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Quiz #5: References in the Text

  • Things that make one weep
    • In “One Handed Basket Weaving,” a young man cries when remembering his parents threats.
    • In The Odyssey, Dolios embraces Odysseus with tears of joy.
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Resident Evil

Duality of Evil and Good


Dr. Daniel’s lecture “The Prophet’s Night Journey and Heavenly Ascent” on Nov. 1, 2018 led us into the literary history of the Middle East with “The Prophet’s Night Journey and Heavenly Descent”. 685 more words

C&E Lectures

LED Monkey Explains CE and RoHS Certification

If you’ve ever shopped for light bulbs (either online or in shop) you’ll be all too familiar with the barrage of technical and confusing words… 546 more words

LED Lighting

Do not Ignore Feature Development

SAFe has a Continuous Delivery Pipeline (CDP) wherein work flows through it starting from big idea/concept (or just work within the context of the team/program … i.e. 310 more words

Continuous Delivery Pipeline

The Pilgrimage of Lecture: Religious Riddles

As Leona T pointed out in her October 25th blog post, Dean Frisina made a very interesting claim about religion’s impact on humankind.

“For those of you who think religion is unnecessary, stupid, and not worth studying, I want to tell you to suck it up.

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The Pilgrimage Of Lecture: The St. Paul-Jesus Christ Debate

“St. Paul had more impact on Christianity than Jesus.”

“Wow, calm down there. That is a hot take.”

“Well, it’s true.”

Dean Frisina gave an insightful and informative lecture on October 23rd about St. 673 more words


Quiz #3: Friendship vs. Fortune

“Besides, which would you rather have, a sum of money, or a friend of fidelity and honor?” (Epictetus 5).

Epictetus compares friendship and fortune.

In a time of social media and digital interactions, defining a true friend can be incredibly difficult.

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