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After years

After conquering most of the northern hemisphere I’ve dropped the plans for global domination, it was simply too much trouble – that and the fact that the Rise of Nations saved game was lost in some weird accident XP . 224 more words


Cat out of the Bag 2.11

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“You should really put your hood up,” Jamie told me, as we got out of the coach.  Lacey and Cecil were just behind us.  5,471 more words


New Base Class: Vindicator


Vindicators are feared across the land, and rightfully so, none know the origin of the vindicators. Some say it was an ancient order of knights who made pacts with powerful outsiders, others believe that vindicators are created when great warriors are left at death’s door and by sheer force of will survive. 2,657 more words


Cat out of the Bag 2.9

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“The creatures have gone,” the Shepherd lied.  “Mother and babies both.  It was a shock tactic, nothing more.”

The restlessness of the crowd was intense, but in the exchanged words, the glances out into the darkness, I didn’t make out much that seemed to be doubting the Shepherd’s words. 4,128 more words


Pitching, undermining impressive offense

Well this seems like a broken record doesn’t it? Reyes couldn’t make it through April healthy, Pitching has been poor and the offensive have been…impressive. The Jays offense has been driven by new comers Devon Travis and Josh Donaldson (yes Donaldson plays for the Blue Jays. 366 more words

Blue Jays

Cat out of the Bag 2.7

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“Good evening, reverend,” Mary said.

The Shepherd smiled, for perhaps the first time since I’d seen him.  It was disconcerting, especially considering our somewhat precarious situation.  4,501 more words