 free tools that you can use to optimize your website. Some will help you improve your SEO ranking (Search Engine Optimization) and increase your chances to appear on the first page of search engines, others will help you accelerate the loading of your website and improve the navigation experience. 279 more words

CDN Liability in Notice-and-takedown

Under 17 U.S. Code § 512 of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) – To remove or disable access to the material claimed to be infringing requires that the material in question resides on a system or network that is controlled by or for the website operator. 26 more words


Business livestreams: the demands and requirements

Livestream is getting more and more popular nowadays, and even small business owners would like to use their smartphones or camcorders to stream their events or corporate trainings, because it is a good way to boost the engagement with the audience. 229 more words


Azure CDN Endpoint Interactive Map

The Microsoft Azure CDN (Content Delivery Network) provides secure, reliable content delivery with a broad global reach along with rich features. The Azure CDN endpoints are not the same as the Azure Regions, and Microsoft has the… 104 more words