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Hat Deutschland Zeit für Martin?

Who is Martin Schulz and does he have the chance to end the 12 year rule of Angela Merkel?

Across German politics this year, one motto has rung out and resonated more than perhaps any other: … 1,133 more words


Berlin' Elections: Turnout 66,9% instead of 51,5% in 2011 and SPD -6,7% CDU -5,5% AfD + 14,2%. It's not enough: We must become Mainstream the idiots in Berlin still pretend to be scared of "racism".

I am pleased, but to govern, unless the CDU and SPD admit their mistakes, we must go mainstream, it is also possible that they finally admit the open borders policy is neither rational nor sustainable, by now the socialists have chosen to pretend to be scandalized and scared of “racism”, I can tell you it’s just a pose, they’re not so naive. 441 more words


Günter Grass Network Analysis

This network graph is focused on conveying the importance of Günter Grass, the German-Kashubian novelist and essay in the process of the Social Democratic Party’s (SDP) network in 1969, the year the SDP won control of the… 198 more words

Günter Grass