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Apple wants to help doctors and patients talk to each other — by giving them iPads

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Cedars-Sinai pilot uses Apple's iPad to provide patient with data, control infection in NICU

”A pilot program at Cedars-Sinai hospital is not only using iPads to relay vital information to patients, but is also being used by parents with children in the NICU for interaction when the chance of spreading infection to the vulnerable is high,” Mike Wuerthele reports for AppleInsider. 130 more words


Bridging the Gap: Regenerating Injured Bones with Stem Cells and Gene Therapy

Scientists from Cedars-Sinai Medical Center have developed a new stem cell-based technology in animals that mends broken bones that can’t regenerate on their own. Their research was published today in the journal… 444 more words

Stem Cell Research

An Apple a day...

…will keep the doctors informed.

So maybe you haven’t been in the hospital ever or in years or even this year (we’re only a quarter-ish into the new year)… but now you just might see how an Apple might be just what the doctor ordered. 268 more words


Portrait of Kurt

This portrait is of Kurt, who was delivering mail for Cedar’s Sinai  Medical Center, Beverly Hills, CA, USA. This picture is interesting because usually, in Beverly Hills, people are running around in shorts, and tank tops, you know The Fun In The California Sun Look. 145 more words


Failed stem cells may cause deadly lung disease

Breathing is something we take for granted. It’s automatic. We don’t need to think about it. But for people with pulmonary fibrosis, breathing is something that is always on their minds. 335 more words

California Institute For Regenerative Medicine


I’ve always had a strong sense of instinct and I have followed my gut all my life. Not to sound conceited, but I’m rarely incorrect when following my gut.   763 more words