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College Diabetes Week Day 5: My Advice to a High School Student with Diabetes

My final post for College Diabetes Week 2017…already?!

Here’s the prompt:

What advice would you give a high school student with diabetes preparing for college?

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College Diabetes Week Day 4: Triumphs in the Face of Diabetes

Happy Thursday! Let’s shift the mood a bit from yesterday’s challenging post to a more upbeat one:

Share your triumphs! How have you tackled the challenges you’ve faced relating to diabetes and college?

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College Diabetes Week Day 3: The Hardest Part about Living with Diabetes in College

Here is the prompt for today:

Share the hardest thing about living with diabetes in college. Don’t be afraid to talk about the things that are taboo, like mental health or burn out!

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College Diabetes Week Day 2: The Impact of CDN

The next prompt for College Diabetes Week 2017 is:

Share the impact that being involved with CDN has had on you!

This is my second time around responding to the College Diabetes Week blog prompts, but this doesn’t mean that I’m answering them in the exact same way.

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College Diabetes Week Day 1: Daily Life with Diabetes, in a Picture

Today marks the beginning of the 4th Annual College Diabetes Week! This week is hosted by my friends at the College Diabetes Network as a part of National Diabetes Awareness Month. 253 more words


CDN Creates Guide for Newly Diagnosed Young Adults

I often tell others that I feel lucky to have received my diabetes diagnosis at a young age. Why? One major reason is that it didn’t really interrupt my life – I was so little that I barely remember it, so it wasn’t necessarily a traumatic event (at least, not for me – my parents probably strongly disagree with that). 2,093 more words