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Where’s the enthusiasm? That’s what Spiegel Online asks regarding Germany’s next coming grand coalition government.

I know that’s not a serious question but how could there possibly be any enthusiasm for the forming of a government that the electorate expressly voted out of office just a few months previously? 86 more words


Back To Black

Oh boy. The one thing that nobody wants in this country is precisely what this country is about to get. Another GroKo (don’t ask what it is, just listen to the way it sounds). 69 more words


A Little Paralysis Never Hurt Anybody

If this is Germany’s acting government they sure are pretty lousy actors.

On Thursday, the German chancellor spent two hours at the German president’s office in Bellevue Palace with the leader of the Social Democratic Party (SPD), Martin Schulz, and the leader of the Christian Social Union (CSU), Horst Seehofer. 156 more words


German Coalition Talks Collapse

After the German election in September it was widely expected that Angela Merkel’s CDU/CSU alliance would form a coalition with the Greens, a centre-left environmentalist party, and the Free Democratic Party (FDP), a centrist party of classical liberals. 1,225 more words

Election Day in Germany

This last Sunday was the Big Vote in the Germany (take note, Americans: election day happens on a weekend, when EVERYONE can partake! They had 76% voter turnout – compared to our 55%). 884 more words


Merkel Holds On As Far-Right Makes Dramatic Gains

Angela Merkel has been re-elected as Germany’s Chancellor and, at the end of her new term, shall be the longest serving occupant of that office in Germany’s post-war history. 864 more words

German elections: One more such "victory" and Merkel is undone

The national elections in Germany took place. As expected, Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats are still the largest party and she┬áis looking at a fourth term in office. 430 more words