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3 reasons to use a CDN

A CDN, or Content Delivery Network can improve your website’s performance while at the same time save you bandwidth. Here’s 3 reasons to use a CDN. 783 more words

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Medianova is the best CDN in Turkey, the Middle East, and Africa

One of the most important things about a CDN is its geographic location. The geographic location of a CDN effects how quickly and effectively your website’s content reaches a potential consumer. 227 more words

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How Can A CDN Improve Your Social Media Website Or Blog?

Just in case you have not noticed, social media has a huge impact on the world now. There are billions of people who cannot go a day without logging into Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and all of the other popular social networking websites. 272 more words

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You May Need To Use A CDN If You Are Bothered By Your Website's Speed

When you have a website, you will always want to make sure you can offer an efficient, fast, and reliable website that delivers the content your website viewers are looking for. 285 more words

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IBC and the Future of Media Streaming

I had the pleasure (and physical pain) of hosting my company at IBC (International Broadcasting Convention) this year, mostly preparations and design for the stand and being stood up for the next 5 days discussing products and developments for our part of the broadcast industry. 1,059 more words

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What is a Content Delivery Network?

The old way to sell a product is to hang the “OPEN” sign in the window, unlock the front door, and wait for business to walk in. 315 more words

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Managing Rich Media such as Video and Images in Sitecore or a CDN

You will want to store all your rich media in the “Media Library” node within the tree view. The Media Library is your one stop show for all your digital assets, including images, documents, videos, and audio recordings. 701 more words