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Cecily - The Factual Alternative

Just before the recent US elections I read George Orwell’s 1984 for the first time. At least I think it was for the first time, I might have read it years ago and then been re-educated to reject such thoughtcrime. 331 more words




Well, I’ve always wanted to see Hell. Doesn’t everyone?

Most people try to avoid it. Though I don’t see why, it sounds  fun.

Capital Solstice: A Pop-Up Black Tie Dinner Soiree

This past Friday, I was invited to attend the first Capital Solstice event in Washington, DC, put on by TTC POPUPS. It was a black-tie affair with a 9-course dinner with proceeds going to… 1,311 more words


Eunuch in the Harem

Help me out guys…I am really at a loss trying to figure out females. I live with one, and now two more. Don’t get me wrong, I love them, but sometimes a fella’ just needs a little time out from all the drama. 519 more words

Happy 4th! We had a baby!

Happy 4th of July! I’m using this extra day of freedom (pun intended) to update our blog.

Dallas and I are thrilled to announce the birth of Cecily Anne on May 11th at 7:53pm, weighing 7 lbs even and measuring 18.5 inches long! 54 more words

Baby Swift

Embellishments that scream YAS QUEEN

This roller skating costume began as an elegant, understated black leotard with sheer skirting and shoulders. To make it competition ready, I sewed on 3 and 6mm glass rhinestones using Guttermann thread. 26 more words

Cecily Madanes

This shortcut was not a shortcut

I thought this sequin trim would be easier to use than loose sequins for lining the edges of a girls skating costume. I have several concerns with its performance. 37 more words

Cecily Madanes