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Continuing Ed for MLOs

The fall is here, and I know what that means… time to complete annual Continuing Education so I can keep my Mortgage Loan Originator (also called MLO) License. 424 more words

Get Prequalified

Out of control

Taking back control was one of the slogans of the Brexiteers, based on a fear that our freedoms were threatened by the dead hand of the EU. 334 more words

PS: GUI Building Made Easy

Okay so when it comes to doing form building in raw PowerShell the formatting can be a complete pain in the ass. So I have been searching online that’s pretty dangerous for me I never know what I might find but on this occasion I have found an awesome tool from Sapien Technologies called Primal Forms CE the only issue I wasn’t able to find a download link for the application and it looks like they have discontinued it for free use but don’t worry I managed to find it sitting on an old mirror and I have left a copy of it on my OneDrive for all of you to download. 55 more words


Moving Out of Your Comfort Zone

Complacency is the enemy of growth. Move outside of your comfort zone with your continuing education to prevent yourself from plateauing and to lead to even greater professional and personal success! 29 more words

2016 August GRI Graduates!

Congratulations to Kimberly Olson, Ravit Berg, Lorraine Moore, Kari Barker and Christian Klempp for completing the Graduate, REALTOR® Institute (GRI) Designation this August 2016!

 Kimberly Olson… 251 more words

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To BCE Or Not to BCE: That Is a Very Common Question

A short post in order to discuss a topic that comes up a lot when I blog and when I tweet: Why do I use BCE and CE (Before the Common Era and Common Era) instead of BC (Before Christ) and AD ( 406 more words

​Steps in the right direction

The meager salary of interns is nothing new, to either the world or this blog. It can be dealt with. However, the absence of healthcare and other financial benefits exacerbates the financial burden. 484 more words