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Welcome to Night Vale - Norwich Radical

I have been writing as a regular culture correspondent for The Norwich Radical since January, and it’s been… an experience. I’ve written about the ideological implications of Wrestlemania, the politics of Pulp’s Common People, and the romance of Romero’s zombie films, but I am making a shift into their community section covering local events on our political scene (don’t worry, HH will continue as always). 205 more words

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Cosplay - Nightvale - Cecil

This is my eldest daughter :) She cosplays regularly since i got her into it when she was 5! Shes advanced a little since her Card Captor Sakura days and now creates, designs and sews her own outfits for the conventions. 24 more words


Experience ‘Welcome to Night Vale’ live at Albert Hall Manchester

If TWIN PEAKS, EUREKA and the TWILIGHT ZONE had a radio program it would probably sound very familiar to what you hear on WELCOME TO NIGHT VALE. 240 more words

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The 23 best characters from Reboot

Here’s a good debate: what’s the best Canadian cartoon from the 90s?

Actually, that’s not a debate. Everyone knows the answer is Reboot.

It wasn’t just that it was the first CGI cartoon, or that it was made in Vancouver, though that certainly helped. 3,977 more words


After years

After conquering most of the northern hemisphere I’ve dropped the plans for global domination, it was simply too much trouble – that and the fact that the Rise of Nations saved game was lost in some weird accident XP . 224 more words