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The Pilgrimage of Lecture: Are Prophets Elitist?

During Dr. Singer’s lecture on Tuesday, November 13th on the Guide of the Perplexed, I became perplexed over the idea of a prophet. Who exactly can be a prophet? 490 more words


Welcome Ce

I’ve been blogging for over a decade, I had different blogs, and assorted readers. However, not many people of my entourage knows I write. Almost no one knows that I have a blog. 195 more words

Blog #6: A Dictionary's Dilemma


Who is it to say that anyone’s explanation of an entity is true? Certainly not, if they chose to define it. Dr. Daniel’s Nov. 8th’s discussion on “Ibn Taymiyyah Against the Greek Logicians” helped me reach that underlying theme of wariness when it came to perceiving others’ advice.  615 more words

C&E Lectures

The Pilgrimage of Lecture: The Physical and The Metaphysical

At first, Rumi’s poems seem like well-worded and artistic extended metaphors about various aspect of life. When analyzed, however, these poems mean so much more. 600 more words


Quiz #5: References in the Text

  • Things that make one weep
    • In “One Handed Basket Weaving,” a young man cries when remembering his parents threats.
    • In The Odyssey, Dolios embraces Odysseus with tears of joy.
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