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Group rallies to support Cecil and other trophy hunt victims

Jade Lamothe stood solemnly outside the fence surrounding Parliament Hill, holding a picture of a lion, representing Cecil, the rare black-maned lion trophy hunted by a U.S. 333 more words

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Interests and Passions: Why Protect Wildlife?

We know that wildlife extinction is a growing problem. National Geographic reported in 2014 that we are in a unique time where animals are facing extinction at a rate of 1,000 times faster than in previous centuries. 370 more words


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Some random shots found lurking on the little Lumix ...


Old Photographs Saved From Trash Can ~ #40 It's a Girl!

Florence Cecil ROYALTY (1909-1997)

Mrs. Florence Lilly (sic) of Bay City, Pope County, Illinois, received this postcard written on 8 August 1909.

On the front is a photograph of baby Cecil ROYALTY. 318 more words

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We can do more for Cecil than sign petitions

To the American people and Dr. Walter James Palmer,

My heart has truly been shattered in response to the murder of Cecil, Zimbabwe’s famous lion. However, my heart hurts even more for our reactions to this event rather than the passing of one of Africa’s great kings. 1,374 more words

Field Report: Maybe Cecil Just Isn't Your Lion - Omote Ekwotafia

Regardless of the worthwhile social issue at hand, there seems to be someone against it. A lot of times, the reason for dissonance is that Issue “A” just doesn’t seem as important as Issue “B.” I saw a prime example of this during the… 371 more words

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Hunting season

Few things make people crave for disabilities as much as hunting season. When hunting season come all of my able bodied patients suddenly develop bad arthritis, leg pains and sometimes even heart conditions ,all to let me write them a letter saying they need to use cross bows instead of regular compound bows and that they be allowed to hunt from vehicles. 635 more words