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Nutanix CE Early Access: Asterix EA3 released

Nutanix has released a first tech preview of the upcoming AOS 5.0 (aka Asterix) release. The bits can be downloaded on the Nutanix Community Edition forum… 412 more words

AOS 5.0

Why do Greek, Phoenician, Hebrew, Arabic, etc. have names for their letters like alpha, beta, lamda?

The names of the Hebrew/Phoenician alphabet were given by the ingenious Canaanite slave(s) who first invented them some time in the 1900s BCE, possibly in… 498 more words


We need it like Oxygen...

DUN DUN DUUUUN!~ (dramatic sound effect)

Imagine life without artificial light. without air-conditioning. without (gasp) the internet!

That’d be a world without a screen to read this post with. 476 more words

STEM's significance goes on-air on Danish National Radio

An excerpt from an interview (part I) of A/Prof Lim Tit Meng (SCS Chief Executive) by Kristoffer Frøkjær – the Host of “World of Science” programme on Danish National Radio… 920 more words

Ktoś powiedział mi kiedyś, że powinnam przyjmować leki na dwubiegunowość

Ktoś powiedział mi kiedyś, że powinnam przyjmować leki na dwubiegunowość. Rodzice zabrali mnie do poleconego- podobno świetnego- lekarza, poklepywali mnie po ramieniu i wykazywali najwyższe przejęcie sytuacją. 490 more words


What is lost in the translation of the Bible from Hebrew to English?

The old adage is that reading something in translation is like kissing a beautiful woman through a veil.

In the case of the Hebrew Bible, this is actually not true: reading it in translation is like kissing a… 110 more words