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Pitching, undermining impressive offense

Well this seems like a broken record doesn’t it? Reyes couldn’t make it through April healthy, Pitching has been poor and the offensive have been…impressive. The Jays offense has been driven by new comers Devon Travis and Josh Donaldson (yes Donaldson plays for the Blue Jays. 366 more words

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Cat out of the Bag 2.7

A Thursday chapter was released this week.  If you didn’t read it, be sure to.

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“Good evening, reverend,” Mary said.

The Shepherd smiled, for perhaps the first time since I’d seen him.  4,510 more words


Cat out of the Bag 2.6

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“I will be with you shortly,” Hayle said.  “Cecil, if you’d wait a moment?”

“Yes, sir,” was the answer.  Cecil, then, was the doctor who had entered the faculty room to deliver the news about the false escapes. 4,327 more words


What Is 'Cecil's Tasks'?

Fairly early in the event you’ll be prompted by Cecil to complete a series of tasks known as ‘Cecil’s Tasks’. Here’s how they work;

Terwilliger Family Event

Awesome Cosplay of the Day: 4/13/15

I think FFIV may just get even less love than FFVI, and let me tell you how I had to check THAT first part of the sentence twice because I mix up the roman numerals for those games all the time.  167 more words


Paws for thought with Sofa.com

Have just had the absolute joy of visiting Sofa.com‘s (www.sofa.com) sunny showroom in Chelsea to see their gorgeous new collaboration with Fenella Smith (www.fenellasmith.com) and the… 186 more words