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[Press Release] Environmental groups welcome CCC review of coal -CEED

Environmental groups welcome CCC review of coal

Advocates for the environment wlecomed the Climate Change Commission resolution signed by outgoing President Benigno Aquino III, reviewing policies pertaining to new and existing coal-fired power plants in the country in light of the Philippines’ international commitment to shift to a low carbon economy. 731 more words

Human Rights

How much volume required for a plastic water mug?

two plastic mugs with different volume are shown above. small mug is having approx. 400 ml capacity and bigger one got approx. 650 ml capacity. 16 more words


waste bin

the above shown is a waste basket with a lid. The lid can be opened by pressing on the pedal provided at the bottom.

is it a good design? 125 more words


material selection

imagine you are a designer. A grocery shop owner approached you and asked to design a carry bag. one of his requirement is carry bag should not cost more than 5 rupees. 17 more words


can you draw

the  orthographic view of an object, is shown above. this object is having same front view, top view and side view. can you draw the 3D shape? 38 more words


Painted Wooden Block

A wooden block three inches on edge is shown in the figure. all faces are painted with different colors.if the block is cut up along the thin lines shown on the surface, it will result in 27 small blocks each having one cubic inch in volume. 11 more words


Problem with Drinking water can Pump

this is a  “water can pump” available in the market. this is very useful since the water can is very heavy to lift. this pump can be fixed on the can and water can be collected by pressing on it . 74 more words